I'm very proud of seeing my column in May issue of Linux Format magazine.

In that column, I explain how important is the open-source for the industry and the users, putting as an example the graphics device drivers (where I have been working at Igalia for years).

Don't miss it!

Do you want to start a career in open-source? Do you want to learn amazing skills while getting paid? Check the different programs to start a career in open-source! Igalia Coding Experience, Google Summer of Code, Outreachy, X.Org Foundation EVoC.

👉 blogs.igalia.com/siglesias/202

My Igalia colleague Danylo Piliaiev blog posted about using Graphics Flight Recorder, a tool to debug hangs. Enjoy!


🚨️ We are hiring for the Graphics Team at Igalia! 🚨️

🗒️ Linux Kernel Engineer: igalia.com/jobs/kernel_develop

🗒️ Open-Source Graphics Software Developer: igalia.com/jobs/graphics_devel

I just wrote a blog post about using icecream for cross-compilation to reduce build times on slower platforms. This saved me a lot of time on my daily job at @igalia. I hope you find it useful as well!

👉 blogs.igalia.com/siglesias/202

Open-source Turnip driver for Qualcomm Adreno GPUs is now @VulkanAPI 1.1 conformant! This is a great milestone achieved by many amazing people including several @igalia colleagues (Danylo, Hyunjun, Eduardo and myself) along several years of hard work! khronos.org/conformance/adopte

Just published a blog post about VK_EXT_image_view_min_lod, a Vulkan extension that I contributed to its specification apart from CTS test development as part of my work at @igalia. Enjoy!


I wrote a blog post about X.Org Developers Conference 2021 last week, XDC 2022 and even XDC 2023 hosting proposals!

👉 blogs.igalia.com/siglesias/202

Many thanks to Igalia for allowing me to participate in XDC organization!

We highly recommend you read the Release Notes before installing or upgrading to Debian 11. They are written, reviewed and updated with care, catering for both new and experienced users, and will help ease your installations and prevent issues when upgrading your systems debian.org/releases/bullseye/r #ReleasingDebianBullseye

I wrote a blog post explaining my experience in @eslibre 2021 and I added there a link to the slides of my talk about Mesa: blogs.igalia.com/siglesias/202

[EN] In half an hour, I'll give an introductory talk on Mesa in Spanish as part of @eslibre 2021 conference, where I will explain briefly this amazing open-source implementation of @opengl & @VulkanAPI for a huge variety of GPUs.

Watch it online: bigbluebutton.librelabucm.org/

[ES] En media hora presento mi charla "Introducción a Mesa" como parte de la conferencia @eslibre 2021, donde explico un poco de qué va esta implementación libre de @opengl y @VulkanAPI para una gran variedad de GPUs.

Síguela online: bigbluebutton.librelabucm.org/

Tomorrow at 11am CEST I'll be given an introduction to Mesa, the open-source project I devoted most part of my time at @igalia. The talk is part of the @esLibre_ conference and will be given in Spanish.

* Abstract: propuestas.eslib.re/2021/charl
* BigBlueButton to follow the talk: bigbluebutton.librelabucm.org/
* Rocket Chat for questions: rocketchat.librelabucm.org/cha

The talk will be recorded for those that cannot watch it on live!

Introducción a Mesa por @samuelig

Hoy en día, hay un gran número de aplicaciones que necesitan aceleración gráfica por hardware en cualquier distribución moderna de GNU/Linux. La aceleración gráfica requiere un driver que soporte el HW presente en el sistema.

Esta charla dará una pequeña introducción a Mesa, la libreria que contiene los drivers libres de OpenGL y Vulkan.


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Haciendo pruebas sobre mi charla en @eslibre titulada "Introducción a Mesa". Va a ser este sábado a las 11am, ¡no te la pierdas!

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