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Today I planted a dogwood tree (cornus kousa), sowed some seeds, did some raking, etc.

Every time I dig up the yard a robin shows up to look for worms in the freshly dug soil. Sometimes he makes conversation in bird-speak. Sometimes he brings a friend.

I like to think of the two of us as friends.

But is it the same robin that I see every time? I have no idea.

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them: there is no more knights in XXIst century.


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What valuable metadata are you withholding from the global megacorporations today?

Keep it up

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Happy #EarthDay everyone! Let's cherish our beautiful planet with its wonderful creatures and fight to protect it. #EarthDay2018 #nature #photography #photo

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" Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge In Computing"
by Marie Hicks
(MIT Press, Jan 2017)

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does anyone use a feature/basic phone? I'm looking for something rock-solid reliable, but it seems like people don't make them like anymore...

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@jamey I started writing a Desktop Podcast app some months ago mainly as a playground for getting into programming.

It's written in Rust and uses Gtk+ for the GUI. It's where I experiment with stuff like Futures.

At first I tried using only the RSS spec, but it's ridiculous how few feeds respect it. A solid 2/3s of the podcast feeds I've tested are broken in some way unless you parse the Itunes Ext...

The app is usable, and hosted at the GNOME gitlab instance.

I saw Isle of Dogs last night and it was a good movie

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I will need the help of an admin to catch an error with the app. When uploading a new banner or a profile picture, it sounds that instances return an error 500. It would help me to know what is going wrong with my call to "update_credentials" because I didn't change this piece of code. Thanks for helping.

SmugMug has acquired Flickr? That is probably a good thing because... SmugMug isn't Verizon?

The only thing that stops a bad programmer with a bad programming language (definitely me) is a good programmer with a good programming language (maybe me)

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(2/3) If you haven't already, it would be super awesome of you to visit my project page and "like" it. This will require creating an account which I know is a pain, but you'd be doing me a big favor:

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(1/3) Good morning friends,

I know I've spammed you a lot lately about my entry in the 2018 Hackaday Prize, so this will be the last ask, I promise 😇

The challenge my project is competing in closes on Monday, April 23rd and the top 20 entries (based on "likes") will move-on to the finals and receive $1000. Currently my project is at #13 on the leaderboard:

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Mongabay, a nonprofit environmental news outlet, just published a richly-illustrated report by Monica Pelliccia about an all-women cooperative of #coffee growers in #Honduras.

The coop uses #agroforestry, which means that the coffee is grown in the shade of timber-yielding trees such as Spanish cedar, plus fruit trees like guamo and #avocado. 🥑

This ecological land use technique reduces soil erosion and increases food security.

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