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Blatant self-promotion, to give myself a nice story to pin

Discursive anomalies for all ages
Short stories of all kinds
Weird stories of some kind
A flimsy excuse to throw money at me (at least, that's the story)

And, to top it all off: a webring

one more thing
cats :3

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yeah, I could do one of those

A vital component of being on social media is to be company. This includes an element of interacting with others. But it also includes an element of being seen, of consistently being there, saying things that are at once new and unsurprising. There is an art to it, to be consistently novel and familiar. I cannot teach it to you, since it stems from you being yourself in the company of others; in exchange, we are company

Oh, and I like cats

no-nonsense motivational tip 

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Me: ah, it's nice and cloudy and windy, time to go take a refreshing walk outside


I love how Jim Butcher continually keeps updating his upcoming works page with how much closer the next book in the Dresden Files series has come to completion

it's approaching completion

the definition of politics 

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How many times do you think this sign was stolen before they resided to stick a tracker on it?

as we like to call it
oontz oontz oontz oontz

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It is end of month, here if your reminder that I have a Patreon and would love it if you signed up if you like my poetry ^__^

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Instead of "jesus fucking christ"
You could "ada fucking lovelace"

there is an instance where all toots self-destruct
shoutout to ephemeral dot glitch dot social

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