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covid (+) 

According to the test I got on Saturday, I do NOT have the plague!

a bit from my nanowrimo project I’m proud of 

β€œSandy took a bite of the burger, closed her eyes and let out a small moan of relief. On some level she felt like she should be eating this while hiding her face under a sheet, like it was an ortolan, but as the thought crossed her mind, she laughed.”

Star Trek Disco S3E6, Minor Spoiler 

Tilly and Grudge.

I ship it.

Enterprise S1E1: where the captain forgets where they parked.

"Nothing is impossible."

No. Many things are impossible. To quote the late, great Lou Reed: "Impossible doesn't mean very difficult, very difficult is winning the Nobel Prize, impossible is eating the sun..."

work, technology (-) 

Ugh, I lost an hour this morning trying to fix a hardware issue with my work laptop.

Star Trek 

One episode to go on Voyager. Trying to decide if I want to give Enterprise another chance.

Admittedly, the Skip Intro button on Netflix makes it slightly more appealing.

There's a live action Tom and Jerry movie coming out, and the trailer just dropped.

Thanks. I hate it.

gender, development, lewd-adjacent (~) 

I think my boobs are _definitely_ entering into another growth phase because, well, damn. Tiddy _hurt_.


33,784/50,000. Tougher day today due to external factors, but the word count is still going up, and I'm still ahead.

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