it used to bother me that "read" could take on many different tenses

Apple made a pretty good Favorites mix for me today. Maybe I left it playing on some Kompakt thing?

so far, as McLuhan predicts, podcasts are rehashing old a.m. radio tactics

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I read an Aphex Twin interview and he said the MDR-7510s are better than the MDR-7506s. shook

I don't care about any apple rumors other than Magic Keyboard 3

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I made a little program to generate "ransom note" text using fancy international symbols like "İ 𝗺Ąⅅ𝔼 𝔸 𝔩𝒊ŦƬ𝕃🝗 ᑭ𝗥Ⲟ𝙶ꞅ𝙰𝗺 t𝕆 𝔾ƐŊЄᏒa𝞣𝐸 'Ꮢ𝛢𝛮💲⎔⩋ Ŋ⎔Ƭ𝛦' Ƭ𝐸𝑿t 𝑼ຣi𝓝𝙶 🝡𝘈𝚗𝘾γ 𝒊𝚗𝚃𝙴Rn⩜𝚃İ⬯Ⲛaℒ ട𝘺ოβ⎔ℓS."

blog post:

little program:

I do wonder why people say "the birdsite" here. it's not, like, top secret

optimizing string methods ftw. wonder how many needlessly reallocated buffers float around in social network code bases :)

relatedly: tfw you have to go listen to those clean drum tutorials because your mix does not sound good

I thought this was crazy the first time I saw it, but now I understand

so @hoverbird was making fun of the UI here, but at least they use "whom" haha

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