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Luscious Dick Tacoma

Is there a method of determining if a book has been translated into English?

At any point. So if a non-English book was published in 1850 there would be a record of any translation regardless of the date.

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people dump on primitivists but you know what primitivists don't have?

open mic nights.

Out NNOOWW from Nulithouse in Canada is MICRO//MACRO#10. This is the first issue on paper and is yours for $15CDN (16 outside n.america) and I have five pieces in it, such as the one on the right.

An extraordinary collection of experimental works.

Tired: using pop songs to predict economic trends
Wired: using monster trucks to predict economic trends

if youre listening to a podcast and they insult the KLF then youre federally mandated to stop listening to them, forever

"Wallace – a rescue mule, who had been found in a bus shelter" has had his ban from dressage events overturned.

this is a link to the painting at the Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo, where you can view is in a much larger size and (if you read Norwegian or are willing to put up with machine translation) read some history on the placement of this painting in its time.

Here she is recreated in Edvard Munch's "Kristiana Bohemen II" from 1895 which I believe was never completed.

this all started when I discovered this oil painting by Christian Krohg, "Artist Oda Krohg" from 1888.

Never expected a picture like this from then. The light, the freedom, the love, that pose.

I feel myself slipping into the rabbithole of the Kristiana Bohemian movement in the 1880s and looking at the banned books and artworks and so forth.

Late 1920s experimental row houses in Germany, designed by Hans Luckhardt, Wassili Luckhardt, and Alfons Anker

word learned today: deliquescent.
I doesn't mean anything like I assumed it would.