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simulated water

I used to think that I needed more happy people in my life to balance out my depression, but I've come to realize what I actually need are more KIND people. Not just kind to me. I need to see more people being good to each other. I think we all do.

As they were eating, Jesus took some bread and blessed it. Then he broke it in pieces and gave it to the disciples, saying, "Take this and consume it, for this is my content."

Wishful thinking re: tech regulation Show more

*i open a website*

*it gives me a small electric shock*

ah i love the static web

leave the world with more love in it than when you started

all computers should boot to a message which says “CAUTION: this is a computer. Are you sure you want to continue? (y/N)”

Pic of the day: Amsterdam solargraph: camera made from a hollowed out book, exposure time about 3 weeks.

We're so quick to frame crabs as cruel for pulling each other down when they try to escape buckets, yet we too rarely focus on the person who put them in the bucket in the first place.

The same goes for the idea of mantises eating the heads of their mates (apparently an artifact of lab conditions) and of the "alpha wolf" idea (wolves were forced into the company of unfamiliar wolves), among other facets of "common knowledge."

How many assumptions about human behavior follow this pattern?

GNU Project guidelines recommend interactive applications have an about box that displays the GPLv3, but I found that a bit boring

Don’t let people tell you “there are always a few bad apples”. That’s not how the saying goes. It’s actually “a few bad apples spoil the bushel” - in other words, if there are a few bad apples, that’s cause to believe the rot has spread and it’s time to throw the whole thing out.

My favorite thing about 2017 (that I'm not directly connected to) is that "wholesome" became a dominant genre of meme.

Now I hope "genuinely caring about each other" becomes hip in 2018.

remember, in a society where emotional distance not caring are considered to be "cool"
Caring about people, being kind, doing whatever you can to help (even if it's tiny) is punk as hell

I want to live in a world where no one feels bad, embarrassed, or burdensome asking for help.

Let ‘s be clear that capitalism and what some insist on calling “crony capitalism” are one in the same. There’s no such thing as good capitalism. By design, capitalism incentivizes greed and disincentivizes compassion. It’s no surprise that under such a system, a few carry out the absolute will of greed at the expense of the many. It’s this way by design. There’s nothing “crony” about crony capitalism; it’s simply capitalism carried out to its logical end. #TrySocialism

maybe "millennials" will be the last named generation; "boomers" will keep calling everyone younger than them millennials until they all die off and then we can all just stop talking about generations having characteristic beyond what emerge from their material conditions