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Ooh! My friend Void Vision is playing a show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn August 1st. It's a Wednesday, but I'm taking the next two days off from work anyway for the US Air Guitar National Finals, so it works out perfectly!

When you travel forward across the International Date Line, a plane pilot should announce to their passengers "Welcome... to the WORLD OF TOMORROW!"

"They are platforms forged in the fires of troll culture, founded and operated by techno-libertarians who didn’t understand why they had to care about any of this. They set out with no intention to moderate at all. Zuckerberg just wanted to rate hot girls, after all. But in 2018, the staggering effects of non-moderation are just starting to hit them, and they have little idea how to address or even intellectually engage with the idea. "

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I'm a nobody, but I'd love to have a public debate with Richard Dawkins. I even have the perfect promotional message:


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Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory

Two disc deluxe 30th Anniversary reissue of Total DEVO?

*kisses money goodbye*

*anything that’s
modern animation*

*self styled animation critics*

β€œIs this CalArts Style?”

Ghostbusters, except Psycho-Kinetic Energy is replaced with Big Dick Energy

Ghostbusters, except Psycho-Kinetic Energy is replaced with Big Dick Energy

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