These are the guidelines for the GOOD ads!

A single ad on a website may set 25 cookies, make 100 'fourth-party' calls and use 40% of a user's CPU, according to the guidelines of this adtech firm:

(in addition to many other third-party services that receive data; and of course it's not only 1 ad)ā€¦

Are there any objective study about auto-correct? It's funny, sure, but this happens to me every single day.

Feels like 'a big thing' that everyone just ignores as 'mostly harmless'

Yes! Avoid "listen to me" and instead offer "Let me give you options"

This is hard as it feels like you are giving up control. I hate to break it to you, but that's an illusion. You never had it.

This way, you shape the narrative and guide the discussion

Possibly the most valuable lesson I learned from consulting that I've since applied to everything else in my life:

People never really know what they want. Tā€¦

The sheer volume of email/slack/etc means that more good folk aren't replying to important things.

So a new '<bump> etiquette' evolves which obnoxiously sends again to REALLY get their attention this time.

UX challenge: raindrop management in a downpour

Why desktops still have value: I'm taking notes while watching a remote user test. I've got 4 windows in use. Agreed, extreme case but this was trivial (even sloppy) but I get exactly what I needed.

This isn't a 'horserace' comment, I want mobile to be this powerful too

Horrible UX to save $1. Economics calls this an externality, avoiding the true cost and impact of a decision
If you have to put a sticker like this on the side of a water heater, maybe you should just spring for a second LED or even put a numeric readout on the thing? (It would also be great if the water heater were working, but here we are... unshowered, that is.)

The People's Word of 2018. Voted for by YOU!

nomophobia (noun)

Read our blog to find out more:

So maybe "US English" isn't that uniform at all... I ran this dialect test on the NYT and it placed me either in my home town (Milwaukee), or where spent 10+ years of my life (MSP). Kind of amazing

And thank god for the web. An obscure little page had exactly what I needed to find and repair the problem.

Standing on the shoulders of just regular folk

Electric motorcycles are amazing and weird. Almost zero maintenance and very reliable but when something small goes, it tends to take out the entire machine

This little $12 fuse took out my motorcycle. This type of puttering in the garage sure doesn't feel like it did in high school

This was the best $2.99 I've ever spent on a mobile game. It starts of as a simple clicker game. Keep at it
Just completed a playthrough of SPACEPLAN and once again blown away by the story, pacing, intricacy, and above all the set pieces. Highly recommended. Keep the volume up, the sound design is very special

I just inhaled all three books in the Bobiverse SF series by very creative concept!

I always feel humble when looking at marketshare graphs like this. Things always change. Don't get complacent, something new is always coming.

I used to use an app to read news. Now I use the web. I used an app to view video now I use the web. I used an app to book flights, now I use the web. Trying to figure out what I will use apps for in the future.

I used to use a browser to read news. Now I use apps. I used a browser to view video now I use apps. I used a browser to book flights and check in. Now I use apps. Trying to figure out what I will use browā€¦

The most obvious case of #2 was early mobiles being seen as exclusively about phone calls, which was easily dismissed. There were several sub-innovations that turned it into a 'mobile data device with sensors' which was the true disrupter

It's astronomically hard to predict the tech future:
1. People are inherently cautious so underestimate use cases and impacts.
2. Most radical innovation is a compounding of separate sub-innovations

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