Anyone knows how much can certification of a hardware device to NIST SP 800-22 could cost?

A Statistical Test Suite for Random and Pseudorandom Number Generators for Cryptographic Applications

A look into the #Germany policy on Russia:

> Plötner probably felt the same way. He, too, sees himself as a cool-headed analytic thinker. Ideologies are alien to him, especially the idea that a war could be started over one in the 21st century. Scholz, Plötner and Co. were slowly opening up to the idea that this unthinkability must be conceivable after all, and were rushing to understand it – to the surprise of those experts who had been warning about it for years. The realization undoes years of Russia policy. Putin doesn't care about his country's economy. He cannot be contained by interdependent relationships. He is prepared to shed blood in order to realize his ideology. This turns all of the certainties of "change through interdependence" upside down.

@qyliss Hi, I saw your posts about possible censorship of your sites - here is a simple way to check (thanks to @roskomsvoboda )

Maybe your sites could also be included in the test lists (for example so it could be used to detect censorship.


О переговорах @rf - @ua

> ... если с российской стороны выставили Мединского, я считаю что украинская должна была выставить Верку Сердучку - причем в костюме со свездой


@dekaminski re registrars on Twitter - not sure that you were asking for but I have purchased my .ua domain names via one of a hosting providers (

I got those as a gift from my most loved ones.

But I just couldn't go to see the Russian ballet performance today.

So we are at war

> Subject: Suche: Cyber Security Consultant (m/w/d) // asap // full remote

@brion here's a fermi paradox solution for you: the aliens have all been turned into cryptocurrency mining equipment

Worth having a read of the whole article, even with a translator, as it clearly shows that masks are now off and the “war party” was given a green light to start justifying a military agression:

Our historic logic remains unchanged. If someone fights #Russia or Russians, that “someone” has to be crushed with tank tracks. It is correct. It is just. And state borders drafted in 1991 few of us are considered just and, most importantly, finalised.

Also note the paragraph where he’s having a chuckle on the recent Peskov’s statement that “Russia never invaded anybody”, which was also rather openly a middle finger shown to Eastern Europe.

It also needs to be remembered that while the propaganda engine is now unrolling a picture of an Ukrainian offensive, OSCE SMM present on both sides of the conflict has only reported use of artillery on the Russian side, while #Ukraine holds to the ceasefire. Russia has a long history of staging rather crude provocations (“crucifixed boy in Slavyansk”, “burning crucifixed self-defence soldiers”, Russian TV crew unable to hold their laughter as they pretend to be “under enemy fire” etc).

Sergey Mardan, “In Russia nobody fears war”, Komsomolskaya Pravda,

I did more checking on this via wikipedia wikipeda is the only research resource i use not because i think it is correct but because its free and accessible with a screen reader.

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Moin. Dies ist mein erster Post. Gibt es Informatiklehrerinnen hier? Oder solche, die aus der IT in die Schule wollen?

dont use tiktok!!!! seriously!!! its not thread-safe. please use tiktok_r

Single brave people went to streets in #Moscow to protest russian invasion to #Ukraine. Although 1 person rallies are not required to be registered in Russia, people are still getting detained. On the video famous russian dissident Lev Ponomaryov.

The absolute lack of empathy for Ukraine and Ukrainians among many in Western Europe (including in my home country) always makes me think of this quote by Polish author Marek Hłasko. It was written right after the crushing of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, but it is as relevant now as it was then.

Build complete.
Don't forget to run 'make test'.


I feel like adding an automated test suite to my IRC server would go against the spirit of IRC

the true spirit of IRC is to have people using all kinds of weird clients connect to my server, and they tell me when stuff doesn't work and then I fix it.

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💶🏆💵 Know an individual, team, or organization creating #OpenSource #software for good? Tell them to apply for the 2022 Pizzigati Prize, which celebrates software #developers and awards cash grants. #FreeSoftware #FLOSS

At Freedom of the Press Foundation, we're now hiring our first full-time UX Designer. I'm the hiring manager for this role, so HMU if you have questions.

This person will work closely with the SecureDrop team (open source whistleblower submission system) & other teams at FPF.

It's a fully remote gig. We're a US-based org; international applicants are very welcome, but we do ask for some time zone overlap for real-time collaboration -- see the posting for more details.

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