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Marcin Cieślak

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This is one of the main reasons I switched to LineageOS. I was just getting exhausted of all the "help us learn more about this restaurant/store/whatever" notifications:

Wow, setting up my personal one-off EtherPad Lite instance worked beautifully in my .

Hi! This doesn't come up often enough, and I don't have a landing page or anything for it, but!

If you want to host a #website, and you need some help getting started, I'll be glad to teach you what I know or answer any questions.

Mostly, websites are easy! I'll be glad to help you make one!

You want to host a #podcast or just a #blog or whatever, I'll be glad to help! (For Free!)

If you want someone to do the hard parts, or even do *all* the work, my rates are pretty cheap.

@aparrish I love how you use Mastodon for serious discussion of interesting topics. That seems rare in my timeline and it's the primary reason I miss Twitter. Have you written about why you use Mastodon for this and not Twitter? How well is it working for you? I'm finding Mastodon is pretty thin and I tried hard to find folks to follow.

@vertigo It seems that it's the other way around, Chocobuzz joined Framasoft teaming up to improve work on PeerTube.
Or that's what I gather from this post, dated Dec 12, 2017.

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The #retrocomputing article I’ve been fiddling with for the last three days is mostly finished and live at

There are a few typos that I’m fixing now (computer vs computers) and I change tenses part way through the short fiction piece at the bottom, then change back and didn’t notice. So I’m fixing that now.

@crc Hello Charles,
I've just succeed building and running RETRO 12 on ( (on PPC Apple G4 PowerBook hardware)

"Legends of the Ancient Web"

Another sobering talk from Maciej Ceglowski. He's shaping up to be a good candidate for "conscience of the tech industry."

i wrote a blog post about what mastodon is. i know that it's a tired genre, but i think that i did a good job of explaining it in an easy-to-approach way. please read and share!

Just a follow-up on last year's stability problems on the Matrix<->Freenode bridge - since found the root cause ( we are not aware of a single problem since it was deployed (on Dec 8). If folks have seen any explosions or other probs pls let us know!

I was a birdsite early adopter, but I have accrued more followers here than there in a shorter while AND they're all people I can imagine hanging out with irl, UNLIKE BIRDSITE. #mastodontestimonials #mastimonials?

Who remembers Fifth Generation Systems?

How to troubleshoot API response like "503 Remote data could not be fetched" ?

Is there any logging of Api::BaseController errors available? Shouldn't we dump a stacktrace to the logfile?

(I am getting this as a response to
https://mylabinstance/api/v1/search?q=@saper&resolve=true )


Any instance for users and developers?

Суровая чешская зима. В Праге +8