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sarah jeong @sarahjeong

@mkosler I did not forget but I had a real bad time this year

It's not about Mastodon, you can tell because there's no mastodons in it

@catte you'll have to guess for now

Just for Mastodon, a sneak peek of an article for tomorrow

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Oh thank god I have Photoshop back again. More psyducks in space!

I like that there's no money in Mastodon, so it can't go the way of Bitcoin

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It's 69F outside right now. For those of you used to celsius temperatures, you can get a sense of what that's like by remembering "69 = nice"

I don't think anything about Mastodon a deal-breaker right now, it's just not totally convenient and I think has to evolve. Interested in watching where it goes

@catte I think having a switch that some instances can turn on would be fine! Like obviously and wouldn't want to turn it on but why not etc

@migurski yes, I've joined a couple different ones but it's not user friendly to use Mastodon like this because the smartphone app doesn't let me toggle between accounts

I really want subscribable instances? Like I want to be able to read all the bot tweets from in a single column? I think that would be nice. Then you could also quarantine all the journos on their own servers too lmao

@catte is that still bugging out

Subtooting sorry

I'm all out of practice

But seriously I'm seeing people subtweeting a bad take and I'm like