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@musicmatze Bullshit is/are the everyday misconceptions we carry and don't question because they are woven into our cultural, social and personal identity, and changing them is hard because it means untangling them from our own well-oiled mechanisms and self-preservation forces, toward a better equilibrium and the next higher stage of bullshit.

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Introduction time! 

I haven't done yet. Now is a good time since is approaching.

I'm a friendly gay 🏳️‍🌈 man into cuddling, reading books 📚 and being social. I like technology 🧮, mathematics ♾️, travelling 🚆 and 🎶 and read about psychology and economics. I work as a backend dev and think about systems, resilience, testing and scaling. Talk to me about !

I spend my free time playing games (tabletop roleplay, board games), talking about politics and riding my 🚴.

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I am happy to tell the story of swapping out large chunks of code in a running application in and Phoenix.

I hope you like it -- feel free to ask questions!

In 2020 your #HP #printer writes usage data on the chips of your ink cartridges(!) and they then read that data when you send them for #recycling!

Yes, I am not kidding.
This is an air gap circumvention method for #telemetry!

See page 136. #privacy

Meldung aus der EU: Trotz Milliarden Subventionen ganze 0,79% weniger Treibhausgase. Nicht überraschend, wenn die Landwirtschaftsgelder doch so häufig auch für Betonbauten eingesetzt werden. Mit Anlauf in die Katastophe? #KlimaSchadenTrotzMilliarden

65% of Europeans would support a ban on short flights.


Our new polling results reveal that most Europeans are willing to swap short flights for journeys. 🚝🌍To know more about what Europeans are ready and not ready to do in order to fight , consult the full results here:


Ok, hear me out:

When I used Amazon Prime (through my browser), my laptop would get really hot. I took it as the way streaming works and such.

Now I'm using the stream from my cloud and, even if it is getting hotter, it is nowhere NEAR as hot.

And I bet I could get even less hotter if I played the songs locally.

But what's the difference between Prime Music and my cloud?


DRM not only is bad for you, it's bad for the environment.

🚨 New European Commission study shows: aviation's climate impact is far bigger than usually stated

📃 Read our new press release:

*ID* –> "Shred”
Who needs a shredder when you have one of these ? ;)
this is for

Happy Week Mastodon !

- #mastoart #art #illustration #ID #shred #cat -
:: Better res on website ::

Außerdem: wir sollten die "Querdenker" konsequent Lateralnazis nennen

Schlage eine Gegenbewegung zu den "Querdenkern" vor: die Querlüfter!

It's very hard to get any work done with this boy snoring loudly and looking so adorable right beside me.

#cats #MastoCats

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