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Marcin Cieślak

Привет всем!

Как бы не безумно это выглядело, но я собираюсь писать в мастодон по русски.

Мое хобби -- написание игр в жанре интерактивная литература (и не только).

Некоторые из игр можно посмотреть здесь:

Есть тут ещё русскоговорящие? Ау!!!


That's genius. I am starting to think we are all using email wrong.

I possess now my very own copy of Richard M. Stallman autoreply email message.

mplayer: Source image dimensions are too high: 3840x2160 (maximum is 2048x2048)

Holy shit.

You don't gotta go to , , ,
, ,

But you gotta put in , , ,

Now I know why I am stuck here with my laptop, listening to .

Stepped way for a bit, so I didn't realize people on Mastodon are still angry at me. Funny how threatened people on Mastodon feel by my article. If Mastodon is strong enough, my words can't kill it. I stand by everything I say, but I don't know the future and have not been shown to control it.




Private Posts im Fedi find sind find ich wie abgeschlossene Bad-Türen. Sicher ist es total einfach die Tür trotzdem aufzukriegen aber es ist ne ziemliche Arschloch-Aktion imo

Sitting at the corner in a busy nightlife part of .

I think I should make an oil painting

> Waiting for Uber

I'm feeling home on mastodon more and more. Something that never happened on twitter. I'm now on stage when I'm forgetting to check twitter or post there. Just felt like saying it loud. #mastodonftw #feelings #home

password: 10242048

I think I like this place already.

Not having all the Twitter-originating, misformatted, and torn out of context stuff over here is real nice...

Proud to share: After 5 years, $3Million, and no investors: Here's everything we've learned from building the #1 CMS on Github 🔥

@ksteimel Did you think about joining mastodon instantiation and find similar souls working with linguistics such as @ojahnn and lots of fun?

Check this job opening at #wikimedia if you are interested in helping communities of volunteers grow:

Manager of Community Development

With the Mastodon recommended followers system I notice that there's a built in blocklist under the control of whoever wrote that system. The same recommendations system is also being used in Pleroma.

If this system becomes common (it might) then there will be one person with the ability to decide who is or is not a legitimate fediverse user.