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simulated water

recently it has seemed to me that the main trick of computer programming is to learning how to break your problem down into a series of subproblems that turn out to be the subject of entire careers and yearly conferences of various computer scientists

i finally updated my patreon page, since i wound up diverging from its original purpose

to celebrate, i've written up some stuff that happened in the last month

if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴​
if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴
if you're sleepy and you know it, i bet you already show it
if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴

Mech simulator where the controls are super involved but all the missions are just vignettes of the stuff you do with the mech *outside* of warfare. Travel cross-country. Help evacuate refugees. Tear down regime monuments. Build shelters and fortifications. Play football.

I just encountered my first actual #y2038 issue in the wild since we have some customers doing 20 year forward projections!

I feel special.

I think the most important lesson to learn from free software is that after people have enough money to put food on the table they're willing to put time into something with no monetary benefit

Schrodinger's impostor syndrome: Everyone is smarter than me and I know nothing AND everyone is gullable fools and I've sneakily tricked them into thinking I fit in.

OH: "Creating a new font in the course of completing a (non-typographic) project is called 'Knuthing it'."

An aerospace eng friend once said "stability and maneuverability are inversely corelated". I often think about that in life:

The faster you want things to change, the more uncertainty you'll need to accept.

good morning ya cuties! let's do awesome shit today like hugging and drinking water and maybe even hugging water? who knows? the world is your meat-rock

The Onion is a better socialist publication than Jacobin and I'm not even joking

Silicon Valley thinks we are in a moment of “anti-tech sentiment”

Loooool no we just finally woke up the masses to the San Francisco business model. Notice that nobody’s mad at Intel! Nobody’s complaining about how VLC killed a woman testing some machinery. Nobody thinks propaganda in Mint Linux tainted a presidential election. No buddy that’s an anti-corruption sentiment you’re catching. You have a corrupted business model.

In Latin we don’t say “I love you” we say “quod erat demonstrandum” which roughly translates to *mic drop* and I think that’s beautiful

Sweet dreams are made of bees
Who am I to diss some bees
Travel the world and the seven bees
Everybody's looking for some bees

use air quotes when referring to any time during daylight savings time

sure, I'll meet you at "6:30"