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Quick reminder that dropping your Covid precautions because you’re not worried about catching it inevitably means you’re risking unknowingly passing it on to others. What you breathe in, you breathe out too. twitter.com/lekshmimd/status/1

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Yakei, a female macaque in a nature reserve in Japan, violently overthrew the alpha male of her troop to become its first female leader in the reserve’s 70-year history.

She presides over 677 monkeys, but a messy love triangle could endanger her status. nyti.ms/3KyneIS

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Sad. Lots of people have made too much hay out of the fact that natural immunity *does* confer protection, BUT IN THE RISKIEST MANNER POSSIBLE.

Contrarianism isn’t critical thinking. There is no need to engage in a fair fight with the virus. It’s not a moral agent. twitter.com/syramadad/status/1

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This is an amazing project by Mozilla where you can contribute toward creating an open source voice-recognition dataset -- (commonvoice.mozilla.org)

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Nowadays, I don't mind paying a premium for DRM-free versions, whenever they are available.

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If you move countries, you get a first hand experience of how bad DRM is for you. In the early years, I made the mistake of buying exclusively Kindle content, banking on the family library feature. Turns out they don't offer it in all countries.

I had to read this article several times to double check if this was satire. What is going on in journalism?

"BBC does not subscribe to ‘cancel culture’, says director of editorial policy" theguardian.com/media/2022/jan

Google finally killing their free apps accounts. Mostly migrated gmail and a few yrs back. Might still have some odd services to clean up.

Very short notice. They could have atleast waited for the pandemic to end 😛

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It’s finally happened. I’m going to be forced to upgrade/migrate my three separate Google Apps for Your Domain (legacy name) to some other service. Thanks for the 15 years of free e-mail tho! support.google.com/a/answer/28

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Absolutely brilliant satirical summation of BorisGate by the guys behind Line of Duty. 😀

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"Mother of God, you must think we were born yesterday, fella."

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😂😂😂 v. accurate.

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I think you will appreciate this @gauravsabnis@twitter.com The dissonance is astounding. ‘Are kuch nahin hai’ should be a national response to all calamities

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Misinfo kills. 🙁

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Czech singer Hana Horka dies after catching Covid intentionally bbc.in/3qHQ02b

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The potassium nitrate (chemical formula KNO3, commonly known as saltpeter) originally used in the flares was gathered* and exported from shores in along the Bay of Bengal 💁🏽‍♀️ twitter.com/sharbat_c/status/1

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Almost 1% of the population of Berlin has been falling sick every day for the past week! 🤯

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In the German capital, infection numbers are exploding, and infrastructure challenges piling up.


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On this day in 1893, the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown by a group of American businessmen, supported by the US Marines.

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The whole pandemic has been a big reveal of the essential character of most people that I now.

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The most striking thing about the entire pandemic, to me, is the raw, spontaneous, primal anger some people felt at being asked to make personal sacrifices in the name of the public good -- a kind of gut-level anti-solidarity.

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TIL: The very shape of language scripts are influenced by the writing instruments. e.g. the East Indian Oriya script.


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Nadia Nadim fled Afghanistan when she was 11 after her father was killed. She has scored 200 goals. Played for PSG and Man City. Represented Denmark 99 times. Speaks 11 languages.

This week she qualified as a doctor after 5 years of studying whilst playing football.

Wow 👏

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How frequently do you get that feeling on Twitter, when you see a tweet from someone unrelated to your profession on your feed, and you have no idea what prompted you to follow them in the past ... but you are glad you have them on your timeline. 😀

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