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Richard J. Anderson βœ… πŸ₯”

From McSweeny's: What Your Favorite Website Says About You

I'd add: Mastodon.Social (or any other Mastodon Instance): You are queer / furry / communist / a game developer / an open source developer / any combination or permutation of the above.

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2018 and there's still no devices that offer good native handwriting recognition to text

It wouldn’t be gay bar karaoke if someone didn’t do a Rocky Horror number. Fortunately, they did it well!

As the opera guy, I ain’t fond of La Boheme either, mind you.

Have I mentioned that I hate Rent? The musical, I mean. I hate the concept of rent too, but not as much.

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boost this toot if you like girls πŸ‘­ πŸ‘―

Flights officially booked for my trip to the World Air Guitar Championships in Finland this August! This is gonna be fun!