Nine new cookbooks (tbh "new" depends on the last time you visited the URL) in the Community Cookbooks space.

What better way to learn how to write than immersing yourself in dull writing.

Welcome To The Book

I've uplodaed a lot of cookbooks to the Community Cookbook space, but as they are still processing I won't give th elink out just yet. If you know it you can go see.

also the website is updated:

Do you know what's up at Welcome To The Book?

I mean, arguably our first YA novel. Irregular for us, but not quite as irregular as an OSMOND MOVIE NOVELIZATION!

What's it got going for it? Well, it is short.

I know the next Welcome to the Book was supposed to be the novelisation of "Jaws 2" but today the folks in the lab discovered something quite ludicrous so we shuffled the schedule.

Here is a hint at what is coming next:

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