Ok people, who's up for a ~10-min performance art?

Follow this thread to participate. Respond or react in any way to let me know you are participating.

The whole thing will require a browser, access to Internet, and a short interaction with Google Translate (sorry!). There will be 5 short steps. It will involve and .

Some of you will enjoy it as much as I did. Some will probably go "meh".

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Okay, one-single-person-that-voted, this is for you then!

Step 1. Visit this link: althingi.is/altext/149/s/1789.

This is the Icelandic cybersecurity law. Pretty standard stuff. But we can't read it, it's in Icelandic! What ever are we going to do? 🙀

Step 2. Download the PDF.

It has to be the PDF, so be careful, the page is a bit confusing and you can mis-click and get a WordPerfect file instead. We wouldn't want to do that, would we!

Step 3. Go to Google Translate: translate.google.com/

...and click the "Documents" button.

Source language set to "Icelandic", target language to "English".

Step 4. Obviously now is the time to "Browse your computer" and select the PDF you downloaded. Select it and translate it.

We're almost done.

Step 5. Screenshot the title page, or just the title.

Upload in response to this toot.

We just generated the perfect title for my autobiography.

If I ever write it, I will use the exact same font and layout. It doesn't get any more perfect than that.

Come to think of it, I should have asked everyone to tag the toots with and observe the confusion on that hashtag with glee.

Ah well, next time!

@taziden my pleasure! it would not have been the same without your participation! :)

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