This is dark UX pattern @raycon On mobile, most taps would just fail (as there is no hover feedback). You're deliberately trying to prevent people from opting out of your spam

The equivalent in the FOSS world is "If you make this change, I'll stop using this product" which I find kind of astounding: it's taking cancel culture down to a single user, and assuming that will somehow be effective

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"User Feedback" is rarely done with any concept of magnitude. So often it's a tiny minority of users that have an outsized voice

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Not because it (or beacons) took over the world, but it was a gateway into the world of smart devices and ambient computing.
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Name one technology that radically changed your career🚀

I start: @reactjs ⚛️

I'm considering writing up a blog post on "Why IoT is so damn hard", discussing the UX impact of (what I see as) our very limited technology stack.

Are there others that have discussed this? Reaching out for links/suggestions @mikekuniavsky @gigastacey @balloob

Putting UWB in headphones is fascinating. I expect their initial use will be quite simple, e.g. detecting left/right orientation but their are LOTS of interesting UX directions this could go

I see a UX insight and opportunity.

The ‘periphery’ of what you’re written is lost in todays digital documents. How could that be captured (maybe like an art board?) so this process could be more supportive?
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I was just told apparently it’s weird to have a “dump document” open where you copy and paste the things you’ve decided to cut from your written draft (right now, a motion) *just in case you need it later.* I s…

Given all we know, I'm astounded by how bad some web pages are, how much money they just leave on the floor.

I just paid a toll for @fastrakbayarea on their website. They REALLY wanted me to sign up for an account. I just gave up after 5 minutes (I *wanted* to make an account!)

The potential for haptics, especially on mobile, is vastly underrated. Like so many technologies, it will likely be a stair-step process of better actuators and clever uses of them.

Just deleted my Facebook account.

I honestly hardly used it, logging in maybe once a month.

It feels kind of great actually....

Removing the jack has nothing to do with music: it's about prioritizing battery size, case costs, and water proofing. These are all good things! But saying that removing the headphone jack is 'the right thing' doesn't understand WHY it's removed. And why it could come back

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Gee, I wonder if having a headphone jack is actually important to some people? If a high end flagship, audiophile phone is bragging about a headphone jack, maybe, just maybe, there is a consumer need

There is so much to discuss about the role of social media in society. I'm just frustrated we demonize the wrong things so quickly. We can't fix the problem if we don't see it clearly

India’s Lynching Epidemic and the Problem With Blaming Tech

A scam artist just called my mother, claiming to be from Amazon. Tried to install TeamViewer to hack her laptop.

Fortunately, she stopped in time and backed out. They started yelling at her! I'm proud of her but also seething.

Be sure to have 'the talk' with your parents

Is anyone else getting ALT-tags on their images? So great to see this (using web client)

Such a great insight. Our initial "obvious" intuition is often wrong. Think more deeply about your problem. Question your assumptions.
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When I think about the things that lead to people leaving academia I think about this image. It shows where the bullet holes were on planes that came back during WW2. The question is: Where do you put the armor?

I don't understand apps like this. Single finger drag does nothing. Why require two fingers?

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