Rio de Janeiro: 25 people assassinated during a police action in one single day. Majority black, all living in favela.
What the state said: the problem is the human rights and lawyer. They are against crime repression.
Rio, the city of Bolsonaro's Family, is the lab of what they are trying to do with Brazil: state forces as an alt-right militia.

The aim of any privileged person in ascension is to end up fighting for the right of having birthday for their pets without anyone making fun of it.

Europa enfría su apoyo inicial al plan Biden de suspender las patentes: "Las patentes no son ahora mismo el problema"
La miopía de Europa es fascinante.

New variant of COVID-19 identified in Rio de Janeiro. Called P1.2, it is a mutation of the deadly P1.
Brazil is a nightmare, a threat to the region and to the world.
Researchers still studying P1 and now this.
But who cares? (link in Portuguese)

Italia, 25 aprile 1945: Viva la liberazione
Portugal, 25 de abril de 1974: Viva a liberdade
Qualquer lugar, sempre: esmagar o fascismo

I see ñ as the union tilde + "n", not a letter itself. Like the ç (or ú, ü, à or é) in Portuguese.
Waiting for cancellation after this grammar conservative vision.

Visualizing the Power Consumption of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining requires significant amounts of energy, but what does this consumption look like when compared to countries and companies?

Oh, Zizek during his lecture at Kobani University with an empty shelves background

I'm making progress on !

My purpose is to raise awareness about threats to the safety of the Free Software movement, and in particular the GNU project.

I'm hoping to launch the site on the weekend beginning April 24th (I have other work to do beforehand)

"The Bravery of Being Out of Range" from "Amused To Death". Fucking awesome backing vocals!

My NFTs will be out on next summer. Unique drafts made using inkscape and GIMP, and freecad sketches.
Looking forward to making money from my trash folder!

Finally all my laptops are now "BIOS-free" (using coreboot and libreboot).
The next step: try the usability of current libre-linux distros (so far I've tried devuan and trisquel, and I liked their stability)

#AccaddeOggi, #12Aprile: il cosmonauta #YuriGagarin è il primo uomo nello spazio. A bordo della #VostokI resta in orbita per 108 minuti.

Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman (RMS):

From S. Coscolín.

Reducing Risk
1⃣ Source elimination.
Regular Antigen Testing, Avoid Crowds
2⃣ Source control.
Mask fitted, Avoid talking, singing, yelling, Reduce time, Keep distance.
3⃣ Ventilation.
Constant/Cross/Natural/Forced, Measure CO2, Outdoors Better.
4⃣ Filtration/Treatment.

You can download PowerPoint version (with animations):
Or download PDF version.

"para além disso" é a expressão mais irritante da nova tendência dos intelectualoides brasileiros.
É um atentado duplo: gramático e estético.

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