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New release! Lightmeter Control Center 0.0.8 has a new notification engine that sends alerts to Slack whenever problems are detected, including when the new RBL checks detect your IP is blocked by other servers

Want to print a long web article, but there's no CSS print stylesheet, and images won't copy / fit into wordprocessors? One workaround:

- Nimbus Capture (Chrome Extension)
- 'Selected & Scroll' to screenshot article
- Inkscape saves PNG to PDF
- pdfposter splits PDF to A4 pages

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Roadmap planning meeting in Berlin today saw our 200th user story created, and 12 months of backlog groomed and effort-estimated!

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New release! Control Center 0.0.7 detects high bounce rates, and inactivity – powered by a new analysis engine (it's just the start!). Also included: easier up- and down-grading, and tweaked UI. Get it via Docker Hub, Linux binaries, or source

Finding new ways to constrain technical freedoms and innovation, and labelling them "Open": Microsoft remain world leaders in their field.

"Only Microsoft will have access to GPT-3’s code"

The magazine Scientific American announced that it was endorsing former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden — the publication's first endorsement in its 175-year history — over President , who it criticized for dismissing science

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I just saw that Google changed their image search tool: Until recently you could choose pictures "labeled for reuse" or "labeled for reuse with modification" etc.

Now you can only choose between "Creative Common Licenses" and "Commercial & other licenses"

This is misleading: You can and should use Creative Commons licensed content for commercial use (except the NC-licenses of course).

Too bad, Google emphasises a wrong understanding of free licenses.

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Telecom companies are doing a miserable job of using email for the world over, with only 53% providing email-based support, and 65% of email requests being ignored, according to research by Netomi

"Coffee is an extremely high margin product ... stores like Starbucks make a 71 per cent gross profit per cup"

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"Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming: feedback is the treatment."

-- Kent Beck

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We have packages for ! Lightmeter can now be setup in seconds for monitoring on the ultra-stable, declarative Linux OS, thanks to help from n1ksnut and eadwu

"We are not the survival of the fittest. We are the survival of the nurtured." — Louis Cozolino.

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Author of "The Lean Startup" and founder of top incubator Paul Graham launch "Long Term Stock Exchange" to increase stock market innovation

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Today Marcel Edmund Franke joins our Engineering team in Berlin! Marcel is an contributor who specialises in algorithms for distributed systems. Welcome Marcel 🤗

Lesson learned: coil / curly cables and MicroUSB do not mix - the tension required to extend the coil and lengthen the cable is more than MicroUSB ports can bear

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The National Quantum Computing Centre was launched today. Or not. Probably.

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