Sorry, you've forced me off of your PWA. It's back to that frustrating "Hey, I've reset to TOP tweets cause I know better" mode.

You were SO GOOD for about 2 weeks! We were almost there!

Just saying so you understand WHY people are leaving your PWA...

OK, I'm an idiot. It's the shell being ejected. Tempted to delete tweet but I think I need to live with this....

UX perception question
Clip from new terminator movie, see how the bullet comes out sooo slowly? In fact, the bullet animation conflicts with the muzzle flashes. I'm assuming this is a perception hack? Why would they do this?

Most interesting thing I saw at Maker Faire: a "Rubik's cube" with video screens for each face. Apparently the cost of screens if plummeting

And I want to be clear. I totally did the 'wrong' thing. At a superficial level, I screwed up. My point is that a large cloud data corpus needs a different model than 'are you sure' (which is a hold over from local file paradigms)

This is also an issue with "cloud storage". there are no 'backups'. You have one copy and you're one mistake away. I'm not trying to be a luddite here, I'm not asking to go back to local file storage.

Just thinking about what is the right way to a) protect and b) 'backup'

With over 700 things in my list, it was time to clean up.

So... of course, I accidentally deleted 650 things (instead of archiving them) and now i've lost 5 years of research.

"Are you sure" isn't the right approach to stopping users from doing something this strong

If you're a manager in tech, check this out. It's so good.
Since I joining a new team last year, I've done about 500 1:1's.


Perfect example of "You get what you measure"
Chinese phone cradle for boosting your phone's daily step count. Some insurance companies in China allow people who consistently reach a certain daily step count to get discounted health insurance premiums.

So far, nothing. One example was a web conf that rolled their own. A bit surprised there isn't SOMETHING out there...
Aren't there PWA's that replace 'conference apps' by now? It's the perfect used case. I'm surprised I haven't seen more out there...

ARGH.... This hair splitting about 'empathy' is just like our hair splitting about 'what is design?' I agree with everything Don says here but the majority of my corporate UX work has been getting leaders to 'understand what people are trying to do.' For me, that's still empathy
Don Norman: why I don't believe in empathic design. We canā€™t get into the heads and minds of millions of people, and we donā€¦

Aren't there PWA's that replace 'conference apps' by now? It's the perfect used case. I'm surprised I haven't seen more out there...

Papers on the web
Obviously harder. However given the template wars, I got the impression CHI is moving to a CMS next year which should make this much easier

Web app
Progressive web apps have gone mainstream. There are companies doing this now (web app for conferences) so it's just picking the right vendor

The easiest. Do *exactly* what we did this year, just don't encrypt the qrcode (which was done exclusively to sell access to recruiters)
Bonus: have some type of Icebreaker on the front (interests, etc) All opt-in of course

I thought was great. Here are my UX recommendations for 2020:
+ Badges that encourage info exchange
+ A modern web app (vs store app)
+ w/ No ACM login required
+ All papers as web pages
+ Link to papers from web app

But a video can. I realize this is basic "persistence of vision" but I find it worth reflecting on when basic technology foibles like this occur.

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