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@beadsland how about just closed toed shoes on the subway and not putting your feet on the seats in general?

Hm. Don't know what to do for lunch. It is stupid hot and humid out, but the only close options are kinda crap and/or kinda expensive.

@ivanvector @envgen Fretless basses sound awesome, at least when someone really knows how to play 'em. (Perfect example: )

BUT yes, destroying one's only bass will make one sad.

@envgen @ivanvector Because if you fuck it up, it'll be a huge pain in the ass to fix.

@kelly @jk I, too, have forgotten how to ride a bike. And yes, it is quite embarrassing.

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@TrollDecker I remember installing Win95 off floppy discs. I may have had a legit Win 98 CD. I know my copy of Win2k was pirated. I switched to Linux and the Mac afterwards. Everyone I knew with XP had "System Restore" CDs or the like.

@TrollDecker Even all the XP OEM discs I've seen were usually branded by the OEM as like a System Restore Disc or something like that.

@TrollDecker I don't think I've ever seen a standalone, commercial WinXP CD before.

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