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time! I'm a hacktivist, free software advocate, strong supporter of free and open internet. Used to be a policy hacker. Co-founded the Warsaw Hackerspace.

Currently trying to make sure journalists at @OCCRP have the tools and training to safely expose corruption and organized crime.

Also, I bake bread, sail, and dance Lindy Hop. So, there's that.

ouch, this one is fierce yet so true:

"Rand was a third-rate writer who was too arrogant to recognize her own ignorance (she believed she was the third greatest philosopher in history, behind only Aristotle and Aquinas). She misunderstood almost every concept she engaged with—from capitalism to freedom—and wrote nothing that had not been treated before by better thinkers."

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"So, there you have it. It is tinfoil-hattedness to raise these concerns. The one area in computer science where tinfoil-hattedness is of absolutely importance is cryptography; and the maintainer of the only Haskell entropy package dismisses these very valid concerns as tinfoil-hattedness." (Medium)

Very good read, especially since I want to discuss crypto later!

p2p, hypercore and activitypub 

ok so i was up til 3am last night but i think i made good progress to "p2p activitypub" at least on a conceptual level.

essentialy, you have a p2p log that you use as your activitypub outbox, and you create an inbox by indexing everybody else's outbox. outboxes are peered so that if you go off-line, followers can still be distributing your outbox. uptime increases with population, etc.

the trick here is privacy, in that you have to use Flag activities (moderation reports) to block feeds and ban peers, so that you don't contribute to the uptime of bad dudes. i say trick only because it's tricky, but it's possible to do today.

„O nawadnianiu gospodarstw i nie tylko, czyli cykl szkoleń online dla rolników
By wziąć udział w szkoleniu online, trzeba skorzystać z aplikacji ZOOM.''

@acciomath @rysiek @wintgenstein Thesis from the year 2259:

Male-aligned and female-aligned into maligned and feline: social progression in 2050-2100 as documented through Social Media.

@rysiek @tomasino @syntax That is handy! It’s always a game of cat and mouse with some of these censors.

Many thanks to @syntax for his contribution to :

This is a much-needed nudge for me to get back to hacking on this project. :blobcat:

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@rysiek @tomasino Thankee. I have a feeling this doohickey will be even more needful in the coming while.
#ShufeiStar Samizdat infos.

Nothing I post is so unprecedented that people will still find it useful several years later. There are enough wonderful toots posted every day that there's no reason to backread through my entire profile instead, except perhaps for doxxing purposes.
So, since I like keeping things tidy, I use #Forget to delete every post of mine older than 4 months, except for the few that I've decided to keep. If you'd like to do something similar yourself, you can learn more here:

The new Post UI will be rolling out later this week!

Some highlights:

- Tagged People
- New Reply UI
- Improved Comment Threading
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Profile preview cards
- Live Comment Mode

Questions to ask when evaluating an online service 

1. Are they open source to an extent that you're comfortable with? Do they ask you to run proprietary software on your devices? Is the code running on their servers open?

2. If they claim to be open source, do they use an OSI-approved or FSF-approved software license? If not, they're misleading you.

3. Is your personal data handled by such proprietary software? Do you ever transmit your personal data to their servers? Even if open source, they would be able to read and use this data however they wish and you wouldn't be able to tell - do you trust them to? What if they're compelled by law enforcement?

4. Do the needs justify the personal data they are collecting about you? If not, why are they collecting it?

5. If they claim to use encryption for the data which is transmitted to their server - question whether or not it's really private. Do they ever handle the unencrypted data? For example, if an email service claims to encrypt incoming emails, they have an opportunity to read the unencrypted email before they store it. Do they disclose these "gotcha"s, or do they make clear the limitations of their encryption? Is any encrypted information decrypted by software they control, like their web application, or a desktop application which is automatically updated without your consent? If so, they could decrypt it on your computer and transmit the decrypted data back to their servers.

6. Are they responsible for any scarce resources, like an email address, phone number, and so on, which you wouldn't be able to take with you if you leave? Are there ways to provide the same functionality without scarcity, such as the use of your own domain? If so, why aren't they offering them? How important are these resources to your identity, will your friends be able to find you if you choose to stop using the service?

7. How do they make money? What is their motivation for providing services to you? If their circumstances change, will their values change? How likely is change?

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