I sincerely expected not to like the new floating tabs in the redesign. I was pleasantly surprised, it's actually quite nice.

My profoundly talented brother-in-law is looking for an entry level developer gig. He is very talented (I don't say that lightly) but needs a company to give him a shot to put his skills to work in a professional environment. Anyone have some opportunities I could point him to? Anyone have a spot on their team?

Hello Mastodon followers, this is Ryan Unplugged. I'm on vacation and bored today so I'll be happy to answer any questions you want to ask to me here. Can be about Thunderbird, tech, or life!

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We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 40! After countless hours of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release highlights at forty.gnome.org/

Or view all the details in our release notes: help.gnome.org/misc/release-no

#GNOME40 #releaseday #OpenSource

Novel concept: Tech should be good for its users.

Respectful of their privacy and have a positive impact on mental health (i.e. not purposefully addictive or promoting negativity).

It is refreshing posting here about Thunderbird and actually having people engage and ask real questions and be sincerely interested.

Other platforms only reward folks for saying mean things about people and projects.

So... Thunderbird would like to support Activity Pub.

Anyone in the Fediverse wanna work on that?

Been serving as the Thunderbird Project Treasurer for a few years (besides my other roles), and I can say confidently that the project is in a great place.

Made $2.3 million last year, over $3 million in the bank, and 15 people being paid to work on the project.


Hey guys, Thunderbird is STILL hiring developers. You can help modernize an application used by ~20,000,000 people and growing!

The open source community can make something better than Outlook, but only if folks come and build it.


Man, Mastodon got a lot more features. It's like Twitter if Twitter actually innovated.

ActivityPub + blogs (with RSS) = better internet

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Free is not really free, you’re just paying with a different currency.

The service/app of the day is... EteSync.com @EteSync - the end-to-end encrypted contact, calendar, and tasks solution. It's seriously amazing!

Check it out my friends!

The team is hiring. If you want to get paid to help create the most popular client in the world, apply today!


Doing some work on my Thunderbird talk for @fosdem - if you are interested in learning about the future of the most popular open source desktop email client in the world, come to my talk. fosdem.org/2020/schedule/event

Posting on Mastodon again. I think it is time to get Thunderbird on here.

Friends of Mastodon and Twitter: what methods are really boosting your productivity these days? Got books to recommend? I've been making a list of great techniques to implement into Thunderbird.

So many great services die at conception because all the good domain names are taken (and unused). Only half kidding, but I wish I could at least get hold of some of these folks to make them offers... :(

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