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I’m wearing a holiday T-shirt with Karl Marx on it in a rural Wisconsin bar/restaurant, this should be interesting.

If you don’t hear from me in the next 6 hours, send reinforcements.

Was reminded of this fun fact by some news:

"Tesla largely responsible for slide in U.S. home solar sales: report"

The American Society of Civil Engineers Executive Committee "has honored Elon Musk, A.M.ASCE, with the 2018 Columbia Medal for his demonstrated and continuing excellence in pushing the state of the art [...]"

Dunno, sounds like ass-kissing to me.

Here's an interesting thing: the Boring Company had no presence in 2017 Rapid Excavation Tunneling Conference ( They just ignore people who'd been working on this stuff for the longest time. Why?

Looked at FOSDEM schedule and I so badly want to go...

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We will have a stand at FOSDEM this year running a design clinic. Come ready with a demo of your project and your toughest design questions!

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important, time sensitive info for US residents Show more

Firefox 57 can't come to Debian testing soon enough!

Seen in Gay Village, Montreal.

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All this talk about #patreon and #librepay has me thinking...

In my creative work, I'm primarily a live performance (circus and theater) creator. While successful in the past, #crowdfunding has been difficult for our company because of the additional, and sometimes seemingly Herculean, efforts we had to undertake in order to create physical products for rewards.

In the end we did it, but most of it felt unrelated to the work...and in some cases potentially damaged the work because of creative concessions that had to be made.*

*The example that comes to mind was adjusting theater lights and seating to accommodate video recording for a downloadable video of the show.

While the campaign was truly a rousing success, I can't help but feel like we spent a considerable amount of our creative energies making good on "begging-related" promises.

I'm curious how those who make things that can't be turned easily into downloadable or shippable goods make patroning and funding work for their projects.

Chime in. I'm curious.

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Hey friends, I'm looking for a development job in or near Austin, TX, or Remote.

I have experience in Rust, Elixir, Ruby primarily, but I've also worked in Python, Elm, Java, C, and C++, and have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL.

Here's my github:

If you could boost this around, that would be super cool.

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Are you a junior or intermediate Python developer?
Fresh out of class or learning on your own?

I'm doing a mentoring project that includes personal time.

Please spread the word. Get back to me with a quick pitch about your project and how you think you need help.

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Festivus greetings from my /kandan poocha/ tommiecat as well

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"Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages"

Good time to remember that the EFF's HTTPS Everywhere extension is a great way to avoid ISPs tampering with HTTP pages:

Borrowed neighbor's rototiller, cleaned up the yard (by some definition of "clean"), tilled some of the yard, spread a pound of wildflower seeds in the tilled area.

There's another pound and some more seeds and some more yard to cover. If the weather holds up, I will deal with that next weekend. Else it will have to wait until spring.

I could not find daffodil bulbs in the usual places, so that is a thing for next fall.

Festivus greetings from hamare Kishenji