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@guizzy @lain I'm really pretty tired of this "Pleroma/GNU Social/SomethingElse is Nazi software/space" bullshit.

I had a StatusNet account until Evan killed years ago; a shit-ton of great people I talk with here every day have accounts on Pleroma or GNU Social. Some are their developers.

benefited handsomely from there being a large community of dedicated people in Fediverse before Mastodon was a thing. Let's acknowledge that and stop being so condescending.

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time! I'm a hacktivist, free software advocate, strong supporter of free and open internet. Used to be a policy hacker. Co-founded the Warsaw Hackerspace.

Currently trying to make sure journalists at @OCCRP have the tools and training to safely expose corruption and organized crime.

Also, I bake bread, sail, and dance Lindy Hop. So, there's that.

Ok, downloaded the `boost-system` package manually and installed it with `rpm`. PackageKit now works, moving on to fixing broken packages.



packagekitd[2281]: Failed to load the backend: opening module zypp failed : /usr/lib/ file too short

Shit. The phone must have lost power during upgrade or some such. And since PackageKit is fscked, it's kinda hard to reinstall packages.

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@rysiek "on this 5-year old phone I am still receiving upgrades" - I have mixed feelings about it. Yes, it receives updates, but for example, browser engine is still based on Gecko 38, which reached end-of-life in 2016. Some websites started to warn me to upgrade my browser.

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Just finished running #cryptoparty lectures for schools for this year. The last one was online for homeschooled students and it's recorded on Youtube: [Polish].

All the slides are available under Creative Commons at [Polish]

If you'd like me to translate them for you or help you prepare your own version, let me know!

I learned that putting a few (3-4) action points at the end really helps getting kids to do something about their habits.

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Just made up another jar of mustard to @fitheach 's recipe in order to prevent the mustardpokalypse (ie. the state of no mustard).

Super easy, even with a mortar & pestel.

Couple of observations:

1. on this 5-year old phone I am still receiving upgrades (this one is 2.x to 3.x);

2. yeah, the upgrade failed, but there are a number of ways I can try fixing it that are not available on most other OSes.

Started an upgrade on my Jolla Phone to last night. Woke up to a non functioning home.

After some investigation it turned out it upgraded partially and booted but the UI is not showing (due to partial upgrade).

Thankfully SSH is enabled on it, and it auto-connected to my home WiFi.

So, restarted the upgrade manual now, and hoping for the best.

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It’s #Caturday!! #MastoCats attac!

     />  フ
     |  _  _ l
     /   :mastodon: |
    /  ヽ   ノ
    │  | | |
 / ̄|   |  \__)
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_) :twitter:

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@rysiek I *think* this is the relevant issue for Lists:

I suspect the issue is the same for pinned hashtags.

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@rysiek I've noticed that Lists are like that too. In the case of Lists, they also hold onto content from people I have removed from the list. 🤷

WTF, my hashtag columns don't seem to refresh/pull new toots automagically lately on m.s. Anybody else experiencing this?

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Alright I'm gonna give Mastodon a try because Tumblr is imploding and I -hate- twitter! But look I have this unicorn painting to share! Every so often I just need to paint a unicorn. I LOVE how this turned out! #unicorn

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@jerry When are we going to get a .breach TLD? target.breach, yahoo.breach, panera.breach, facebook.breach etc etc etc 😜

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I think I accidentally my VW Golf 4 shitbox into a #35c3 #camping thing.

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NEW INVESTIGATION: Lithuania’s Vladimir Romanov has been hiding in Russia since 2014, and a legal battle is still raging over cash from his bank that was sunk into a London property.

Among the claimants jostling for a piece of the spoils is a company that appears to be tied to Romanov’s inner circle.


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NEW INVESTIGATION: An $8 million villa on Dubai’s luxurious Palm Jumeirah has been controlled for years by the family of Igor Shuvalov, Russia’s former first deputy prime minister.

Its ownership structure shows how the wealthy use offshores to obscure their assets.

Read the story here:

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