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@Elizafox I sense a methodological drawback with this approach

@djsundog the most important follower *nods*

"but mastodon user sargoth, follower counts doesn't mean anything here"
if things not meaning anything meant they weren't scary, things would be very different

*looks at the follower count*
why does it have four digits?
scary, scary times

@ChuckBaggett now that you mention it, the dot cloud about page is rather
shall we say

@LottieVixen thus is the case with local timeline action
blink, and it's ancient history

@LottieVixen moderator did a thing
discussion ensued

I look away for five minutes, and suddenly there is surprise that the rules, which are explicitly posted on the one singular about page, are followed to the letter
carry on

@Elizafox with enough money, this could be us

@Elizafox this message is paid for by

@srn all these english words, they all mean both one thing and their opposite
I'm stoked ;)

@srn woop woop. you go girl :3

stoked: affected in a negative way. mostly by the heat

*looks at the local timeline*
something is definitely in the general direction of up