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It's Bi Visibility Day!

:flag_bisexual: Spoil your friends who are attracted to more than one gender
:flag_bisexual: Challenge biphobia wherever you find it
:flag_bisexual: Be careful how you're using words like "straight" and "gay"; I promise you my marriage isn't straight even if it involves two people of different genders
:flag_bisexual: Show love and support to those of us for whom visibility isn't always possible, safe, or unconditional

Have a good day, whether you're bi or not :heart_bi:

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In my case bisexual doesn't mean "attracted to men and women" it means attracted to the two genders of "my own gender" and "all the rest of the genders"

happy bi day! on this bi visibility day, bi people can't not be acknowledged. whenever you see a bi person, you'll be supernaturally compelled to look them in the eye and say "you are witnessed" in a voice that is not your own

Shoutout to the bi folks who haven’t always known they’re bi.

Shoutout to the bi folks who can’t be out everywhere in their life.

Shoutout to the bi folks who’ve never been in a same sex relationship.

I see you and you aren’t alone. ❤️ #BiVisibility

I put all my points in Charisma, and none in Wisdom, which means I flirt with everyone but I fail every spot check to figure out when someone is flirting with me.

Happy bi visibility day everyone! I see you, and your valid valid asses. ❤️❤️ :bisexual: :bisexual: ❤️❤️

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This is the greatest music video ever made. I will not accept any arguments on this.

Gleaming Spires - Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?

(100% SFW, though contains food.)

DEVO jams out to "Going to Chicago Blues" while soundchecking for The Colbert Report in 2010.

2nd ever #Fediverse meetup in #NYC: Come join at least @wakest and me #IRL on Sunday Oct 30th for an afternoon of rambling about NYC transports and the future of decentralized social media!

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RT Every single person who whines about "politics" in art:

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