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@guizzy @lain I'm really pretty tired of this "Pleroma/GNU Social/SomethingElse is Nazi software/space" bullshit.

I had a StatusNet account until Evan killed identi.ca years ago; a shit-ton of great people I talk with here every day have accounts on Pleroma or GNU Social. Some are their developers.

benefited handsomely from there being a large community of dedicated people in Fediverse before Mastodon was a thing. Let's acknowledge that and stop being so condescending.

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time! I'm a hacktivist, free software advocate, strong supporter of free and open internet. Used to be a policy hacker. Co-founded the Warsaw Hackerspace.

Currently trying to make sure journalists at @OCCRP have the tools and training to safely expose corruption and organized crime.

Also, I bake bread, sail, and dance Lindy Hop. So, there's that.

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@Skoll3 @rysiek @galaxis I would be happ[y|ier] if they would just get back to QAing their crap.

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This is why we need secure defaults. “People are dumb” is a copout. We need to give them better tools.

Thousands of Mobile Apps Expose Their Unprotected Firebase Hosted Databases thehackernews.com/2018/06/mobi

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Federated reports are nice but at the same time the potential for stupidity is there if admins shoot first and ask questions later.

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The Intercept is looking for whistleblowers:

"In partnership with European news organizations, we are soliciting information on the mishandling of digital personal information."



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Today in The Daily Oups:

Thousands of Mobile Apps Expose Their Unprotected Firebase Hosted Databases



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Seized Mafia Villa to Become #LGBT Center

A villa seized from a Camorra Mafia boss near Naples will be converted into a shelter for LGBT Italians and migrants fleeing violent discrimination, The Local reported Wednesday.

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US “Zero Tolerance” Policy May Increase Organized Crime

The stated purpose of the policy was to lower crime rates by prosecuting everyone who crosses the border illegally and removing the possibility for asylum until after they have been prosecuted.

However, the new regulation will only increase the demand for illegal methods of border crossing, argues Steven Dudley, the co-director of InSight Crime.

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Maybe media.ccc.de just needs to federate with peertube.

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FYI, did same for Piwik/Matomo and Nextcloud:

Will need to add READMEs to these two at some point. But they're very similar to Snipe-IT (PHP apps, php-fpm container downloading and installing stuff automagically, configuration via envvars, automagic upgrade/migration script ran every time the container is restarted).

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@rysiek I was also thinking zoobab, not sure where he hangs out in the fediverse -- he did a lot of work with Pieter Hintjens back when software patents were on the table (thank you, Poland!)

Needed an asset management system (who's a big org now? we are! yes we are!), Snipe-IT looked good:

We're a docker shop, so I looked at the official docker image:

Ugh, Apache and php-fpm running side by side in a single container? No way to set uid/gid of the php-fpm process? Absolutely haram.

So I dockerized it in a way less crufted (and more flexible) way:

Enjoy! :)

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@rysiek Of course they will. What arguments shall we prepare in response? (Serious question. Let's do some coalition-building.)

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IRC_Buddy : "My Wordpress websites are again infected !"

As a reminder, I wrote a website protection software based on the Python Watchdog library.

That's why I wrote Chiwawa, to counter security problems in those CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc...)

#Security #Infosec #Wordpress #Joomla #Drupal #CMS #Webdev #Web #Python

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so apparently telling musk to that if he really cares about freedom he should turn his business into a workers coop is a violation of twitters rules