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Can't upload media to dot social. I shoukd probably move on from here

I was going to post a pic of morning over the river but .social won't let me post media now

the xmas card is now at the printers. Should be back by the 11th, and ready to sell.

The PDF for the Luscious Dick Industries Quarterly Report (a compilation of all #concretepoetry poems I have posted the last three months) is now up:

Which means the ol' website is updated:

woooooo I like this song now.

Cover of the Now: Anderson .Paak, "Old Town Road"

I've been listening to this song for about 35 years now and only now have realized that the radio DJ on Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" single is different from the album cut.


How am I only finding out today that there is (could be *was* after these elections) a Party of the Now in Austria?

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