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Luscious Dick Tacoma

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in some ways I feel like an outsider of the already outsider genre.

in other ways I feel like I'm one of maybe two or three people in the genre doing anything interesting

drawing text around a circle with perspective. (the ultimate goal is to make a persona 5 battle menu generator, this is the first step.) this is all CSS & more fiddly than it seems (fiddliest part was flipping the text so it appears the right way up on the right side of the circle)

(going to just hashtag these from now on instead of putting them all in the same thread; thread with previous experiments here:

my daughter, an adult is going to interview me, also ostensibly an adult, about AI next month and I feel like I need to cram for it.

submitted some poetry for the first time in a while. I would say I've fell out of the grind but I've been getting choosier about what/where I submit and there just don't seem to be as many opportunities for me. Or at least they aren't as apparent anymore.

Gary Mays passed away today, 82 years old. You probably don't know who he is, and that's ok.

Here's a profile from 2011:

last working teletype on the transmountain pipeline at the museum of communications, seattle.

I guess it's the kind of night where I work on the poetry generation database

cufflinks in he mail today. baller.

I suppose I have to get completely dressed if I am going to go to the post office.

May I draw your attention to this hilarious example of fooling an image recognition algorithm with a small patch of carefully engineered noise?

this is a compilation of ~400 projects, labs, etc listed in the Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities

Salvador Dali did the Chupa Chups logo? You learn something every day.