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"You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read."
~ James Baldwin

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What genius thought that, in a country with a significant proportion of population who are illiterate, app-based vaccination is a great idea? I just want to know. twitter.com/ghaywan/status/139

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Meanwhile, the first world is busy securing supplies for their second course.

Britain orders 60 million Pfizer COVID-19 shots for booster programme reuters.com/world/uk/britain-a

India won’t survive if the only opposition to a cult based government is a cult based opposition. You need institutions which are reliable in spite of the government in power.

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Tech bros determined to put up even more barriers to vaccination just to prove their worth. 🤬
I mean an app is complicated enough. Now there is a captcha to cross *and* an SMS verification code. Non techies will need tech support to get their shots now

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OTP, security code, print-out... the only thing left is 'attested by a gazetted officer, signed in triplicate'.

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The two doses of the Moderna/NIH in my arm are the product of tech transfer. A factory in New Hampshire run by a company HQ'd in Visp, Switzerland made the drug substance, a factory in Indiana run by @CatalentPharma@twitter.com bottled the vaccine. Tell me again why we can't scale globally? twitter.com/PrEP4AllNow/status

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Wow, watch this!

A cable bridge in China is no longer operable after high winds caused major damage.

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Too many interesting things to learn. NOT ENOUGH TIME TO LEARN THEM ALL! 😴😴😴

And now in really really hard hit Bangalore, a local politician indulged in communal politics and has screwed up whatever help was available to residents of the city.

All these people had to do was not to come in the way.

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"Vinay, working in the Bangalore South zone war room said it had become tough answering emergency calls now. "If we say there is no ICU beds, people ask our names which community we belong to. Some offer us money for bed, others abuse us" he said.
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These stories are so heartbreaking, ... and so infuriating. She didn't die of covid, she died on mismanagement.

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Arpita Bhuvnesh was 26 and died fighting Covid, a disease she contracted while trying to arrange medical help for her father, who was also Covid positive and on a ventilator at the time. Two weeks later, her father too passed away. (1/n)

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This article has some really good info about each of the current vaccines and how effective they are for sterilising immunity - when you resist infection itself rather than just its worst effects.


I am hearing that several companies are trying to vaccinate their employees to help get back to office.

But unless they help get their household members vaccinated as well, why one earth should employees go to office, pick up the virus and bring it back home and infect everyone?

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Still thoroughly baffled by by stories predicated on the notion that a pandemic that isn’t remotely over is over, particularly when one of the reasons it isn’t over is because of people’s apparently indestructible urge to pretend it’s over.

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I would say that US and Germany taxpayers and their representatives have quite a significant right to say what to do with IP coming out of their investment.

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