"If you looked numerically, the percentage of total viruses that are problematic toward humans it would be close to zero".
"Viral elements account for an estimated 8% of the human genome" bbc.com/future/article/2020061

Great news! Pleasantly surprising (describing a product as when its not is false advertising, according to multiple US courts). opensource.org/court-affirms-i
Now what about the hundreds of jobs advertised as "Open Source" everyday which are really for building 100% proprietary products?

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And multi-host support has just been merged into Lightmeter Control Center after more than two years in the backlog 😊 Soon you can monitor many mailservers from a single Lightmeter instance

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Spam blacklisting is out of control, says Hacker News. Lightmeter to the rescue!:

✅ Monitoring of >100 RBLs
✅ Show blocked mail
✅ Advice on delisting
✅ Soon: customize RBLs checked


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Fresh interview by the EC about the challenges facing email, and how Lightmeter is helping: "When hosting email is as easy as hosting WordPress, then everyone can keep their private communications in a trustworthy place" ngi.eu/whos-ngi-sam-tuke-with-

New post: How to install Fedora 35 on Dell XPS 9310 (2021). is my new favourite bootable media writer samtuke.com/2021/12/howto-inst

What - no quantum computing?
"Studyum is a blockchain-based learning experience app that packs AI, facial recognition, smart-chat, 3D avatars, and tokenized and rewards... instantaneous profits... proceed with the pre-sale!" [Spam today]

Christmas travel terminology proliferation reversal: these are all the same thing as far as European entry requirements go:
• Lateral flow test
• Antigen test
• Lateral flow device test
• Rapid test
• Bürgertest (Germany)

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Buy BusKill (USB Laptop Kill Cord) today on @CrowdSupply

Designed for ✈️ Travelers, 📹 Journalists, ☮️ Activists, and ₿ Crypto Traders

Buy BusKill at buskill.in/buy

All compensation systems use proxies for measuring and rewarding value created by employees. And I suppose all are flawed in their own way.

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"If you want to maximise the number of hours you are billed, pay people per hour" – paraphrasing Charlie Munger's analysis of FedEx' historical night shift working incentives fs.blog/great-talks/psychology

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We scanned the world's mailservers and found 92% of them running software - see what else was discovered in preliminary results just published lightmeter.io/mailmap-global-s

An entrepreneurship course in rap, in 3.5 minutes from expert (and my past Professor) Linus Dahlander: "Niches make Riches yo!" youtube.com/watch?v=CiDVZz48Ej

Leading Open Source optical character recognition () software releases version 5.0. I use this for converting scanned German letters into text, then English translations, all the time. Powerful. phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new

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Did you know that email greylisting can be applied at five different stages of delivery & processing? Today's new knowledgebase article explains which produces the fewest false positives lightmeter.io/knowledgebase/em

First thought: pins and needles (paresthesia). One of the less icky options.

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These earphones claim to prevent teeth grinding (aka bruxism, now affecting 20% of adults). Dutch , crowdfunded shares for sale €10k and up. After stomach ulcers, hives, and bruxism, how/where will the west manifest its stress? leapfunder.com/round/jawsaver-

A new concept in keyboards. Truly portable. Not yet mature, and needs Open Source style firmware to compete, but very promising amazon.com/TAPWITHUS-Tap-Strap

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