Is there some way to set chat integration on gitlab?
Wondering this would be cool for dev team.

Silicon Valley techbros: Disrupt! Innovate! We are punk rock!

Also Silicon Valley techbros: Excuse me, sir, do you have a moment to talk about my latest adtech startup?

The recent example of populism is what Boris Johnson did with "freedom day".
Then the whole region faces the increase of infection and probably new restrictions will take place.
It's like a mad scientist experiment, and the population still enjoining to play this game.
I suggest a name for the new variant: "hedonistic "

big questions of my life: Why do Spanish speakers say "googel"? Variation of British ascent?

"And the ground's not cold
And if the ground's not cold, everything is gonna burn
We'll all take turns, I'll get mine too"

"For them, the future of technology is really about just one thing: escape."

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Moltes gràcies a l'equip de @hackingecology que ahir ens va portar un dispositiu Nayad per al seu desplegament en el riu Anoia. Tractarem de treure-li el major partit amigues 😊

Meravellosa eina!!


Just saw that the Brazilian congress uses instance for remote session and other institutional activities.
Would awesome if they approve the Bolsonaro impeachment with the help of a free software framework :P

And the fake pictures strike again!
After the dolphins at Venice channels, now the flood in Germany is exciting activists with great photos to use against denialists.
They should be faced more like a meme than a "fact". Much more effective... And funny.

#Debian created an ecosystem where the software available there is reviewed and trusted, so the system can prioritize flexibility over security. In #Google Play, there are many apps we feel forced to use, despite knowing they are unethical or are tracking us. Google responds by locking down #Android to reduce data leaks, which also reduces the system's flexibility. #FreeSoftware puts the user in control so we can build user-friendly systems without being forced into bad decisions.

On an intuitive level, we all feel the soullessness of the global economy – with its mass-production, moral vacuousness, and anonymity.

To learn more about shifting from global to local, head to @localfutures_ 's website 👇

Mozilla: donate your voice to us so we can build an open source dataset!

Me: so will Big Tech companies like Google – which gives you half a billion dollars every year and which you owe your existence to – be able to use it?

Mozilla: Yes, we’re licensing it under CC0 for that purpose.

Me: You could license it under ShareAlike and avoid that…

Mozilla: What? Who?

Me: You’re not really what you say you are, are you?

Mozilla: ssh, don’t rock the boat!


I lost a close friend fully vaccinated. The 95% lower risk of getting COVID-19 is not 100%. So non-pharmaceutical interventions are still necessary.
So keep your fuck mask on, wash your hand and cover your mouth when you cough.

Nothing is more intersectional than the american exceptionalism

pre-covid: easy to keep social distancing when we talk with Vitalik

I am delighted to launch the 'Libre Tech Shop' - a unique shop for products that respect your freedom to learn, hack, extend and do things yourself.

Check out the online shop at:

The background story behind this launch:

Here - you'll be able to buy liberated computers, hackable mechanical keyboards, private and secure home automation solutions, wireless routers, spare parts and much more.

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