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simulated water

Sweet dreams are made of bees
Who am I to diss some bees
Travel the world and the seven bees
Everybody's looking for some bees

use air quotes when referring to any time during daylight savings time

sure, I'll meet you at "6:30"

It’s the small things that make software / products delightful

the deepest level of hell is reserved for the liberals who blame the people of West Virginia for the fact their state is owned by coal baron capitalists (who have used literal military force, on many occasions, to keep it that way). alongside those coal barons.

per Jacobin on birdsite, apparently the teachers in the West Virgina just voted to occupy the capitol building until their demands are met!!!

just a regular reminder that your friends are out there and have your back

cats that start purring as soon as you approach them, boost if you agree

why are communists' selfies so much better than everybody else's selfies? how can dialectical materialism explain this?

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What's the gayest programming language plz help

are you having trouble sleeping?

have you tried staring into the soothing blue light of the TERROR RECTANGLE for hours on end?

"What did the wolves howl?" Earth asked.
"Nothing," Moon said.
"But you blushed?"
"..they called me large, round, and beautiful."
"You are."

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128 unread emails

that's a nice round number

*closes email again*

I used to think that I needed more happy people in my life to balance out my depression, but I've come to realize what I actually need are more KIND people. Not just kind to me. I need to see more people being good to each other. I think we all do.

As they were eating, Jesus took some bread and blessed it. Then he broke it in pieces and gave it to the disciples, saying, "Take this and consume it, for this is my content."

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*i open a website*

*it gives me a small electric shock*

ah i love the static web