Gnome be like: "Here, you can select your wallpaper with this dialog that doesn't show any thumbnails or preview pictures whatsoever"

Does anybody know of a "thread unroll" webapp for Mastodon? I'm seeing some interesting long threads that I would like to read in a more comfortable format.

Replaceable Batteries Are Coming Back To Phones If The EU Gets Its Way… Apple Will Tell Us This Is Bad For Us Back in the day, just about everything that used a battery had a hatch or a hutch that you could open to pull it out and replace it if need be. Whether it was a […]

damn there really is an entire of genre of politicians who suck but whose parents fucking kicked ass

Guy Verhofstadt trolling Marine le Pen after her party apparently destroyed 1.2m leaflets with this photo:

The march of technology

1985: Load time of game (cartridge): instant
1997: Load time of game (CD): 30s
2009: Load time of game (DVD): install to hard disk first, half an hour
2022: Load time of game (download): a day or so to download and another 4 hours for day one patch

@neauoire Perhaps, people need to get bored of the novelties they have been sold the last 30+ years. We are on a kind of hedonic upgrade cycle where an exciting new version with flashy new features comes out regularly. Very few (if any) of these new things are in fact functional. Most of them involve complex graphical operations: transitions, transparency, fades, higher-DPI, etc. But the essential tasks that most of us do: composing serial text documents, basic image editing, reading/writing e-mail, basic spreadsheets, databases and links – these things have barely changed in 30 years.

A saw, a winch handle or a kitchen knife is pretty sustainable if it's decent quality. If computing were more mundane and "tool like" then we might accept using something that is simpler but quite effective. Just buy a good one and learn how to take care of it.

Every winter pollution is swept from overflowing landfills into Balkan waterways

This NFT explainer, linked here already by many, is amazingly good:

That said, this sentence is just art:
> This is what makes [NFT] enthusiasts so deeply unreliable: they have meaningful financial stakes in an intangible, volatile thing that exists entirely as a collective ideoform.

I promise the rest of the video is very clear and easy to understand, cuts through the bullshit like knife through butter. But that sentence... that sentence is *dense*.

To bump this thread: The Swiss state has been taxing the carbon in fossil fuels since 2008 ⛽

The tax started very low, and increases every year. It is currently 120 CHF (~130 USD) per tonne CO2 💰

2/3 goes to each citizen, evenly divided, as a reduction of their health insurance! 🏥 1/3 of the tax goes into green spending.

Every country can do this, without losing economic 'competitiveness' if a tariff is applied 🗺️

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