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My dad just looked up from his phone and said “what if UFOs are just billionaires from other planets” and then giggled and went back to his phone

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And just last Sunday it was a beautiful summer day with a fire show at the Capital beach nearby

Berlin Hauptbahnof (Central Station) is not doing well in the sudden downpour. Been sheltering in the station for over 30 mins now.

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Hey @elonmusk@twitter.com you might want to have your team look into the moon tricking the autopilot system. The car thinks the moon is a yellow traffic light and wanted to keep slowing down. 🤦🏼 @Teslarati@twitter.com @teslaownersSV@twitter.com @TeslaJoy@twitter.com

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In South Korea, some stores package their bananas together in various ripeness stages so you can eat them over several days without them going brown. They call them "one-a-day" bananas.

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I’ve never seen a more accurate representation of my brain trying to accomplish one task.

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American kids watched so much Peppa Pig during the pandemic that they developed British accents and started regularly using British words like “holiday” instead of “vacation,” confusing their parents. 🐷🐽

My first A-Hed for @WSJ@twitter.com with @Preetika_Rana@twitter.com:


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This thread and the attached report are must reads, and Amnesty is bringing all the receipts. Active hacks against journalists and activists using exploits on the latest patched iPhones: twitter.com/billmarczak/status

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@SassafrasYote@twitter.com May I raise you: unknowingly kidnapping a mountain lion?

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😂😂😂. These are *Olympian athletes*. I bet they can overcome any physical challenges that you can throw at them. I bet a bunch of them can float in the air if they have to. 😛

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ask any veteran of the summer christian camp trenches how effective strict rules explicitly set up to keep campers from foolin’ around are.

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