‪🤦‍♂️My bad. I broke my pledge. So what to do? 🤷🏻‍♂️ No blame. 🧟‍♂️ I finished other important work👨‍🔧, shifted gears and jumped back to it. 🦸‍♂️Feeling healthy about that.👨‍🚀‬

I will post on my personal site later after breakfast.

I posted my notes about installing Perch Runway, Craft, Statamic and Laravel Valet on my MacBook Pro on medium. One of my goals this year is to write more often. First attempts.


Welcome to Year of the Pig. I’m going to submit this pig illustration to cotton bureau for a t-shirt to go along with the Year of the Dog t-shirt.

@scottgruber I did a video on my tools. How I Do Web Development from my iPad Pro Full Time youtu.be/Q_WvDqtw7pc

‪Two Sonoma County teens — one who didn't lose a home in the 2017 North Bay fires and one who did — take stock. clsndy.co/northbay-fires‬

I'm behind on my , but still writing it in public.

I decided to write a paranoid thriller about technology, democracy, and the rise of fascism. Cheery stuff. It's been difficult because the actual reality has overtaken it and been objectively worse a few times so far this month.

As is the nature of , it's a first draft, but you can check it out here: inference.werd.io/

Currently preparing the weekly links article, there will be a lot of accessibility and color accessibility ressources <3

After a couple of try outs, I’m beginning to have more fun speaking in public. Today, I gave a lunchtime talk about CSS Grid to the UCLA UX group sponsored by @UCLABruinTech@twitter.com. Here are my slides and links to resources if you’re interested speaking.scottgruber.me/Y55Nhp

Had fun talking with student scientists, designers and programmers at the Space Apps Challenge Kickoff. Here’s my slides and a links to resources.

Performance vs Aesthetics? 75% users want fast sites while 24% care about aesthetics. Speed wins! Make your site look good but prioritize, The Need for Speed

Discover mobile performance tips in AWWWARDS and Google’s free new ebook scottgruber.me/blog/2018-10-19

Making Films for Good - KPJR
Watched the trailers today and will find time to watch the full documentaries. Look like smart films about science, trauma and young people. Check out the trailers. HT @thad_cambron@twitter.com @KPJRFilms@twitter.com


@davatron5000 ❤️ You’re good people, Dave. Sending positive vibes your way

Ooh! Trying the Vivaldi browser and it lets you open sites in a side panel - but it opens the mobile version of the site. So I have Masto in one panel and it's showing the mobile view, which is nice as it fits in one column - but I've also loaded Instagram into a second panel, and since it opens the mobile version, it's letting me upload photos from the computer. :D :D (Which is something Instagram doesn't normally let you do - you can only upload through their mobile app)

“Ethical and honorable, he wanted to receive jobs based squarely on his merits, a faith he held so unalterably he called it “one of my superstitions.”" from "Grant" by Ron Chernow

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