i mean, how cool is this?!!? and it's sandboxed like a web browser, so i don't need to worry about wrecking my computer.

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i'm keeping my eye on @deno_land. typescript support and the ability to import libraries from a url both scratch a very specific itch for me.

even if deno itself never gains widespread adoption, it presents interesting ideas for dynamic languages.

does anyone know if the tip i add to my @swiggy_in order actually goes to the delivery person? or does swiggy keep some/most of that money?

it's the big cat's birthday today, but he doesn't care much for celebrations

i'm from a privileged uc family in delhi, and even i've been harassed by the police several times in several states for simply existing.

the police is a threat to the functioning of civilized society in every country. it must either be radically reformed, or entirely scrapped.

the small cat has killed and dismembered 3 lizards why did i ever let this wild animal into my house

i've cut down the number of things i do in life to a point that the default apple reminders app is pretty much all i need to manage my life. feels good.

listening to this new lady gaga album has left me exhausted. i feel like i've run 10km.

the small cat has discovered toilet paper and my entire house is a mess. what to do.

it's a useful api for sure. it's made me more productive. i just wish there was a way to encode all the hooks rules in some sort of a type system.

right now, the task of detecting errors is spread across the programmer, the ide, the linter, and the react runtime.

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i love and hate the react hooks api.

it greatly reduces the amount of code i need to write for common tasks.

but, to use it correctly, you have to follow implicit rules that cannot be expressed in javascript the language. rules about ordering of hooks, for example.

follow-up question: have you ever had sex in front of your pets?

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men should be banned from using computers

this screenshot is from @lobsters, a supposedly less toxic version of hacker news

it's amazing how many websites don't advertise an rss feed, but if you put a "/feed" or "/rss.xml" at the end of the url then it just works.

this is how i read scroll, the wire, and pretty much every indian news website with my feed reader.

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