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Pinned post Around I published my first and it's still online now 25 years later, For fresher updates, subscribe to this thread or feed: and are different problems but one depends on this other without there is no but you can also loose when policiesare against and its

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Read everything in a nutshell on // about on 27.05. - 30.05. online/hybrid in Rennes:

"The online conferences will be similar to last year's event. We will certainly use different technical solutions, but this format will allow everyone to participate and follow what they are interested in." : Foundation an hosted by featuring and "new for and myriad and automated tools to optimize crop growth and circumvent critical obstacles, such as labor shortages." humm what about ?

Nous étions hier au programme de l’émission d'information locale de Canal B pour discuter logiciel libre et Libreon !

Le podcast est disponible ici :

Dear Fediverse, we announce:

ActivityPub for Administrations

Our members at are very busy preparing for our European Commission events. In two webinars and a workshop we'll introduce EU representatives to @activitypub and its applications on the

Besides focus on deploying apps in EU institutions, we'll establish liaison, and will hopefully broaden mutual co-op in future.

We organize together with @NGIZero who provide great support!

📢 We'd like to invite anyone that has forked FreeCAD over the years and added functionality for personal/commercial reasons to consider releasing your features/fixes under an open source license, so we could all potentially benefit from them together. Let us know if you have Qs 📢

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