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I am happy to tell the story of swapping out large chunks of code in a running application in and Phoenix.

I hope you like it -- feel free to ask questions!

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Habt ihr nach Wahlen auch immer so schlechte Laune?

Ich habe gehΓΆrt, in mehreren Bochum Wahllokalen seien die Stimmzettel ausgegangen, was zu mehrstΓΌndigem Ausfall gefΓΌhrt hat.

Ist das Bochumer Schlamperei, oder auch anderswo passiert?

Projections are out.

Really interesting to see: the lash against conervatives and the huge rise of the green party in DE, which is completely not reflected in AUS.

Did not realize how much I live in a filter bubble :(

Warum manche Leute nicht wΓ€hlen gehen, ist mir unverstΓ€ndlich. Ich zelebriere das immer als das, was es fΓΌr mich ist: Ein ganz besonderer Moment.
Ich bin so dankbar, dass wir solche Wahlen haben. Dieses Privileg nicht zu nutzen, kommt fΓΌr mich nicht in Frage. #Europawahl19

this one really likes cuddling and being close to her humanoids.


Looks like we are getting a high voter turnout at the european elections in Germany.

Also looks like we really need it this time.

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piping random scripts from the internet into bash is the worst way of installing things. imagine if there was an operating system where this was the main way of installing things, and people just googled the program name, clicked the first link, and ran an executable file with admin permissions. imagine that

The power switch: tracking Britain's record coal-free run - that's good but: "the largest power source in Britain remains natural gas, a carbon-emitting fossil fuel." not so good

Just found a Firefox plugin that automatically redirects from AMP sites to the HTML source.

Very nice indeed.

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