#SailfishOS devices I've had, listed chronologically, numbered by preference:

1. #Jolla1 (multiple)
2. #JollaTablet
2. #JollaC
2. #SonyXperiaX
1. #FxtecPro1

(Yeah, they all mean a lot to me, hard to decide 😅)

How about you? Which ones do you have and what are your favourites?

First time booting, the new SailfishOS automatically encrypts the folders, nice! And it also directly asks for and sets a security code, which is also good.
Also, Jolla service successfully disconnected my old device from the account, so that the new one can just pick up and install the Android support and predictive text input right away. Good job, #jolla!

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Upgraded #SailfishOS to the latest version on my Jolla 1. The process was flawless as always. Pretty amazing that they are still supporting this device after more than 6 years.

Installed #SailfishOS on the #FxtecPro1 today. The curved edges are perfect for the swiping gestures. Such a smooth and sexy pairing.

Sailfish SDK 3.1 Released

The latest emulator and build targets match the (Rokua) release. The SDK update is available via maintenance tool. Installers can be found at:

Notable changes:
- built targets use GCC 8.3.0
- the SDK IDE now uses Clang Code Model for coding assistance
- Docker-based build engine for Linux and Windows
- remote debugging with CLI frontend (sfdk)
- improved speed and bug fixes

Release notes:

3.3.0 Rokua adds native support for @nextcloud accounts. The support includes the most comprehensive collection of features available so far with any integrated account, including backups, contacts, calendar, images and notifications.

Get rid of Google / Android!

The premium mobile Linux OS creators Jolla: Sailfish X License Discount.

To celebrate the new Sailfish OS 3.3 release, Jolla indeed offers the Sailfish X license at a discount.

€29,90 per licence for a limited time, enter code VAPPU at:

==> shop.jolla.com
#jolla #sailfish #vappu #mobile #linux #deletegoogle #deleteandroid #wayland #qt

Sailfish X License Discount

To celebrate the new Sailfish OS 3.3 release, offers the license at a discount.
€29,90 per licence for a limited time, enter code VAPPU at shop.jolla.com

Blog post about the newest Rokua release:

This 3.3.0 release contains a vast number of updates for the lower level of the stack. Jolla included for example the updated toolchain, a new version of and many updates to core libraries such as glib2. The blog article explains in detail the changes and what they mean in practice for users, developers and Sailfish OS in general.


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