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Blatant self-promotion, to give myself a nice story to pin

Discursive anomalies for all ages
Short stories of all kinds
Weird stories of some kind
A flimsy excuse to throw money at me (at least, that's the story)

And, to top it all off: a webring

one more thing
cats :3

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yeah, I could do one of those

A vital component of being on social media is to be company. This includes an element of interacting with others. But it also includes an element of being seen, of consistently being there, saying things that are at once new and unsurprising. There is an art to it, to be consistently novel and familiar. I cannot teach it to you, since it stems from you being yourself in the company of others; in exchange, we are company

Oh, and I like cats

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Request for focus group volunteers

I'm looking at a feature that will eventually make it into #Aardwolf, and it's pretty central, so I want to get it right during the design phase.

The feature is support for multiple aspects or personas for each account. I want to have a focus group of potential users, especially people who are vulnerable to online harassment, to discuss general user experience as well as safety concerns.

Please reply or DM to be included. Boosts okay.

You can be a girl if you want to
or a boy

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"Ask not for whom the bell tolls" he wrote, and now, years later, that's all they ask about
nary a day passes by without him thinking:
I should've written another poem about going to Byzantium
no one remembers those

It's ten degrees in the sun. Wherever there are cracks or gaps in the snow, the melting happens that much faster

Spring is coming

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Hey Mastodon, here is a quote that I needed and maybe you did too:

"WRITE IT BADLY. Write it badly, write it badly, write it badly, write it badly. Stop what you’re doing, open a Word document, put a pencil on some paper, just get the idea out of your head. Let it be good later. Write it down now. Otherwise it will die in there."

— Brandon Sanderson on overcoming writer’s block to create a first draft as a professional author

#writersofmastodon #writing

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The mid 90s just feels like recent past to someone who was a young adult at the time, but for today’s 21 year old it was a strange pre-modern era. It’s different enough from today — analogue, disconnected, naïve — that you can make a recognizable period drama set in it.

That’s a weird realization of looking back on ‘Gone Home.’ And part of what you can never go back to – not just your nuclear family or your childhood house. That everything will change, everything dies.

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Some of you enjoy the snippets of poetry I post here, which I will keep doing. But they are mostly unedited work and random thoughts.

I have made a website where I will be collecting my free poetry over from tumblr, because I have fallen out of love with that platform and I am rated mature which means no one outside of tumblr ever sees it.

If you enjoy my writing, find more at

Much more content to be transferred in the coming days/weeks.

did you know
they are good??

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tfw theres a ghost haunting your circuit but its adding useful features so its allowed to stay

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since the dawn of the written word people have made amulets and talismans from holy texts and in this sense a pinned toot is like a horseshoe you hang over a barn door

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If you're interested in helping me out, you can:

- Donate to me via Paypal!
- Donate to me monthly on Patreon!
- Send me hardware to reverse engineer! I'm always interested in working on new stuff!

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My website is down because I can't afford hosting. However, I also can't afford to see a doctor or buy underwear. So give me money for any and all things. I need it.

*logs onto birdsite*
"Give Carly Rae Jepsen a sword"
for once, I do not regret this decision

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Dear all, this instance will be shutdown tomorrow. Thank you all for being here. Over and out.

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Facts about foxes:
1: soft
2: that head tilt thing
3: triangles

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