The Powered Inoi T8 Tablet Will Hit The Market This September

After last year's Inoi R7 smartphone, the Russian consumer electronics manufacturer will release its second Sailfish OS RUS powered device this September, according to Inoi CEO Sergey Bogatov. The 8” tablet is aimed to be delivered at B2B customers with custom software configurations but will also be available on

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Planet Computers Announces Gemini PDA to Run Sailfish OS by Jolla

A community supported version is now available to download on the Planet Computers support page. The official version of the OS, called , will be available in late 2018 and include advanced features and the improvements of .

- Press release:

- How to install the Sailfish OS community edition:

2.2.0 Mouhijoki Released to all Jolla Customers

A week after the Early Access release, the latest update is now available to all Jolla customers having the following devices: Jolla1, Jolla C, Jolla Tablet and the . Owners of the Xperia X dual-SIM variant have now the possibilty to download and install an officially supported Sailfish X image.
also published a new blog post which shows the highlights of this big update.

- Jolla Blog:

The SDK update 1804 has been released to Early Access. The update matches the 2.2.0 Mouhijoki release. It also contains bug fixes and adds the ability to change the SSH and HTTP ports used by the SDK Build Engine and Emulator.

2.2.0 Mouhijoki Update Released for Early Access

The release introduces several new features which were announced by earlier this year. Next to that, the update includes various bug fixes, system improvements and UI updates.

- Summary:

- Full release notes:

- Detailed Changelog:

New version of is pushed to the store 🚀

Jolla: Updated Privacy Policy to Comply with GDPR

Data privacy in Sailfish OS is enhancing even further as GDPR comes into effect. Jolla account holders should have received an email about the topic and are asked to accept the new privacy policy.
The GDPR aims to strengthens the rights of all consumers related to their personal data collected by different organizations and companies in the EU. The regulation is coming into effect tomorrow, May 25.

Jolla Blog Post:

will be attending the Critical Communications World (CCW) in the Finnish pavillon presenting . The event takes place in Berlin from May 15-17 and is organized by TCCA, a company which is bringing together businesses with an interest in the provision of wireless communications.

Jolla also hosts a Berlin community meetup with CEO Sami Pienimäki, program manager Vesa-Matti Hartikainen and Chief engineer Marko Saukko:

"Building downloadable and next steps of with " with Program Manager Vesa-Matti Hartikainen and Community Manager James Noori at .

The newest Storeman ( client) version offers an easy way to find and manage local RPM files on . Nice!

Meet at in Gothenburg. Jolla's project manager and community manager will be holding talks about the history of the company and . Additionally it will be possible to try devices running the preview.

- More about the event:

- There will also be a Sailfish OS community meetup:

The advantages of a true mobile experience: command-line tool on . Available on

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