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Highly Accessible, Open-Source, Citizen-Owned, Low-Tech, Nature-Based Processes and Technologies that enable a resilient & regenerative urban infrastructure transformation - WAY more exciting & sane than all of the high-tech visions (AI, Bots, etc.) I've seen in recent years.

30$ Open-Source Wind Turbine:

- Generates 80W in a 25 km/h wind up, or 1000W in a 60 km/h wind
- Max. costs of $30 per unit, mostly from scrap materials
- Can be assembled by 2 people within 6 hours

"The possibility that we can build robots who are like men belongs, if anywhere, to the future. But the present already shows us men who act like robots. When a majority of men are like robots, then there will be no problem building robots who are like men" ~ Erich Fromm (1968)

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Our societies overrate Design (Engineering, Optimisation, Control, etc.) and underrate the simple enjoyment of the eternally emerging present moment.

"how to become filthy rich fast, by exploiting artificially intelligent humans"

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My workplace is running a “mindfulness workshop” to help us deal with “stress and anxiety” and to help “improve productivity”, and achieve “a good work-life balance”.

I really really want to reply and ask if the workshop deals with how everyone is a casual/contract employee with constantly increasing workload and performance metrics and constant demands to be engaged 24/7 in an education sector increasingly under attack, but I look like a dickhead when I’m mad.

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