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@liw Hah, right? You'll probably appreciate this story then: My first conference talk was about a very early version of XCB, and I was 17 and totally nervous about public speaking. I was trying to be very diplomatic about Xlib's, um, faults. But Jim Gettys, who wrote the first version of libX11 in a few days in 1987, was in the front row of my audience, and kept interrupting me to say, "No, Xlib is much worse than that!"

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> be prepared to spend quite a lot of time reading and writing Nix expressions;
> be prepared to program in Haskell when not writing Nix expressions;

Hands-off, globally distributed, flexible. They're doing Cardano stuff among other things. They distribute their job ads as gists linked to from gif macros.

If I knew more Haskell and didn't just join another interesting project with racket and nix, I would be all over this.

Maybe something for a person like @xj9?

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More than I wanted to known about #emacs byte compilation, lambda expressions, lexical binding and all that.

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「Japanese plum park」

Location:三重(Mie Japan🇯🇵)

This is Japanese plum park. It is in Mie prefecture.


"A Programmable Programming Language", by Felleisen, Findler, and other usual suspects:

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Ammu cat is a docile armpit cat 😻

I was asking Appu how his day was and he brought his claws out.

This cat has... issues.

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"how nerds destroy the world" (pictures for sad children) Show more

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That head bumping thing cats do when you hold your hand out to them.

Boost if you agree.

I wonder if I can deploy my crap with Guix instead of this horrible shell script that has grown tentacles

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I've mentioned it before, but here's a blogpost on Guix's upcoming participation in Outreachy and GSoC. Apply for a fun (and functional) summer internship!

Look at this quirky drive-through

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Mastodon #cli help: #toot is written in Python but what I want looks basically like "toot curses" with more functionality. It appears to be read-only, a work in progress. #madonctl is apparently powerful but needs templates which are hard to write and a ton of aliases to be useful. I feel both of them lack good user level documentation. How do you do it? I use bitlbee-mastodon, but IRC is also limiting in weird ways. And it's written in C which makes every change hard.

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The University of Edinburgh are doing a short, self-paced online course on Co-operative Economics focusing on #workercoop/s.

I presume we might have some interested people here?... :)

Let me know if it's any good!

What do you use to view DICOM files? Specifically, what do you use to view MRI images?

The CD hospital gave us has some kind of Windows executable, but I don't have access to Windows right now. I have Debian GNU/Linux testing and macOS High Sierra.