I thought the Crocodile Hunter was already dead?

That guy is super unlucky.

No, you cried your eyes out after watching Last Man.

Made the hard decision to cancel our thanksgiving Japan trip. The trip would prevent us from moving into the house and was just causing more anxiety than we needed during this time of year.

May I just say banks and all financial institutions suck?

Such a painful process.

I have a bunch of other small Quick Actions to do stuff like convert images and whatnot.

I haven’t used Automator in years but this new Quick Action feature alone is giving it new life.

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Use Automator’s Quick Actions to create actions for the Finder to open a directory in Terminal.app or your favourite git gui…

Spending way more time at the FEMA website and looking at GIS data then I ever expected. Also learning a ton about the private flood insurance market.

Oh yes. Did I mention the new house is in a FEMA flood zone? And that FEMA backed flood insurance is $4k per year?

As luck would have it we’re at the vet with a sick cat emergency.

Looks like I’m going to be enjoying my morning coffee from here in a few weeks.

Did it.

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We put an offer on a house yesterday. One that my wife is describing as her dream home. We should hear today if it’s ours but early signs look good.

I’m bloody terrified about buying in this climate but hey I’ll no longer be spending 3.5 hours a day commuting to work.

It’s really hard to actually put into words how completely and utterly dismayed I am by the news lately.

Dismayed with a huge dose of numbness/resignation perhaps?

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So a three day FBI investigation is thorough and rigorous eh?

This is going to be so useful when I let an inadequately tested feature slip into a build.

(Oops that isn’t what that example shows actually - wrong snippet. But hey. That would actually be this snippet…)

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