hey, folks who have set up research labs -- do you have a guide that helped you do it? like a "plan" to establish it, or an "ask"/outline?

The future is computer telling you to lie about not being sure about things and avoid "expressing uncertainty"

reading through code comments that use first-person pronouns like finding a worn, unsigned diary, on the beach of a forgotten island, that gives me hints to the next puzzle

i read the toots aloud and whenever i encounter kanji in the middle of syllables i can very well read i just replace the kanji with “something” and hope for the best

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XMPP is such a pain in the tukhas. Is this REALLY the best we can do?

You want to help me and others move towards the fediverse?
Please drop me a line


tox -r

-r, --recreate

force recreation of virtual environments (default: False)

nox -r

-r, --reuse-existing-virtualenvs

Re-use existing virtualenvs instead of recreating them.

<3 you all

I think that repo.or.cz branch feature is pretty cool and I have it enabled hopefully on all my repos


But what if the "mob area" were a commit tree? So trees of contributions grow wildly without forcing anyone to rebase their changes.

I wonder if supports that (low level)

Wouldn't that be better if the software were free without warrany and yes, you can submit a change upstream (pull request or otherwise) but the bug tracker is a paid service.

the trick to project management is to be deadly serious about the schedule and also have every single date be as flexible as possible

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