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Le gouvernement régional indépendantiste de Catalogne a demandé au gouvernement espagnol, après 5 jours de violences, la tenue de "négociations sans conditions" pour résoudre le conflit dans la région #AFP

Combien de Ouïghours sont détenus au Xinjiang ? Sur quels motifs ? Que se passe-t-il à l'intérieur de ces camps de rééducation pour musulmans ?

Internement forcé des Ouïghours en Chine : ce que nous savons factuel.afp.com/internement-fo  par @AfpFactuel #AFP

People who call #emacs a "text editor" are totally missing the point - it does SO much more than just edit text. For example:

1. Emacs has a builtin notetaking system called org-mode.
2. Org-mode has a builtin spreadsheet system.
3. This spreadsheet system has a builtin formula debugger.

That's how deep it goes. There's so much useful and awesome functionality to discover in Emacs. I've used it for 25 years now, and I still learn new stuff about it every week.

Spanish police brutality against Catalan protestors in 10 videos
Footage from police officers beating and shooting against peaceful protestors and journalists

**Spain closes Catalan protest group website and probes riots**

"A Spanish judge ordered the closure of a secretive Catalan protest group's website on Friday as authorities scrambled to find who is behind street demonstrations that have turned unusually violent. "


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Tomorrow is another international Day of Action for #Rojava and against the Turkish war against the Kurdish people!

You can find protests and events near you on this page: riseup4rojava.org/call-interna

**Catalan protesters: 'We want to make a point'**

"Barcelona came to a standstill on Friday as thousands of Catalans converged on the city after a three-day march. Despite disruptions to transport and business, the protest remained peaceful. Mercedes Iniguez reports."


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La agencia de ciberseguridad alemana recomienda usar el navegador #Mozilla #firefox después de una auditoría realizada a Firefox 68.0, Chrome 76, IE 11, y Edge 44.

Des milliers de Catalans sont partis de 6 villes de la région pour converger demain à Barcelone, jour de grève générale #Catalogne #AFP

...Important!!! A La Marxa de La Garriga!!!...⚠️⚠️⚠️

🚨🚨🚨🚨IMPORTANT! Algú s’ha deixat un kit de diabetis! El portem a l’autobús! 💉

sudo -u#-1 ID -u whoami


Sudo Flaw Lets Linux Users Run Commands As Root Even When They're Restricted


Routes et voies ferrées coupées, échauffourées avec la police à l'aéroport de Barcelone : les militants indépendantistes catalans ont réagi à la condamnation hier de leurs dirigeants en descendant en masse dans les rues #AFP

2015: (this was someone's real idea in a meatspace conversation)

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