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@Gargron @zack @jalefkowit Agreed about the minimum. I've been wondering about treating RSS as a bridging problem, trying to have a small number (maybe one, mostly) hosts doing the bridging using full OStatus. So you follow mit_edu_topic_media_lab@bridge.example (with full ostatus support) until the media lab is ready to do ostatus properly. Also maybe bridging reddit, tumbler, medium, ...

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@jalefkowit @zack if you remove websub requirement, you will have accounts that never update. if you remove salmon, you will have accounts that are black holes for interactions. plus webfinger is the only way we can define things as username@domain

@sikkdays You could also interview the guy who runs it (Hugo), and maybe ask him if any clients want to talk to you for the article, or something. I think a lot of people don't know such a service exists.

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@maloki Okay, maybe it's a bit of a joke.

And I had to leave early, and just missed this part!

@jalefkowit @gcupc @bea @stefanieschulte I think the way to bootstrap out of this is for some large-user-base reader to consume some nice formats and show the demand. I nominate Mastodon as that reader. Not sure the right protocol/format yet though; ought to be figured out in concert with some large commercial content producers, like

@jalefkowit I was on a public wifi the other day that was IPV6 only. It was hell. After I eventually figured out the problem, I still couldn't reach enough sites to break my way out. digitalocean and aws also not reachable. seemed promising, but was pretty confusing. Also, since then I discovered that letsencrypt tends not to work if you have ipv6 enabled, although they've ack'd that as a bug, at least.

@maiyannah Like someone mentions some issue, so you copy it to the tracker?

@maiyannah Alternatively, users who already have a github account could delegate that to the bot, but that's not helpful to folks who don't want a gh acct. Ha -- crazy idea -- user1 could let the bot use their account to post for user2. So your gh issues could show up under my name, but always starting, "I'm just relaying this post from OStatus user Maiyannah Bishop. This content is on her website at https://..."

@maiyannah I can't imagine the API would allow that. So, I guess it'd be like "Anonymous Coward" or whatever, with issues & comments showing up from "OStatus User", and in the comment it would give the real post URL.

@maiyannah Thinking about the UX for a second. Maybe it would appear like a user You mention it with tag to create an issue, then it boosts that, and replies to it are the commentary on the issue? If a project chooses, it could of course run its own bridge with its own name@domain, but for getting started we want this to work when the dev doesn't know or care. Problem, on gh, all the issues would be from the same user. :-(

@maiyannah I can imagine. I like to think we're entering a new world of uptake in decentralization, which might change that. Like if 10% of github use (instead of 0.0001%) were through the bridge, that ... would be awesome, and I expect would come with rewards.

@maiyannah @matteodem @ghedipunk @simonv3 Because so many folks are already locked into github, another option would be to add an ostatus bridge for github. I think an independent 3rd party could do that, but I haven''t worked through the details. I prefer not trying to convince everyone to move, but just letting the folks who want to move do so. Github could revoke its API key, but unlike some, I doubt they would.

@maiyannah @cwebber Cool, Alex Jordan and Ben Roberts in that thread are also active in W3C SocialWeb WG. It's nice that lots of people are working to figure this stuff out. :-)

@ghedipunk @matteodem @maiyannah @simonv3 You can't raise a Mastodon issue you don't have a Github account. Doesn't that seem wrong?

@nolan Good article. More to the point that my blog post about this from ... a while ago...

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All y'all on Mastodon asking about how you can make your instances more inclusive or how Mastodon in general can be a more welcoming space for minorities:

Book me for a session and I'll talk to you about it.

@matteodem @maiyannah @ghedipunk @simonv3 It'd be nice if it federated in a way that was entirely compatible with existing federation systems, yes? I should be able to raise an issue from mastodon, and be notified the issue was closed via postactive, etc. I think that'd be nice. Probably.

@maiyannah @matteodem @ghedipunk @simonv3 Of course, but the critical mass of developer attention is on github. Actually, I've been meaning to look into this: does gitlab federate? Can I track issues from a different instance, or something?