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"If mindfulness just helps people cope with the toxic conditions that make them stressed in the first place, then perhaps we could aim a bit higher. Should we celebrate the fact that this perversion is helping people to “auto-exploit” themselves? This is the core of the problem."

And on a pretty Sunday morning
A bunch of pretty Baptist girls
Linked their pretty hands and they sang
Life is shit, life is shit
The world is shit, the world is shit
This is life as I know it
This is life as I know it

Reminder that @tootapp has a custom “trans fren” logo you can select in the settings and it’s glorious

My partner is their own person and I try not to impose limitations on them... but one thing I insist upon is that they’re not allowed to be on fire. No burninating the person I love, plz, or I will be very upset.

The marvel is not that the dog plays basketball well, but that the dog plays basketball at all.

And you may find yourself
in a beautiful house
With an American wife
And you may ask yourself
Well... how did I get here?

I see the racist, misogynist "we just want to point out how easy it is to spam on Mastodon" concern trolls are back in action. (If they link to a site called "women are stupid", that's them.)

Remember: don't engage them. Report them, pass the report through to the remote instance if need be, block them, and move on.

If you run an instance that has closed invitations (by policy, not temporarily due to load or spam), I'd be interested in chatting with you about why your instance is closed, and how/if you allow new members, and what you do for people who you can't/won't let in. (I run a closed instance myself and LOVE it, so I'm just looking to get a sense of current practice, not for debate.) #mastodamins

commander keen, continued 

commander keen 

SimCity thoughts, politics conclusion 

SimCity thoughts, politics continuted 

SimCity thoughts, politics 

gender feels (~) 

Pride, homophobic jerks 

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