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Blatant self-promotion, to give myself a nice story to pin

Discursive anomalies for all ages
Short stories of all kinds
Weird stories of some kind
A flimsy excuse to throw money at me (at least, that's the story)

And, to top it all off: a webring

one more thing
cats :3

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yeah, I could do one of those

A vital component of being on social media is to be company. This includes an element of interacting with others. But it also includes an element of being seen, of consistently being there, saying things that are at once new and unsurprising. There is an art to it, to be consistently novel and familiar. I cannot teach it to you, since it stems from you being yourself in the company of others; in exchange, we are company

Oh, and I like cats

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Fucking hell. My colleague asked me for another word for "crane" and literally all I could think of was "lifty boy".

Me introducting a Big Speech Show more

If someone gives you unsolicited advice, just tell them these magical words Show more

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OK, is there a food and cooking-based instance yet, please?

I think toots would be excellent for sharing short recipes.

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Squirrel being cutely stereotypical in the park, from this morning.

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One hour left to pledge for a copy of Radio Silence volume one! kickstarter.radiosilencecomic.

We’re only $180 away from the stretch goal of NEW MUSIC for the comic! I’m super excited about this one! Let’s make it happen! #webcomic #comic #indiecomics

If you ever doubt the usefulness of your efforts, remember that a substantial amount of trees are planted by squirrels hiding nuts and then forgetting where they put 'em

*looks at local timeline*
that's bread

Maybe I should do some of that 'brand building' I've heard so much about
*scratches self, then unceremoniously catches a stray yawn*
that seems too high energy for me, tbqh

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*phone rings*

me: if they don't leave a message then it wasn't important

phone: leaves a message


me: well i ain't listening to that shit

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I was on an early walk and found a guy staring at the telephone wires. I turned to see what he might be looking at, and he held a finger to his lips to quiet me. He whispered, “there’s a mockingbird up there. If you listen, he’ll ring like a bell.”

So we stood there in silence, and then the little bird opened his mouth and sang chimes to us. He rang like a bell.

The stranger and I looked at each other, then smiled and laughed as we went our separate ways. That was a nice way to start a day.

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broke: emulating games is a crime so it's bad

woke: emulating games, while technically a crime, is one of the only reasonable ways to gain access to many old games considered cult classics today, and should be encouraged in the interest of preserving art

bespoke: emulating games is a crime, so it's good

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the awkward future where AI unionize before sw devs do

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Being sincere about the things you enjoy is good and important.

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