Got my ticket to @Techcrunch Disrupt Berlin this week -- first time, tips welcome 👩‍🏫 The Brella matchmaking app is a nice twist for quickly booking meetings with strangers who have the things you need

Today the results of the Yale OpenLabs + NetImpact ESMT Collabathon () were presented at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid. So ends a three week period of collaboration by 350 participants at 10 global locations. My perspective from Berlin:

"It’s not that we’re paying for the services in other ways, it’s that we wouldn’t consume them at all if they weren’t free" – encouraging Google and others to pay users for their data may misunderstand and exaggerate the benefit that those users derive:

The Document Foundation publishes productivity apps which are relied upon by over a hundred million users and countless public sector organisations. I'm standing for the Board of Directors and published my candidate statement here

Transparent film printed with the source code of 6,000 critical apps, stored for eternity by @GitHub. Because OSS apps are "the foundation of the modern world", says @natfriedman. The @SWHeritage project protects 91 million apps, but has no Swedish ice vault AFAIK.

Exporting designs from apps to the Presentator app for design feedback, just got a lot easier

This codebase visualisation and exploration tool for , C++, & , just switched from proprietary to licensing. Even better: the company transparently explains the business challenges that led to this decision. Let's support them.

Whether is felt as necessary or threatening determines our physiological response, including production, and whether we socialise or withdraw. We can control our stress perception by reframing risk as growth. So say neuroscientists and The Guardian today

Build it and they will come? Mother Earth's Heroes
Podcast showed up at the
yesterday and interviewed three of us about this weekend of climate hacktivism:

Word of the day: "Anxiolytic" – an anxiety inhibitor. As in “[new research shows that] deep sleep seems to be a natural anxiolytic, so long as we get it each and every night.”

and developers are particularly welcome. It's also catered, and you get a certificate from Yale 🎓 That aside, it's a good opportunity to meet climate and data scientists from Berlin's startup and academic scenes 🍻

The Earth needs a transparent Open Source climate accounting system to contain global carbon emissions and enforce the Paris Climate Agreement. Join our team of 60 mentors and participants this weekend at Berlin for a hackathon in collaboration with and

"It takes more than 100 times the energy to manufacture an alkaline battery than is available during its use phase". "[Alkaline batteries'] greenhouse gas emissions are 30 times that of the average coal-fired power plant, per watt". Yikes.

A digital marketing startup called "Orwell" at : "find out what people think", "manage your customers easily" — im not sure old Georgie would approve

Going to @fosdem 2020? Return flights from Berlin are currently €24 (evening takeoffs). Consider adding one day either side for and . Other events you'd recommend?

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Meet phpList's updated brand: revamped logo, new colour palette, fonts, and imagery. Our Design Lead Rudolf Burgaj guides you through the changes. 🎨

Series A of $24m closed by @Grafana, AKA "the worlds first composable observability platform for metrics, logs and traces". Continues the trend of dollars to OS monitoring e.g. @datadoghq @elastic and @PrometheusIO

funding: Ghost originally raised £200k seed investment on Kickstarter, now has annual revenues of $1.7m, while remaining a non-profit Foundation. It hit a milestone last week with their 3.0 release, including a new subscription model

This leaving gift, hand delivered from @phpList's Tirana office via Vienna, was an emotional surprise: a "New Challenge Survival Kit". I don't know how you put it together, but thank you Suela, Rudolf, Mariana, Xhes, and Brunilda. I shall treasure it!

A alternative powered by an email () backend: Backed by a business service provider: We need (a lot) more innovation in mail clients like this. Via

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