Thank you?
What do you think happened on their end? Clearly this is an html email but what could they have done to have it arrive intact?

Heading to Pittsburgh today to speak at The conference looks amazing and I always enjoy visiting Pittsburgh...

Just saying this again, you're missing an amazing opportunity. Just make these 3 simple changes to Windows 10:
* A "mac finder layout" option for Windows Explorer
* Quick Look
* A Mac Preview clone

Just these 3 things would enable mac users to switch in DROVES

Well, what do you know, touchscreens aren't magical replacements for everything....

Snark aside, the broader point is that we don't appreciate the impact of ergonomics.

This is interesting. IoT organized, supported by builders (the people most likely to create smart homes)

As smart home market booms, builders see plug-and-play tech as a standard feature

Given the many wireless standards in place, it was inevitable that a product like this came to market: choose WiFi or ZWave. Future proof?

Swidget Configurable Outlet

I am anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, and believe Black lives matter.

Thank you for helping me find a better voice. I realize I don't have a huge following but we are all in this.
something i need every white man with a huge following to know: if you donā€™t come out explic@EricaJoy@twitter.comsay ā€œi am anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, and believe black lives matter,ā€ ā€¦

OK, I've collected most of the UX book recommendations into a blog post

Thank you all for the OVERWHELMING energy and help. This is design twitter at its best. I'm sure I missed a few (and more coming in this morning!) but, well, it's a start.

I've collected all the UX book recommendations from my tweet yesterday and I'm looking for a useful way to share them. Obvious choices: Google Doc or a Github Gist. Seems useful to have voting/ranking. Any recommendations?

Please your password reset flow has a huge UX bug. The problem is that your input form VALIDATES my input but then rejects it later. Solution:
1. Document what I need clearly (e.g 8 chars is not true)
2. Validate the form properly
3. Flag non-matching fields beforehand

Jenson's law:
As an online discussion about UX design grows, it will eventually devolve into questioning the very definition of design

I'm looking at you FOSS community. You need a major wake up call to catch up to commercial software and understand the value of UX design in your SW process

So many great replies, thank you! "Philosophy" books like "Design of Everyday Things" have an important role to play, but I'm thinking of a very practical, almost handbook approach, e.g. "These 4 things are important" type of book to really get people thinking next steps

I get asked ALL THE TIME, what is a good introductory book on UX design. I've ready so many good books over the years but nothing that feels short, to the point, and focuses on you drive teams to make good decisions.

Help me Obi-Wan Twitter, you're my only hope

There is an "impedance mismatch" between the tool and the input. How can the design community engage with projects outside of the pull request system? How can we offer support and help at a higher level? I'm open to suggestions.

But that's it in a nutshell isn't it? Good UX is one component of leadership. Would you ask for any open source team to have it's technical road map be a single pull request?

Open source is built on pull requests so it's natural to treat any form of help to a repos as a single change tied to a few files. However, UX design, at it's most helpful, is strategic and adjusts features, not icons.

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