Big personal announcement! 🎉

After almost 6 years of working for myself I'm finally headed back to the world of employment (😱)! I'm soon going to be joining Monzo as an Engineering Manager, and couldn't be more excited.

I've written more, including the whats and whys here: 😀

Busy weekend ahead will mean no time for Japanese, so I’ve promised myself that if I get all of my work jobs done by lunch I’m allowed to study for the rest of the day 🤓

I’ve written a quick blog post about a high-level template I use to kick off some of my technical detective work. You’re welcome to take and adapt it for your own needs.

'A foundation for technical investigations'

45 minutes between meetings to pause for an iced tea and some grammar practice exercises.

Yes, Facebook. This dreadful attempt at emotional manipulation only makes me more sure that I want to bin you off actually.

Earlier this week I sent some thoughts to @thisisjofrank around permissions on the web. I've collected them together into a blog post in case they're more widely useful to spark conversation. Here you go!


After several years of extensive blood tests (all free), today I finally start taking medication for the rest of my life. For this, I don’t even have to pay the standard prescription fee (£8.80) every month; my drugs are fully exempt. Thank you, NHS 💙

Got pretty sick whilst in Prague for WebExpo, so taking today fully off to do absolutely nothing strenuous. Pot of tea made, Xbox on.

I posted (a bit emotionally) yesterday on the birdsite after having had some wine and getting this lovely recommendation. Today I followed up by saying that if I've ever worked/spoken/collaborated with you and you'd like either private or public feedback/recommendations, please ask without embarrassment. That stands here too. And if I haven't, think about who you can feed back to - it can help them keep doing what they do.

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If you're looking for a UX Designer/Product Designer/Design Director type person I'm available from 17th September for short-ish projects.

Boosts appreciated 👀👌😘

My hotel features a painting that I can't see as being anything other than the face of ALF

Bank holiday weeks always fly past. Currently juggling:

📈Tech/strategy recommendations for travel client
👩🏻‍💻Developer tutorial creation
🖍Strategy/vision workshop prep
🎤 Conference talk prep
👩🏻‍💼 New business meeting
💼 Finding/following leads
🗺 Holiday prep!

Lovely animated data visualisation around the difference in pockets on clothing aimed at different genders (found via the ODI newsletter)

Since my language toot the other day I've had a few people asking questions about how I'm learning and what I use. I wrote a blog post both to help answer that, and as a bit of a benchmark for future me 🙂


Slow cooking pork ribs in a ginger/miso/celeriac stock this afternoon, ready to be all tender for glazing tonight 🤤

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Reminder: In just one month, all NEW websites & apps published by the public sector in the European Union must adhere to WCAG 2.0 (alas, with exceptions). Read more & see the further timeline on my little info website on

Today: 33 pages (😴) of interview notes to dissect and map onto a canvas, to help visualise a technology strategy

Planning the tail-end of my year and keen to have new chats!

It’s been a while since I’ve been properly embedded, so very interested to hear about options with that in mind. I do a mix of tech and strategy inc. digital transformation, discovery/solutions, or more recently devrel. You can reach me using sally at records sound the same dot com no spaces 🙂

I passed my first ever Japanese exam! This time last year I was still bumbling around the same old parroted phrases from years ago and could barely read. Very proud of how much I've been able to formalise since January when I started taking it seriously

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