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@maiyannah Dogfooding is great, but what if the use case of collaboratively creating software is different than the use case for a social network?

@Angle @kaniini @Balor @Elizafox @sandro This is too good an opening not to post this: (old version of working group home page, with silly group picture)

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@stitchxd @sandro the reply_to field is particularly prone to breakage because you may not have the referenced post because federation didn't send it to you. You can see this happen with pA on small instances (like mine) where the reply_to field is empty because I don't follow all the people involved.

@href @sandro In my experience one mostly has to learn by doing. I prefer to not have a bunch of users relying on me while I'm learning, but ... so be it.

@href Okay, I'm going to be posting from here, while is maybe down, so hopefully you can still help.

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@verydumb This is really what the !Freedombone project is about - making it easier to run internet services yourself.

youtube -> mediagoblin tumbly -> lychee soundcloud -> koel facebook -> friendica or hubzilla
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This is what we get when we let a monopolistic advertisement company take over the one tool everyone use to access the web:

"So this is a way for Google to crush its few remaining competitors by pre-installing an ad zapper that it controls to the most common web browser. That’s a great way for a monopoly to remain a monopoly."

And even more shit. Read this:

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Next meeting of Social Web Community Group (which you're welcome to join) is tomorrow (via mumble). Agenda:

@rysiek Every year or so I get curious and look at the hosting industry, and there's very little in the cheap-terabytes category. Hetzner and are the two I've seen, and neither is in the US. Oh, there's this: (click on North America). Of course, then you'd have to install some software. Maybe nextcloud.

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If anyone knows a service similar to Hetzner's StorageBox, but based in the , please let me know.

basically, I need a few TiB of space accessible via SFTP/WebDAV/NFS/CIFS/whatever that does not cost too much and preferably has no costs per GiB downloaded down the line.


@stitchxd No, I don't. Thanks for trying. Maybe I'll use this as the nudge to write a download-my-social-history tool.

@stitchxd It's not particularly important, but I'll be fascinated to see if this works. (I'm a huge fan of getting search. I know some people don't want it: )

@jsavalle ridiculous that you can't search, although that wouldn't be terribly reliable. I see the author's contact web form here: via

@stitchxd keyword would be 'subtweet' or 'sub tweet' or 'sub-tweet'.

Really missing search. I was in a conversation here about two days ago where I said something completely wrong, and I'd like to delete or reply-to-correct, but I have really no practical hope of finding it. (It was about the concept of "subtweeting", which I'd naively misunderstood until today.)

@nolan now I'm thinking I better make private the code I released today, before I get any users

@maloki @maiyannah Hopefully in fairly short order the community can improve fediverse solutions to the point where discussion can be federated, instead of using discourse (or github). A lot of the problem seems to be context collapse, which we need to handle to solve anyway, as in: . Hoping @rhiaro can help come up with a good design.

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The number of users on Mastodon is stabilizing around 700k users. We've seen only a 10% growth in user count over the last month.

Fewer users are joining us, and some instances are even disappearing from the network.

We don't necessarily *need* growth, though, but remember to keep this place warm, welcoming and open, as new people means new blood, new ideas and more fun 😺

Cheers to all of you !

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Is #xkcdsplaining a thing yet? If not, why not? It's clearly more real than all the other *splainings.

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