it might help trying to figure out what I'm working through before trying to express it

the animation was used to make a fan video for the Equinoxious song "Astrónomo Insumiso"

I'm sure many of you will enjoy this
"The Return," a Soviet animation from 1980 about an astronaut returning to earth.

I didn't get the NZ residency, which is not surprising. I am surprised at how few candidates they had.

I see a lot of talk about "Venom and Eddie" and I don't know what it is about but each time I expect Eddie Vedder and each time I am disappointed

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there is an odd rippling in the water on the other side of the dock from us and I can't figure out what is causing it.

sorry bro, we can't go to taco bell. my dog is fucking wasted and my license is suspended

It is pitch dark. You are likely to get Eaten by a Grue.
> get eaten by a grue
> inv
You have:
A copy of the bestseller book, Eaten by a Grue.

I worked on my KGPL software to make it easier to add entire concerts from the Live Music Archive by using their JSON API. Starting with LMAJazz I've added many new concerts.

there's a guy on youtube who restores matchbox cars. The perfect example of how much I love when people find their thing and love sharing how much they love their thing even when it's something I have absolutely zero interest in it.

Just know that maybe I'm not watching your video or listening to your music or viewing your art but I am SO VERY glad you are doing it.

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