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Opens New Forum for Discussions

The until now used TJC website will be replaced with a new discussion forum. The new forum should provide a better platform for developer collaboration since TJC has not been the optimal forum for serving developers’ needs. The new website includes several sub-forums which allow discourses and deeper analysis for every type of discussions.

- Official Jolla Blog post:

- Visit the new forum:

#SailfishOS API Priority poll for allowed APIs in Harbour - for launching your apps to #Jolla store. Cast your votes:

It really blows my mind how smooth #sailfishos on the #pinephone is, it's a bit laggy at parts sure, but for the most part it feels really fluid and spot on and like I'm using a finished product. Very impressive work!

by running on the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1. This port works on most x86_64 devices that can run Ubuntu 20.04 and have a graphics card supported by Mesa. Disk images/rootfs is coming soon.

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"Relaxing requirements for apps allowed in the store is a recurring request. I've hit this boundary many times myself.
If there's a API you'd like to see supported, add your voice to this FSO thread: "

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Opens Translation Round 2 for the Next Sailfish OS Release

This time there are around 185 new strings to be translated for the next release depending on the language. The deadline for this round is Monday, December 14th.

Details and Discussion:

How to translate the OS:

Sailfish OS Localisation:

The original smartphone from 2013 received an incredible number of 34 software updates during a lifetime of 7 years. The latest update 3.4.0 will remain the last officially supported software release.

Jolla will continue to provide access to the official app store for it for the time being.

Blog post:

Riding on a wave of nostalgia, took out my #Jolla 1s and #JollaC (running various versions of #SailfishOS 2.x), performed factory resets, and updated all of them to the latest #Sailfish3. Took several hours, but they now feel like brand new devices. I miss the smaller screens!

Jolla Opens Translation Round for the Next Sailfish OS Release

has around 150 new strings to be translated for the next release depending on the language. The deadline for this round is Monday, November 16th.


Sailfish OS Localisation:

The SDK 3.2 Release was Published to All Users

The installers for the latest SDK release are now available at If you have an older release of the SDK, you should see an update notification in the Sailfish IDE.

Some of the added improvements:
- Support for CMake
- Support for projects with multiple .spec files
- Use of user-supplied SSH keys for device access
- Build engine, Qt creator, SDK CLI: bugs fixed


opens the translation round for the 3.4.0 release.

This translation round has around 320 strings to be translated depending on the language. Translators are kindly asked to translate most of it until the 23th of July.


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