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There was a time where I used to feel a little lonely over here (:crickets chirping:), at least compared to birdsite, but now I interact with some people, and I've been having a good time lately.

Even (especially) if you don't know me, feel free to reach out and say "Hi!" :weirdfish: :mastodon: Looking to make new friends. 🤝

This is a much smaller place, and it helps if we talk to each other more, rather than just passively react to whatever is going on.

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Version control system #gameoftrees 0.73 has been released for #OpenBSD, and for other systems as a -portable version maintained by @thomasadam

3️⃣​got patch now uses 3-way merges instead of the simpler search/replace algorithm, provided the base version of modified files can be determined from meta-data in the patch file, and when the corresponding blob object exists in the repository. When a change cannot be applied cleanly, 3-way merges create conflict markers in the patched target file, rather than creating separate reject files on disk. And patches with mangled whitespace are now handled more smoothly. Thanks to @op for keeping to improve got patch!

:flan_writing:​ Support for signing tag objects with SSH keys was added during the OpenBSD r2k22 hackathon by @jrick. The 'got tag' command can create and verify SSH signatures, in a way that is compatible with signed tag objects created by Git.

:flan_book:​ The tog repository browser has become more flexible and user-friendly, with features such as count modifiers for movement key bindings, space bar scrolling down consistently in all views, support for horizontal split screens in addition to the default vertical split, faster diff and blame by using the Myers algorithm by default instead of Patience, and support for switching the diff algorithm between Myers and Patience diff at run-time. Many thanks to Mark Jamsek who contributed some of these new features.

😈​ In the -portable version and the FreeBSD port, libexec helper programs now use capsicum to restrict their own abilities. This is similar to the existing support for landlock on Linux (which is used where supported and enabled).

🎨​ Coloring of commits during creation of pack files is now faster, provided a large amount of commit history can be found in a single pack file (which should be the case for well-maintained Git repositories).

More information can be found at

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Put on your VaultTec jumpsuit and grab your rad hardened bike, it's time to go exploring.

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Are you ready for the incoming new #oldcomputerchallenge?

Last year it was about using an old computer with single core and 512 MB of memory for a week.

This year, I'm still thinking at the exact rules, but it will be the connectivity detox you need. Remember the old RTC modems times when you paid internet access at an hourly rate? Maybe you never experienced it as you are too young, it's not too late to learn :flan_cool:

How would you organise yourself if you only had one cumulated hour of internet per day for a week? :flan_evil:

More details soon :flan_hacker: :flan_hacker: :flan_hacker:

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@loke @samebchase Yeah it comes from set-builder notation, which itself has I'm sure crossed over back and forth between English, German and other languages as mathematicians read papers in multiple languages.

Turning full circle, `for` loops eventually gave rise to Python's notion of list/set/dict comprehensions.

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after trying out basically all linux audio creation tools, i settled on MusE, which is already 20+ years in development. not super pretty, but UI works as expected and it's fast, even on a constrained system.

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MNT Pocket Reform is coming!

Here are all the technical details that are nailed down so far:

You can also sign up for email updates on the project at the end of the page.

Ana Dantas returned for industrial design. The snazzy 3D art was done by Philipp Broemme. Illustrations by Anri Hennies.

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@samebchase @akkartik the Wikipedia article on the for loop claims the first appearance was in Algol 58. Apparently that in turn came from a really early German language called superplan. I don't think this language was ever implemented.

But the term "for" indicating that a computation is done for all values of the some criteria is quite well established since long, I think.

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Because #OpenBSD is so stable, the laptop is not rebooted often. So not often that I had trouble remembering my FDE passphrase 🤭

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Managed to squeeze in a spot of birding before the wedding practice this arvo in Canberra.

All found close to our accomodation.

A Red Wattlebird, Common Bronzewing, a pair of Galahs and a very cold Eastern Rosella.

#bird #photo #nature #AustralianWildlife #RedWattlebird #CommonBronzewing #Galah #EasternRosella

There are a lot of HTTP load generators available.

What I need a command runner that supports throttling.

"Hit this Kafka topic N times per second".

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@silmathoron Good luck and enjoy! Do what you can to minimize exposure to the same "used air" as much as you can and keep that mask fitting well.

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"What great deed will I have to do to be remembered?"
"Walk with me," the witch said.
They headed down the lane.
"Only remembered?"
"Remembered fondly."
They passed through the cemetery gates. Among all the overgrown graves was one well tended. The epitaph read:
"He tried."

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TIL: GNOME #Evolution has a plugin "Sender Validation" where you can set up rules and get warnings before sending #email​s from the wrong account: #PIM ✉️

Another confirmation that switching to Evolution was a great idea. 👍

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@jplebreton I get the feeling that emacs has made many, many attempts at being more friendly out of the box, like having pull down menus, or cua-mode. And I appreciate them! But sometimes it just makes the whole thing feel even more alien and baroque

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strongly considering giving in and becoming an emacs person

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All I want is a lisp machine that can comfortably edit code, do interactive debugging and in-process hot reload, and has integrated pixel art and animation tooling, is that so much to ask

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