Thunderbird 102 is now available! It's a SERIOUS upgrade loaded with highly-requested features like:

📨 Brand New Address Book
📨 New Spaces Toolbar
📨 Import/Export Wizard
📨 Redesigned Message Header
📨 Beautiful new icons and & color folders

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So, @k9mail is a part of Thunderbird. What is it missing? What do you want to see make it into K-9?

I released ThirdStats v1.7.0 🎉

🎨 Background Gradients
🚧 Data not final Indication
🍩 Fixed Doughnut Tooltips
🌐 Fully translated in 9 languages

... and more.

Full Release Notes:

Get your own Email Stats:

Gonna do a live coding session tomorrow about Thunderbird.
Lots of good stuff I want to show you

Hey , what tools are ya'll using to help you manage your email? (Such as: Calendly, (now defunct) Firefox Send, etc).

Curious to know?

I have a question!

What's the most painful thing about managing email? (No wrong answers, what sucks the most for you?)

I like to entertain the idea that future archaeologists will wonder if the Spice Girls were an extremist cult fringe of the Dune fandom seeking to turn the planet in an arid, giant-worm eaten Spice World.

For those fans of a different beautiful blue bird that wasn't in the news today...

You can find Thunderbird in the at: @thunderbird

Well well, look who decided to show.


Was wondering why Mastodon went down for a bit, then saw the news. @Gargron congrats, your platform is about to get much bigger.

Friends of the . Lots of changes coming to the client in the next three months. Would love if you could all grab the Daily or Beta release and let me know thoughts and concerns as you watch the changes roll in.

Go to the bottom of site to choose version:

Feel free to ping me with your experience!

New icons coming to (click the image to see them all). These will be in the new Spaces toolbar and tabs.

You can see them landing in Thunderbird Nightly.

Elon buying Twitter. The is about to get a bunch more people fleeing the blue bird.

I want to thank our team & contributors who have worked exceptionally hard to pack this release with so many great improvements! The last couple of years have had big challenges, but despite that, we did a lot. I'm excited to get all this great stuff into the hands of our users!

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Finally, if you want to support Thunderbird's development - we are funded primarily by user donations! Over 99% of our funding comes from our users! You can donate to support our team's work here:

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That's 102! If you want to follow along and play with this work - try out our beta or nightly release! You can find these by scrolling down near the bottom of our website:

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