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@allison @djsumdog monopolised, centralized social media is a monoculture where mind viruses can spread unchecked.

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Perhaps there is no perfect way to convey how absurdly obscene it is that a single person can "have" over a hundred billion dollars.

But "You Are Jeff Bezos" is damn close:

Also, perhaps there is no perfect way to satirize .

My little parody of the aforementioned game is definitely not even close:

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Personal project - :

Web circumvention using technologies implemented in any modern browser.



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Personal project - Scary Data:

Graphing coronavirus outbreak globally using John Hopkins University data.



Thank you to everyone who has put the greater good above themselves. People who leak, pirate, protest, or whatever else it may be: thank you. It's an incredibly difficult thing to do. Know that you have made an impact. You are loved, appreciated, and we're eternally grateful to you, even if the legal system isn't. You're braver than I could ever be.

Shit like this in legitimate news sites is why fake news is so prevalent - it's easier to access.

@rysiek na pewno nie jestem ostatnią osobą z Razem tutaj. Jeszcze się razemki tu pojawią! :)

Tool storage solution for a sailboat. Kind of neat.

By Eli St. Amour‎

Now that discovered , it is time to start pushing @briar . Digital human rights activist's job is never done!

That being said, there are hurdles with that make it somewhat hard to get more people using it. A big one is lack of client, which is *not easy* to fix:

All communication in #signal goes through these tech giants: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Cloudflare
Just texting goes through Amazon.
Group chat will also go through Google.
#GAFAM is toxic to free software, supports mass surveillance and a lot other very bad things. Supporting such companies means also supporting their culture and their dominance. It's never just about the privacy of a single person.

With all the talk of #Signal and #distributed #IM lately, I thought I'd go a step further: here's a roundup of secure off-the-grid messengers: These all use strong #encryption, provide #privacy, and can be used without any Internet connection at all.

#briar is an interesting hybrid; while it uses #Bluetooth instead of longer-range #LoRa, it doesn't need any extra hardware and can route IMs over #Tor, #Bluetooth, or local #Wifi (even w/o Internet). @briar

Not only does LeGuin get a US Postage Stamp, the background celebrates one of the first and most notable #nonbinary characters in #sff.

@cjd @rysiek @wolf480pl @pettter I don't like this. This would mean that you had to extract value from the land you own, which is actually a pretty bad idea

Sweden has rapidly increasing inequality specifically because _of_ that set of tax policies. When the equality was built the tax system looked very different, and in particular included a wealth tax that could literally put you at over 100% tax on your income.
@sl007 @rysiek @wolf480pl

.ogg is actually a misspelling of 'egg'. they meant to make a container format for storing eggs, but it came out as an audio file format instead, and they were too embarrassed to correct it

Experiment in Fermentation #42

sauerkraut (home-made) mixed with natto (not home-made).

result = WAW!

the crunchiness + the weird gooeyness... the sour + the strong... the herby + the earthy... the fiber + the protein... great snack!

#TeamFerment #SauerKraut #Natto #Experimentation #Food #Healthy #Yummy

@rysiek @wolf480pl @pettter
Replacing PoW is fraught with peril. PoS is pure takes-money-to-make-money.
Central banks are very good in theory, but humans are bad at decision making and end up bailing out their friends when they shouldn't.
On #3, I would not make it the job of the money system to cure extreme inequality. Tax policy has a purpose and I am personally a fan of Land Value Tax because it targets the biggest "guaranteed income" asset.

1. Non-free software client and server + centralization (Example #WhatsApp): does not respect user's freedom and creates vendor lock-in
2. Free Software client but non-free server + centralization (Example #Telegram): client software respects freedom, server software does not respect freedom and creates vendor lock-in
3. Free Software client and server + centralization (Example #Signal): respect user's freedom but creates vendor lock-in


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