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sarah jeong @sarahjeong

@catte @tinysubversions like that's definitely Hoo Boy A Lot but it's not intractable

@tinysubversions @catte i thought the obvious answer is that you defederate with noncomplaint servers. it's drastic but that's like, what this is designed to do, right?

@junglestrike @maiyannah @moonman yeah i haven't reached out to moonman yet but he's on my list

@zatnosk i've been told it's time to mourn it now

following up with as many of you as i can but i have to log off now so i can eat. my email is if you want to reach out directly!

my mentions are telling me that mastodon is definitely not dead

@chr amazing! does email work? mine is

@noelle would love to have you! my email is — lmk how's best to talk

hi guys i'm hoping to write another piece about mastodon, a sort of wrap-up for my experiment a few weeks ago where i tried to replace twitter with masto.

i'd love to to interview a bunch of you guys? looking for old users and new users alike

@mkosler I did not forget but I had a real bad time this year

It's not about Mastodon, you can tell because there's no mastodons in it

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Oh thank god I have Photoshop back again. More psyducks in space!

I like that there's no money in Mastodon, so it can't go the way of Bitcoin