I'm mentoring a non-profit that is firmly entrenched in a Waterfall process and no surprise, their Eng and teams are constantly at odds. I'm looking for any articles to send their way before I meet with them. Any recommendations?

I'm still enjoying the promise of Mastodon and feel it has a great future. I just wish there were more of 'my tribe' here. It's just so quiet

TIL that on mastodon searching for xyz returns different results from

There are equivalent (or at least overlap significantly on the birdsite

It's not a good sign for UX on @Mastodon when I search for "UX" and the first 6 hits are posts from ME

I'm taking a small job back at Google (just 50%) mostly because I miss talking to smart tech people

Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

From the UX point of the view left 'wedge' solution is much better: it fixes the underlying problem. Everything works normally with no effort

The right 'hack' solution is more fragile as every object must be be adjusted individually (think ongoing support costs)

What's the purpose of the "Federated" timeline? It moves so quickly I'm trying to understand how I'd even use it.

Just told a group of non-tech friends about Mastodon and NOONE had heard of it. Not too surprising but it reminded me that social networks are almost always 'nice' until they get big. I appreciate what Mastodon has done to curb the horrors but it'll be a whole other level if millions come into this space.

Looking for good UX folk to follow here. Please feel free to recommend anyone (or a server if one exists)

A bit more explanation. Over on Twitter many (subconsciously) try to feed The Algorithm and not their followers. the Algorithm seemingly rewards extreme takes better than real communication. As we currently don’t really have such an algorithm here, we (again subconsciously) crater more towards our followers. Extreme takes here are typically (exceptions exist, hello gab.com ;) not rewarded but more often lead to less interaction. This is something the new users here, coming from Twitter, 1/2

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Finished Horizon Forbidden West. The short version of my "UX thoughts": while the story was very well done, the core UX loop was rough, frustrating my goals many times. This is not open world like Breath of the Wild. A few small improvements would make it so much better.

Has anyone migrated from mastodon.social to another server? I've read a few articles that allow me to export/import my account to another server but I'd like to know how to 'auto-connect' my followers to the new server.

Thanks in advance

@Gargron I just saw this claim on Twitter: twitter.com/karenmcgrane/statu Claiming that the Mastodon server owner can see all private messages. I'd like to assume this isn't true. If so, is there something I can lin to as a reply to this person? Thank you

Another thing that new users may not realize is that your Mastodon account isn't limited to following other Mastodon accounts. Mastodon uses a common open source protocol called ActivityPub, and can interact with other services that use that same protocol. Pleroma, for example, or PeerTube, or PixelFed. It's like being able to subscribe to Instagram or YouTube from your Twitter account.

Nice post from Bruce Lawson on how to add a comment to the US federal register on the need for all platforms to have an open web ecosystem (of course, the main culprit is iOS) Please read more here: brucelawson.co.uk/2022/america

Go to the very bottom and select "Make your voice heard!"

I finally updated my desktop to Windows 11 and honestly, it's a HUGE improvement! I love the new File Explorer, it's just to much calmer. In fact that's the word I'd use to describe the entire update, things are just 'calmer'. I love it

Oooof! It's taking 30 seconds to post here on Mastodon! Servers must really be overloaded. If there was a paid version, I'd sign up in a second to help.

Sorry for the confusion, I had Twitter forwarded into Mastodon and I forgot so I ignored all replies for the past year. Sorry! I've disconnected Twitter so anything you see here, was written here.

If Elon lets Trump back in here, I'm going to have a REAL hard time staying...

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