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Marcin Cieślak

@Shamar @kaniini if the copyright system made it possible to ban clean room reimplementations, you would not have a lot of the GNU utils, which are cleanroom reimplementations of closed-source tools from different UNIXes.

Patent laws are being used for this exact purpose these days. That's why they're considered evil by the FLOSS community.

Be careful what you wish for.

I am Matteo and I am 20 years old. I am from Austria and currently live in Vienna.
I am blind. like listening to audio books and audio dramas. also love playing audio games and muds.

@omanreagan how institutions and organizations should deal with federated social networks?
- make an "official" account somewhere?
- start their own instance?

Just a reminder to stop people from using flags to represent languages :

Went dining with two wonderful young ladies. We ended up with pizza as they demanded to watch German football cup finals ;)

Boost if you know what this means:


's is coming to answer to the but it will NOT be a public.

Add your name to 's to ask European Parliament to have the public play a role.

@eurasierboy can you do me a favor? Can you change the "instance block" text to "zablokuj ten serwer" and send me a screenshot of the menu to see if that translation fits the screen?

I napped for half an hour and I dreamt about explaining how IRC works to my mom

A whole emergency exit row for me yay \o/

Why boarding agents check passports on the intra flight.

My airplane is off-blocks (off-chocks) and we haven't boarded yet!

Perhaps people will now understand why audio CAPTCHAs are so damned difficult to solve! 3/3

I wish there was an easier way to bookmark a conversation and post a link to it to other users (e.g. @bob 's post about mobile tracking yesterday) @eurasierboy

@lewislepton morning!

Everyone is uniting against watching it!

A woman is coming to check me out, whatever it means.

The beauty of the federated networks:

- one account discussion the intricacies of digital mobile telephony service

- second account to talk about analog modem dial-up

On geomonitoring. If you're carrying a baseband receiver connected to a battery then your position is logged every few seconds and the data stored by telcos. This isn't a new situation, it's been going on for at least a decade (probably longer). The resolution from triangulation especially in urban areas is good enough to tell who is sleeping with who.

This is why there's often advice to leave mobile phones at home if you attend a protest. Even if you use a burner phone the geolocation connects one phone to another within the tracking software.

So nobody in 2018 should really be surprised by this. By now the tracking systems will be in a highly advanced stage of development, probably using AI and unsupervised learning to make inferences and guess future movements based on historical patterns.

Shit! Which exact shade of red is my favorite again??

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