"Суверенный Интернет" в Москве. Как единоросы защищали сеть от американцев:


the secret location where you go to cry is your eye pee address

Open to all languages, tour de france online 

I'm a huge fan of third wave psychology (I sometimes wish I'd persued it as a career), but this article presents a critique of the recent upsurge of "mindfulness" and assumptions it makes.


Ha ha omg I just noticed that the illustration my coworking space is using for this postcard advertisement… is me playing a Vectrex

Dear Internet, do you know the interior dimensions of typical minivans as they are in the US (Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sianna, Kia Carnival ...). It is mainly about the clear height and width of the rear sliding doors or the tailgate. In addition, it would be good to know on which models you can simply take out the back seat. I would like to know if I can get into the vehicle with my wheelchair (via a ramp). Thanks for any info and also for sharing!

The fantastic Prof Elaine Chew is now at Ircam and looking for a PhD student, post-doc and engineer to join her COSMOS project. It will use data + citizen science to study musical structures created in music and unusual sources like cardiac arrhythmias. cosmos.ircam.fr/?cat=139

no ja w środę zabieram kids do fabryki Opla żeby się trochę oderwać

Working with continuous integration makes me feel like Ia am submitting a deck of cards to the computer and waiting for computing time

Personal data protection and free software: what about git commit history? If someone asks for removal of his/her name and email address, do we have to comply? Or can the exception of "legitimate interest" apply? After all, quality and security of code requires an audit trail.

(Similar issue with blockchains, of course.)


Aha +1 = 46 :D

Ouargla, Algeria (DAUU) 31-55N 005-24E 141M
Jun 26, 2019 - 08:00 AM EDT / 2019.06.26 1200 UTC
Wind: from the SE (140 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 KT):0
Visibility: greater than 7 mile(s):0
Temperature: 114 F (46 C)
Pressure (altimeter): 29.94 in. Hg (1014 hPa)
ob: DAUU 261200Z 14008KT CAVOK 46/// Q1014
cycle: 12

@tsturm @globalc A famous one from my line of work was this: “when it rains on Wednesday’s, the CRM is slow.” True story! The explanation was that the database was rebooted every night and if it rained on Wednesday, somebody had to drive their kid to kindergarten and thus wasn’t the first person in the office, didn’t start the report they usually did, thus not storing the good execution plan in memory for the rest of the day. From then on, the CRM was slow. 🙈

I am about to move to Warsaw before the end of August. I'm looking for a job, starting remotely for up to one month. I have some professional experience but not much. Eager to work on anything, systems programming, Android apps, web application backends... whatever. B2B preferred.

Pharos: Doing Justice to the Classics

Pharos is a platform where classical scholars, and the public more broadly, can learn about and respond to appropriations of Greco-Roman antiquity by hate groups online.


is a LAMP still a LAMP if it:
- runs on a BSD
- runs Nginx
- uses PostgreSQL
- gateway interfaces with Ruby or Rust
is that a BNPR at that point?

What should I think of people who post to a mailing list

> You can only imagine how busy I am

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