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Today in Things I Never Thought Iโ€™d See in Opera: A Residents Tattoo

I want a body pillow of my waifu, except it's a body pillow sized bag of doritos.

Why has nobody mashed up Electric Six's "Gay Bar" with the Alex Jones "Gay Frogs" rant?


also it's nice to know my vape actually works after, you know, charging the damn thing.

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it's a special kind of high to be stuck in a moderately uncomfortable position and needing a significant act of will to move out of it.

I know the Kelvin-universe Star Trek movies are controversial, but are they worse than, say, Star Trek V?


Into Darkness may be _as_ bad, but it's certainly not worse!

Anyone know some good industrial / synth stuff by trans artists?

(Yes, I am quite familiar with Wendy Carlos, thank you.)

online advertising (3/3) 

I would love to see a high-profile website take an approach to advertising where they sold direct ads, based on their audience size, the way it works if you buy in print: "Pay $x, and we show your static ad to this number of people. The only data you get is clickthroughs."

This is a model these new websites being launched by high-profile, fired journalists should consider if they're going with an ad-supported model... and none of them will.

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online advertising (2/3) 

3. Internet advertising became infested with fraud and abuse through countless middlemenโ€”and in the process further chopped away at publishers incomes.

4. It became invasive _again_, this time in the collection of personal data advertisement companies suck up and (ab)used

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online advertising (1/x) 

Y'know, advertising supported media isn't a bad model, per se... but the Internet just broke it in a number of ways.

1. The Internet increased supply of advertising to near-infinity, meaning prices absolutely crashed, causing publishers to make a lot less money.

2. It became invasiveโ€”taking control of computers, and making the experience of viewing ad-supported content insufferable.

minor podcast gripe 

the cadence of the podcasts I subscribe to is all wrong. Wednesdays, I barely have any podcasts to listen to

If anyone has any use for someone like me who has data center and networking experience hmu.

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Ordered a $20 USB-C enclosure for my backup clone drive, and it's already an improvement over the USB-A enclosure. So much faster to backup and to boot from when I test the thing.

star trek, drugs (+) 

The time travel episodes of Star Trek are always the best to watch while high... and Trials and Tribble-ations might be the _best_ one to watch while high.


cartoons, abusers, media revivals, continued 

Okay, the Rolling Stone article says John K. isn't involved, or making any money from this. Still, can we perhaps not keep doing fucking nostalgia cashgrab revivals of old media, and make new shit instead? Christ.

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