Oh my heart...
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Meet Firebird III from 1958.

GM designer Harley Earl broke his own styling rules. It had very little chrome and no parallel lines.

The first car mouse control. A car mouse.

It was going to be voice activated.

I think you better sit down, because you want to own this car.

Platforms vs Aggregators
Social networks are NOT platforms, they are aggregators. I'm not throwing stones, I'm just calling out the difference between the classic web (which we need more of) and the misunderstood value of social networks.

This is an interesting design, it's far more minimal, closer to the 4 inch phone many have been asking for: a communicator but not a full blown game/video/email desktop replacement monster.
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We've been working on a new device to reframe your perspective on mobile. It's now in early testing with our team outside the lab. Look forward to sharing more in the near future!

TFW you pop into twitter, open up a long thread, read it and then look for the ARCHIVE button


In particular, while it's very bullish on 'the internet' in general, it doesn't really cover the negative effect of online networks and monopolies and how they can counter balance the openness of the web. Seems worth exploring further. Looking for any follow on works

Just finished Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson. Excellent discussion of how open systems are inherently more effective and dynamic that closed ones.

Thought provoking and I'd like to push the ideas further. Any suggestions?

Discussing my Video Games inspire great UX talk with colleague @conor@twitter.com and he introduced me to his Material Design Sound Guidelines! Excellent collection of help/resources to add subtle and quality sound to your app
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I'm excited to be talking today at Google I/O about the release@conor@twitter.comogle's first ever Material Sound design guidelines! Thanks to an amazing team for delivering this work 🙌

Me, a web developer, hiding under the bed:

Armed robber: ...

Me: ...

Armed robber: ...

Me: ...

Armed robber: Sometimes Twitter memes are a bit weird

me: (monica voice)I KNOW!

Shout out to @raphkoster@twitter.com He's the one that got me started down this road...

Of course, it didn't help that I was playing World of Warcraft Classic all weekend either...

My blog post "How Video Games Inspire Great UX" is now up. jenson.org/games/

I worked on it over the long weekend, trying to get the length down but there is just so much to cover. I hope you like it and please, feel free to send me comments, questions, suggestions!
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My "How Video Games inspire great UX" talk seemed to go over well at abstractions.io so I offered to write up the slides as …

Of course, how quickly I can edit it down depends on how much time I put into Classic World of Warcraft...

My "How Video Games inspire great UX" talk seemed to go over well at abstractions.io so I offered to write up the slides as a blog post: it came in at 5000+ words :-\


I said I'd post it today but it needs some serious editing. Nobody reads a 5000 word post!

No matter how often I give talks, when someone comes up to me afterwards and compliments me, I just glow. It makes such a difference. Speaking is scary, and moments like that help so much. It's why I speak: to connect

Thank you?
What do you think happened on their end? Clearly this is an html email but what could they have done to have it arrive intact?

Heading to Pittsburgh today to speak at @abstractionscon@twitter.com The conference looks amazing and I always enjoy visiting Pittsburgh...

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