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Pinned toot Around I published my first and it's still online now 25 years later, For fresher updates, subscribe to this thread or feed: use a based software ( etc) but it's not trivial to share pre-recorded until they go trough API , you can also enable a real and for live Q&A using ,feel free to improve this wikipage I have created or ask for help

Show thread Let's build with privacy in mind was presented by my colleague at in 2019 about SOSG works to address chalenges

Show thread with in mind was presented as an example showcase of how can work with a different paradigm that will comply current and upcoming regulations

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"Lightning Talks" in #MDCO2Gaming begin at 13:00 UTC followed by "Castle Game Engine - overview and upcoming features" (13:30 UTC) "My DiY Pinball on Debian" (14:30 UTC) and "Chiaki - bringing PlayStation 4 Remote Play to Linux" (15:00 UTC) - Streams at: #debiangaming

Last talks for today at MiniDebConf Online #2 Gaming Edition: "FOSS Virtual & Augmented Reality" at 19:30 UTC and "Open Source Game Achievements" at 20:30 UTC #debiangaming #MDCO2Gaming

Join us tomorrow for MiniDebConf Online #2: Gaming Edition! Jakob Bornecrantz will be presenting "FOSS Virtual & Augmented Reality", a look at the current state of #OpenSource VR & the latest on #Monado! 20:30 CET here: #debiangaming #MDCO2Gaming #debian #openxr

First block of short talks at #MDCO2Gaming : "./, a packages generator for DRM-free games" (12:00 UTC), "YIRL engine presentation" (12:30 UTC) and "NetHack" (13:00 UTC). Follow the live streaming at

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