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Sargoth @sargoth

@katje better than invisibility ^^

things are happening
*ponders this statement*
that about sums it all up

*looks over at the bird site*
Ed Balls
and a Bahamas festival that went very very wrong
it's still the bird site

Hey you Show more

@Elizafox they have high hopes for the self-proclaimed village idiot

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<p>Based on some things I am already hearing regarding v1.3, some advice. </p><p>As an admin, there is no need to be on the bleeding edge of upgrades. </p><p>Always test updates on a dev server.</p><p>Just my 2 bits.</p>

@Kimiko_0 the more things change etc ^^

Anyway, time to make sleeps
remember interfaces past, be kind to each other, and support patreon users who are not me

Kids of tomorrow will probably have orb interfaces, and sneer at our primitive interfaces
"materialists", they will call us

@sanspoint oh yeah, that. it turned green for me, tho, so I didn't make the connection
yes, I instantly apologize for that one

@sanspoint I suspect this was slightly before my time

Things we remember but are glad never to see again:
you ejected the CD too soon? bluescreen!
you accidentally disconnected the mouse? welp. the computer won't find it again until you shut it down and turn it back on again

@maloki everything written prior to the age of 20 is fan fiction unless explicitly made canon
including questionable social media names

@martin I dug up one of 'em from storage, and mahn is my CD drive loud
yup, it reads :3

@maloki nevar forget!
*remembers the embarrassing teen things I wrote there*
actually, forget all of it!

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<p><span class="h-card"><a href="">@<span>sargoth</span></a></span> our children will never know the link between these two! [screen] [finger]</p>

Hey, young folks who don't remember any of this stuff
don't worry
one day, you too will obsess over the random interfaces that happened to be around in your formative years