went to a store looking for a "real chess board", and a seller asked me about "that" tv show. Had no idea about, then saw that the new trendy netflix series is about chess.
The Worst moment to decide to move from digital chess. Maybe next year...

Pfizer just announced that its vaccine is 95% effective! Sputnik V, your turn!

After pfizer has announced its vaccine is 90% effective, Russia (funny that there is no lab or research institute outside the USA and Europe) announces today that Sputnik V is 92% effective. Let's see who will reach 99.9% first. 📈

People outside USA: OK the celebration with Trump being defeated. It doesn't mean we necessarily have to cheer the liberal democrat team that reach the power.
Probably soon they are bombing or spying our countries, as usual.
Harris already have shown that is quite familiar with the term "abuses of power" while prosecutor in California

We can highlight many abusive implementation of algorithms and AI but one field they are particularly useful: Scientometric studies.
Goodbye days in front of a computer processing thousands of data. A program with 60 lines of code now do the job in minutes, and you have time to develop the intellectual part of work.
Next research: scientometrics of works on scientometrics using code instead of undergrad students.

GNU Jami, a video, voice and text communication software, released a new version with major improvements. Read more at: u.fsf.org/363

We need infrastructure for managing environmental data that guarantees sovereignty, privacy, and useful tools for researchers and society as a whole. And this technology must be inclusive, open, at the same time that provides users with total control over their data. Here I bring some contributions to the debate, with an overview of the bases that guide our team in the development of an open and secure platform for researchers (academics and citizens).

Being apolitical is the privileged being political.

"Climate models are historical artefacts that are tested and debated within the scientific community, and today, also beyond. Machine learning models, on the contrary, are opaque and inaccessible to community debate. Given the degree of myth-making and social bias around its mathematical constructs, AI has indeed inaugurated the age of statistical science fiction."

It's hard to be an ecologist without academic affiliation. If you don't feel comfortable to call yourself "researcher", and tell people you're an ecologist, be ready to be asked about extinction rebellion... Or how cool and lovely is Greta Thunberg. 😡
I miss the time of "what specie is this?"

Those who oppose #EndToEndEncryption oppose privacy, human rights, personhood, and democracy.

They are not your friends.

They are the ones who want what the Stasi never had: eyes and ears on everyone, all the time.

You lose this battle, you lose it all.

VSCodium. A FLOSS alternative to Visual Studio. Open Source license, no tracking:

The group trying to kidnap the governor of Michigan could be easily identified as "white supremacist", or "far-right militia", or " fascists".
The newspapers have decided call them "extremists" tho. They neutralize the political implications, and normalize fascism.

The cultured (aka synthetic) meat is really interesting outside capitalism. In a capitalist economy it is just soylent green.

Twitter looks like LinkedIn... I still trying to understand why people add their academic degree.
What's next? Introduce themselves at parties like "Hi, Ferdinand Stiegler, PH.D"?

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