Our societies overrate Design (Engineering, Optimisation, Control, etc.) and underrate the simple enjoyment of the eternally emerging present moment.

"how to become filthy rich fast, by exploiting artificially intelligent humans"

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My workplace is running a “mindfulness workshop” to help us deal with “stress and anxiety” and to help “improve productivity”, and achieve “a good work-life balance”.

I really really want to reply and ask if the workshop deals with how everyone is a casual/contract employee with constantly increasing workload and performance metrics and constant demands to be engaged 24/7 in an education sector increasingly under attack, but I look like a dickhead when I’m mad.

I'm struggling to see the tech industry as a progressive force in society these days. From mass surveillance, censorship, manipulation, social engineering to automaton without viable alternatives - the "killer apps" of tech all seem to benefit only the 0.001%. What am i missing?

The biggest organism in the world is a mycelium that spreads across 3.8 km (2,384 acres) in Oregon’s Blue Mountains. It’s called Armillaria Mellea, or the honey fungus, and is thought to be over 2,000 years old: scientificamerican.com/article bbc.com/earth/story/20141114-t

The final entry in Kurt Tucholsky's Notebook (1935): "A Staircase: Speaking. Writing. Silence."

This advertising for a Swiss private bank perfectly expresses the meaning of "responsibility" (ethics, governance, transparency, ecology, etc.) in late capitalism.

Reminder for blockchain folks:
While you keep screaming "distributed!", your prime virtue is actually "crypto".

It comes from the greek "kryptós", meaning "hidden, secret": en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptogr Historically, secrecy is not a main driver of an open collaborative culture.

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