@b_cavello ha, you're jumping around a bunch. Any interesting observations after being on a couple of different instances?

Reminder that any issues or suggestions for can be reported on its issues page! github.com/Vavassor/Tusky/issu

You can always message or email me about them. But having them on the github really helps me keep organised and lets other contributors and users read about them.

Poll for those managing well-running mastodon instances:

1. How many accounts?

2. What are your server specs?

(is it uncouth to boost your account that's on a different instance?)

@schlink It's a merge. I imported my mastodon.social follows to icosahedron.website and didn't stop following any of the people.

When I import follows from a CSV, it's a merge with my current follows, right? Not a replace?

Great job over the hairy last few days, @Gargron and associated volunteer herd tenders - rock on!

The Ruby library for interacting with the Mastodon client API is in dire need of completion. If you're looking for ways to contribute code, I think that's a good starting point github.com/tootsuite/mastodon-

well all, toot.cat is up!!!!!!

You can sign up!

Make sure to read our CoC first: toot.cat/about/more

and then follow me at @polymerwitch@toot.cat

Good morning! Background processing queues on this instance cleared up a little, but still haven't caught up with real-time. Going to continue working on increasing the performance of background tasks to increase the number of toots per minute that can be processed without delay.

Sorry for the silliness. The activity is simply more than 4x of previous peaks.

In other news, yesterday I finally fixed the mastodon bridge tool.

*drags on cigarette* "Yeah, I was user 2493. @Gargron followed me back."

"On the main instance?! Holy shit! And you just gave it up?"

*flicks cig into the wind*

"Yeah, kid. For the Federation."

--> @schlink

when you move to a new instance it's like, "hey followers, do you _still_ think I'm worth it?"


OK I created an account on a 2nd instance: schlink@octodon.social (not sure how to make that a link yet?)

okay look
#mastodev, there needs to be a brainstorm on something:
a lot of users are concerned about cross-instance users using their username and impersonating them

what would be a good and userfriendly way to fix this?
gnu social doesn't even have a fix for this yet, it seems, so...

Related: bot makers should check out the botsin.space instance! I like the idea of having bots on a separate instance. Maybe one run by the botmaking community, but I don't know who runs this one?

"Honestly, I am probably a little too mean for mastodon.social. Everyone is nice, but I nonetheless feel like a stranger in a strange land, a complete Twitter jerk stranded in a country of kind-hearted anime avatars."

My feelings exactly!

Excellent, nuanced and very honest article by
@sarahjeong: motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

And an evening plug for the Twitter / Mastodon bridge (works with any Mastodon instance)


Connect with your Tweeps, and connect your Twitter with your Mastodon!

Good luck

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