also would like to note that this shows up in image search for intel logo

position: -0.10587452891229357 + -0.6497180326692952i
pixel width: 8.392447438071986e-09

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Ich hatte damals nie damit gerechnet, dass die Mauer so einfach fรคllt. Ich bin aber ebenso รผberrascht, dass es zu meinen Lebzeiten ebenso einfach noch zu einem "1984" kommt. Ohne Widerstand. Nur ein paar Aktivisten liefern sich quasi Rรผckzugsgefechte, solange dazu noch die Mรถglichkeit besteht. Gleiches gilt fรผr den Faschismus. Was in der Kombination fรผr mich noch unbegreiflicher ist. #AlleBekloppt

@schnittchen Conversely: If you are a developer, DO NOT COLLECT DATA THAT YOU DO NOT ABSOLUTELY NEED.

If even Google is unable to keep a product safe, then basically every developer team on this problem must be considered incapable of doing so.

Avoid sharing data of even mild importance on the web when possible. Check for known prior security problems of a service vendor. Do not connect accounts. Never re-use passwords. Use a password manager. Use it to prune your accounts and identities on a yearly basis.

Inktober 5, more oc stuff! ๐Ÿ˜ป
Ted with his kitty โค He found her as a very small kitten while he was in high school โคโค
It's the most important thing in his life โคโคโค
#inktober #art #illustration #drawing #mastoart #creativetoots

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