Streaming seems to be good way to continuously check quality of the mobile network while travelling

TFW German startups behave as if they were BMW

> Wir bedanken uns für die beiden Hinweise und nehmen diese sehr gerne als Verbesserungsvorschlag auf. Wir haben Ihren Wunsch an unsere Projektmanagement weitergeleitet, welcher eine Machbarkeitsstudio vornimmt.

Leaving rainy for sunny , one of my favourite cities. Unfortunately only for transit this time.

periodic reminder that in Polish they say "Nie mój cyrk, nie moje malpy" which means "not my circus, not my monkey" and that is wonderful

@jeffcliff Even in more contemporary times, GNU has relevance. Some years ago, my UEFI-equipped motherboard bricked itself after it *thought* I was attempting to compromise it. $1500 down the drain. Even though UEFI was "open source" (source published on Github), proprietary, vendor-specific addons are encouraged. And in this case, this proprietary add-on decided to brick my $1500 investment.

I will never trust UEFI again. To me, it is forever malware by design.

@brennen @cwebber @brainblasted @catonano In the US in the past the free speech battle was mainly from the left in terms of anti-communism and also suppression of protest against the draft during the Vietnam war. Communists, union organizers or even anyone suspected of holding vague left wing sympathies was removed from official positions and from the entertainment industry and anything which looked like left wing talk was removed from newspapers and magazines.

So the ability to speak and organize in public is pretty important, but this is not really what the far right are up to. They know that "free speech" is a weakness, especially in the academic environment where people are very tolerant of unconventional ideas. They know that by using this they can create shock and fear and most importantly shut down any oppositional counterspeech. Once people are in a psychological state of fear they will no longer criticize the regime and be too scared to organize in public, and that's the environment in which right wing authoritarianism thrives. The blueprint is that they always use a combination of scapegoating hate speech combined with shocking acts of violence publicized as widely as possible.

@jeroenpraat Here is how I got it working (I was wrong about init.d - it's systemd all the way):






sudo systemctl daemon-reload


systemctl cat postgresql@10-main.service | grep LimitNO



and after

service postgresql restart

I can see the new limit in /proc/<pid>/limits

Oh hey, I should post this here too! I made a CSS-only async chat by using background-image requests to send data and long-running http requests to return it.

Nothing like a bike tour through a rainy

Discovered few places I've never been before

Contrary to the hype, new research shows app-based ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft "are the biggest contributor to growing traffic congestion in San Francisco" and likely other cities as well.

#OSMF Board is going to have a face-to-face meeting in #Brussels in May for strategy and planning, and is asking your input as to what matters most to the #OpenStreetMap community:

peak tech up at google I/O where in a slide from a presentation about machine translation, apparently nobody can be bothered to translate the word "German", as in the language right (it's "Deutsch", not "Deutsche") and apparently the Indonesian in there ("bahasa") just translates to "Language", like not the Indonesian language, just any language.

A man has DMd me on twitter to tell me he's seen my tits on masto.
I like that he thinks this is worthy of boasting, as if he's unique rather than the entire fedi having seen them already

Watching various renditions of "Still loving you" from casting show in

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