For those of you who did not know otherwise because Mastodon is your only social media outlet, I and Krissy have bought a church and are refurbishing it. Here is some of the new framing for the balconies. Also, no, we're not starting a cult. Why does everyone assume that?

Inasmuch as so many people are following me today: hello, nice to see you here, I guess I should post more here now, and also, here's a cat.

In an introspective moment, Smudge wonders if sleeping, eating and pooping really is him leading his best life. Spoiler: It totally is.

Happy Thanksgiving Week! To show my appreciation for all of you, please enjoy a never-before-published short story by me: "Automated Customer Service." It's over on my site, in both text and audio versions. Hope you like it!

Autumn in Ohio. Which, by the way, is mostly gone now, since we're currently having the first ice storm of the year. C'est la vie.

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