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Free is not really free, you’re just paying with a different currency.

The service/app of the day is... @EteSync - the end-to-end encrypted contact, calendar, and tasks solution. It's seriously amazing!

Check it out my friends!

The team is hiring. If you want to get paid to help create the most popular client in the world, apply today!

Doing some work on my Thunderbird talk for @fosdem - if you are interested in learning about the future of the most popular open source desktop email client in the world, come to my talk.

Posting on Mastodon again. I think it is time to get Thunderbird on here.

Friends of Mastodon and Twitter: what methods are really boosting your productivity these days? Got books to recommend? I've been making a list of great techniques to implement into Thunderbird.

So many great services die at conception because all the good domain names are taken (and unused). Only half kidding, but I wish I could at least get hold of some of these folks to make them offers... :(

Visiting my sister in N.C. (Cherry Point, my brother-in-law is a Marine). Got to head to Shackleford Banks, an island where some wild horses roam free. Caught one chilling out, looking majestic.

Is Firefox rolling out its new logo soon? Is this just the logo for Firefox Sync?

About time: Antitrust Troubles Snowball for Tech Giants as Lawmakers Join In
Antitrust Troubles Snowball for Tech Giants as Lawmakers Join In

PSA: Support open standards in tech. Otherwise you'll get locked into ecosystems that abuse you. Thank you - that is all.

For many folks it may seem like I've gone dark (though not completely offline) this past year. Was focused a lot more on normal life. Now I'm going to start talking more about what I'm up to. Read about it on the blog:

This is a test of Toot to Tweet conversion. Twitterverse, can you hear me?

I'm going to try and start posting on Mastodon more often again. Frankly, I wish I had better tools for cross-posting. Recommendations? I'd like to cross-post to/from Twitter.

It's been a while since I've posted on Mastodon. What's happening in the Tootiverse?

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Listening to @BryanLunduke and @ryanleesipes talk about school boy shenanigans reminded me of how my friend and I would BREAK IN to our school after hours to use the internet before our small, rural town got dial-up. Um, if the statute of limitations hasn't expired then, uh, this is a fictional recollection.

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Today I'd like to recognize @hergertme for his work on Builder, and more generally and . I've probably recognized him before, but I respect what he's doing. Good work Christian!

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