I liked this post:

"Notes to Myself on Software Engineering: A laundry list of personal reminders", François Chollet.


Vexingly, the offending client binary doesn't trigger these messages when run from its build directory, but only from install directory.

Maybe the runtime linker is using a different SSL library than it was originally linked against?

Do I even know what I am talking about?

How do one go around debugging misbehaving TLS connections?

I am looking at Mosquitto MQTT broker logs with statements like

Client connection from <some host> failed: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number

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If anyone has questions about clams I am always here for you!

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My uncle passed away recently, and he left me all his tools.

It's like a carpentry and DIY time capsule.

I thought mastodon.ART would appreciate some of the illustrations in this riveting (or rather screwing) instruction manual.

Another late summer night
Or early fall night, you nitpickers

The sound of cicadas is in the air
The smell of skunk is in the air

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Ergonomic keyboard enhancement saves wrist, is warm

Do Canadians use US letter sized papers like Americans do? Or do they use A4 papers like other non-anomalous people?

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FL/OSS meta // normalization of collaborative practices Show more

ICFP 2018 papers are available!


What should a pleb such as your humble correspondent should read?

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There was someone at the Haskell meetup with a (1) Purism laptop that (2) runs GNU Guix, on which they were (3) programming Agda!

Livin' the dream, aren't they

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Hey guys look what I found


It's Windows 95 running as an Electron app, the only two things I absolutely adore!

@Are0h Let us be very clear: I am not defending white people.

There are also: woodpeckers, nuthatches, goldfinches, sparrows, mourning doves, squirrels, chipmunks, and their collective chatter. 😍

Working from home today. Stepped out into the backyard for a bit: there are butterflies, cardinals, robins, blue jays, and a hummingbird.

At work I sit in a stupid cubicle, without a window nearby. All four seasons look alike from there, although my desk plant somehow knows the changes. Also there would be people the phone, people discussing their work, and other unscheduled interruptions.

When you make that time machine, please find and stop the people that invented cube farms.

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