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And it's also why it's important to make our communities good communities to be in. If we allow ourselves to become as toxic as they say we are, that psychological effect is gonna happen and it hurts our ability to organize and have positive effects.

We need to model the better world we want to see. Anger and outrage are of course justified in face of violence and Injustice, but we gotta think twice before we take that out on each other over if there are better targets.

I've said before that, psychologically, what affects people's political stances the most is what is deemed acceptable by the people around them; and what communities hold those politics are like to be in. Nobody likes to think this but it's seriously a major factor

Dems: "Single payer will never happen"

*single payer starts to happen*

*Dems veto it*

i'm so good at business, everything i do is a trans action

Cover of a BASIC programming guide by Moebius:

I'm always slightly amused when people talk about how diverse a group is because there are people from different countries but when you dig a little deeper, you find out they're all from middle- to upper-class families.

"Free and liberated ebooks,
carefully produced for the true book lover."

(The #ebooks are #opensource #repositories in HTML.)

I always prefer printed books, but it's nice to know these are there.

#free #ebooks

what if the rise of mental illness is the result of an economic system that actively seeks to reduce the availability of things which keep our minds in a healthy stasis, like community, fulfillment, purpose, so those things can be sold back to us like a carrot on a stick

it's always humorous when people imply that without money or capital or jobs, humans would become idle and do nothing and waste away.

let me be real here -- i LOVE working. i love doing shit. i love labor so much. but i fucking HATE when i don't get to have control over my labor, when i have to labor for the sake of preventing my home being taken from me, or my power turned off, or starving.

do you know how much MORE work i would do if it was working out of my own desire instead of capital?

@luciferMysticus Rust is also in the Ada category - conditions accept only the boolean type, with no automatic conversions from integers.

Next time someone calls an undocumented person a "criminal" tell them that, in the United States, it is literally not a crime to be undocumented

On the books, it is a civil offense, like littering or loitering. It's not a felony or a crime. It's also federal which means there's a chance your state doesn't have a law against it and state/municipal agents have no obligation or responsibility to enforce federal civil offenses and are not charged with doing so; & constitutionally aren't supposed to

Please please please don't turn this into another angry website where everybody drags each other and has screaming competitions.
One of my favourite things about Mastodon is the positive, supportive culture.
Let's have open debates, not angry soundbites and eyeroll GIFs.

This is a nice comparison between First Past the Post and Single Transferrable Vote.

I definitely like the idea of being able to rank my candidates!

#politics #voting #electoralreform

Overheard my kids talking this evening:
"I don't want to see The Emoji Movie, but if ever make The Unicode movie I'd give that a go."