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Marcin Cieślak

Looks like I'll be adjusting the bass, midtones and trebles of my soul for many days to come.

Just watched Skolimowski's The Shout 1978... far far far ahead of its time. And, for my money, still ahead of /our/ time. God only knows when we'll catch up with this film.

Or perhaps we shouldn't catch up, but keep lingering in the mediocre cinematic desert of netfix and hbobo, and let The Shout remain forever the dark beacon of a possible future.

#sound #witchcraft #films

Moi : sncf
Autocorrect : snif
Conclusion : mon autocorrect est triste du démantèlement du service public

I find it extremely unfair that people are Tooting about snow wherever they are while the fucking Philippines is at Satan’s Asshole°C.

Yesterday evening I though I am going to play some retro games.

But how can one play games if such a glaring crash is waiting to be debugged???

« This program won at Tic-Tac-Toe by figuring out how to remotely crash its opponents' computers, causing them to forfeit. »

— Retweet

For added hilarity, I can't take apnic's "#IPv6 deployment survey" because I'm on an IPv6-only network


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in the meantime I set sidekiq to restart every 5 minutes as a hackjob because idk what else to do rn and I"m kinda tired

@saper @mcmoots FWIW if some people with serious[1] software experience wanted to get together and commit philosophy on what a Free Software 2.0 would look like, I'd be up for that. Needs to happen.

[1] Responsibility for getting it right and fixing when it goes wrong; "skin in the game", etc. Those with their feet on the ground can see furthest into the clouds

A good article on Stallman. It's worth asking ourselves here the epistemological question: "are ideas separate from the idea-holders".

because by many accounts rms isn't a stellar human being, but he believes his ideals with great purity.

is it possible - as the classical Western ideal says - for an idea and the idea-carrier to be separated?

idk. monday afternoon musings when I'm not excited about work.

@saper That's an accurate association.

I had a less techy Fediverse map association. It's like a game of Heroes of Might and Magic, where the more steps you take (adding contacts), the more map is revealed to you. Admins of large servers have cheat codes and thanks to numerous contacts of their users see the larger picture quicker

@saper @saper Yes, a couple (amahi platform, catrobat).

Many projects still choose GPL license.