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So, is getting removed from the loader (replaced by ).

Funny how so-called IT is run by people who either (1) never wrote a line of code or (2) behave like they never wrote one.

Our Distinguished Technologist, Bradley M. Kuhn, wrote an in-depth discussion of the dangers of #MongoDB's attempt to control the future of #copyleft, with suggestions on what license drafters must do to respect the community & ease #OSI's burden. sfconservancy.org/blog/2018/oc

@saper "Smenu zdal, smenu prinyal" as the Russian saying goes 😛

Werbung in

> Mehr KomfortZeit

klingt irgendwie ironisch in einem Zug der 80 Minuten länger fahren muss.

Hach Breilibü! <3

"Senat hält Volksbegehren für Videoüberwachung für rechtlich unzulässig und beschließt Vorlage an den Verfassungsgerichtshof"

berlin.de/rbmskzl/aktuelles/pr #berlin

What kind of super nerdy and exclusive hardware hacking or embedded or IoT or general dev conferences are there?

I'd like to attend one for networking and informational purposes

> Schlager beliefern die zwischen Betrieb und Reproduktion der Arbeitskraft Eingespannten mit Ersatz für Gefühle überhaupt, von denen ihr zeitgemäß revidiertes Ich-Ideal sagt, sie müssten sie haben

Theodor W. Adorno, Sie haben gerade alles kaputt gemacht

Called a friend who is also teaching French. Maybe it is time to pick up lessons...?

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Something happened between and and all trains go via a pictoresque slow route on the left bank of the Rhine river.

Train delay: +120 minutes.

Time to relax and enjoy the trip!

You can see a demo of my minimal, brutalist no-JS Mastodon front-end running on my home server:

Or, if you fancy a bit more grunt, you can clone it and run it for your own instances :)

#Mastodon #Pleroma #ActivityPub #fediverse #Planiverse

@danyork has published an article on the KSK roll over at Circle-ID


In addition to Unbound supporting the KSK-Sentinel protocol (as mentioned in the article), it seems that also Knot-Resolver supports it in version 3.0.0:


Twitter Crossposter sterben früher 😜

And now, in an amazing turn of events,

Sun rising over the Ruhr area

Today #fosdem2019 announced the #Decentralized Internet and #privacy devroom proposal was accepted 🎉 😂

Now is the time to work on the call for participation, due next week.


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