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James Hetfield must know that when he dies, people are going to go "I guess his lifestyle really did determine his deathstyle."

gender stuff, request for advice (~) 

Someone whose podcast I guested on reached out about updating my name in the episode I did with her. I said yes, but I'm still trying to figure out how to handle all the stuff I put out there under my deadname. The stuff I control, I can update easily enough (once I get around to it), and the stuff on my friend's website I'm sure he'd be happy to update... but what do I do about my various freelance pieces?

Who are the three people who said they have a crush on me? Reveal yourselves, cowards!

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atheism thought from a grumpy atheist 

Why has Atheism fallen out of the discourse? Hm... maybe it's because the public face of atheism became Islamophobia, misogyny, and pedantic scienceism that dismisses all forms of philosophical thought. Just a guess.

I want my computer to be, essentially, hidden. I don't wan't something flashy with lights or crazy angles. I don't want my tech to draw attention to itself.

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I feel like I'm the only person who wants the design of their tech devices to be, basically, "I'm not here."

Pastebin _would_ go down right as I'm about to share something, wouldn't it?

gender, work (~) 

Wrote up an email I want to send to HR about my transition, and I'm really afraid to send it.


selfie, ec 

Oh yeah, it’s . I haven’t posted for wenbiesday in a while

selfie, ec 

Oh yeah, it’s . I haven’t posted for wenbiesday in a while

Why do Cities: Skylines players seem to hate grids so much?

gender silly tech sad (~) 

My trans pride Apple Watch band broke. 😞

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