Ladybug headphone ears for the winter! Now I can be warm and cute when listening to...*checks*...Italian electropop.

Sorry about the lack of being around. I burned out, only I'm also still locked into a lot of things, so life is currently like traveling on a roller coaster while being unconscious. Normal service will resume aaaargh.

How to set up as an app on :

1. In Chrome browser go to:

2. Tap on 3 dots in upper right corner an then from pop-up menu select: Add to Home Screen

That is it!

Except for more convenient access, you also won't be seeing address bar so more screen real estate.

Not gone, just been spending the weekend in bed playing Pokemon...

hey everyone i made a little Stylish theme for mastodon

it lets you
* change UI opacity
* turn on fullwidth
* set the background to whatever image you want

Hey, given this isn't Twitter, is there anything you'd like to ask me?

'Ally' is short for 'Actually', which is their Pokemon name.

(FTR I do have chronic pain, even though docs aren't able to say what exactly just yet)

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♫ Chronic pain!
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more. ♫

So let's talk horseshoe theory.

I have a theory that they're not technically shoes because the horse doesn't wear them, instead they're kind of attached to the bottom. They're not even like flip-flops because the horse doesn't have those kind of toes. Really, they're more like horselegguards.

Also I am not sure how many of you I know from Twitter because not everyone has the same name/profile pics.

So, do I use this like my Twitter main, and be all activism with occasional puns and polls about Tom Bombadil, or do I use this like my private Twitter and fill it with me talking about my pain levels, cats, and emotional state?


This feels like Twitter's secret love child with Livejournal.

Delaying starting a game of Pokemon Moon because I know once I do, that'll be lost down the Diglett Tunnel for weeks. On the flip side, doing things that don't involve me lying down has me utterly exhausted and I'm already ill. So the call grows ever louder.

Finland have released their 10 finalists for Eurovision 2017 and they're a mix of pretty, dull, and weird, which I guess is what you expect from UMK. Shoutout to the dark-queer electro group, and the guys whose song literally seems to be about masturbation.

Oh wait @elaine is actually free. I could have been THE Elaine. The Elainest of them all. Oh well.

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