Result of time-series analysis on Zoom's privacy issue by International Room of Research During Quarantine:
Don't waste your time. This is an imaginary problem since we have secure and auditable (aka Open Source) alternatives.

The language used during this pandemic is a nation state language.
For governments and media we are in a "war" against the virus, our new "enemy".
And they are doing a good job perpetuating the hegemonic ideology.

La semana que viene seguimos con las Jornadas de Autodefensa Medioambiental con la participacion del compañero @saulojacques de Hacking Ecoloogy

7 de Abril

16:00 Argentina
21:00 España


Stream aqui

the nationalist spirit is ready and just waiting the right moment to show its face!

Lista de emisiones de las próximas Jornadas de Autodefensa Medioambiental.
Si quieres presentar tu proyecto en el marco de las JAM!! contacta con nosotras 🎈

1 de Abril: Asamblea Barrios Fumigados Cosquín

7 de Abril: Hacking Ecology

8 de Abril: Instituto de Tecnología Socioambiental (ITSA):

9 de Abril: NUMIES


Zoom meetings aren’t actually end-to-end encrypted, despite misleading marketing on their website, in their security white paper, and in the user interface in their app by @yaelwrites and myself

Jornadas de Autodefensa Medioambiental
¡¡Comenzamos el 31!!

Sigue las conversaciones en


With the Quarantine's World Tour it seems that people are quite dedicated on some activities:
1 - Who has the biggest library at home, that is close related to...
2- The championship of which group can gather more people together in a call (not valid without video. Voice+Video, please)

Las JAM!! son las primeras Jornadas de Autodefensa Medioambiental que organizamos junto al Centro Cultural España Córdoba (@CCEspCordoba) Una serie de conversaciones online sobre autodefensa medioambiental ciudadana ¡Sigue las instrucciones del enlace para participar en la conversación!

12 monkeys? Ecofascism?
This is from a group pretending to have connection with Extinction Rebellion (seems )
Although XR co-funders have already expressed some weird thoughts before.

A partir del dia 31 empezamos con las primeras JAM!! Jornadas de Autodefensa Medioambiental.
Cinco conversaciones online sobre autodefensa medioambiental ciudadana.


We should take a look and support the Debian Social services... they are starting now already with Jitsi, and Fediverse

"As research increasingly bridges the physicaland social science domains, there is the potential for well‐meaning researchers tounintentionally violate the privacy and security of individuals or communities by sharing sensitiveinformation."

Abierto, ya lo dijimos, tiene que ver con lo accesible, lo participativo y, desde luego, con lo colaborativo y lo crítico. Es difícil imaginar una cultura abierta que no favorezca la diversidad de criterios y promueva el contraste libre de puntos de vista.

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