So I found this in my hotel bathroom. I approached it slowly, cautiously, like you would a caged wild animal.

It did, in fact, bite.

McDonald's giving away free French fries as motivation to install their app makes it clear just how challenging the 'install problem' is.

PWAs people...PWAs...

Quick user test, what direction is shown on this car dashboard compass? Spoiler: it's North West

Excited that tomorrow I'll be attending TC53, Ecma's working group focused on JavaScript for smart devices. It's a natural evolution of my previous work with the Physical Web.

Making the world better, very slowly, through standards.

Remember when people used to carry dedicated cameras thinking they took *better* pictures than your phone?

Thanks for all the help. I just want to Waitrose which WILL allow me to order a turkey (for Xmas delivery :-/) However, most big stores will have frozen turkeys so I'm not too worried. I might have to smuggle in some cans of pumpkin for the pies however...

UK Friends:
I'll be in London during "American Thanksgiving" and I'd like to cook a proper Thanksgiving meal. Any chance I could pick up a ~6-8kg Turkey at Tescos? What about fresh cranberries? Is that pushing it?

Ah, important bit of data, this is for a word game which requires you to spell out words. Maybe there is just a huge variation in german words due to conjugation stuff?

Anyone in internationalization help me here? Why would German require 10x the space of English? It's very unĆ¼bersichtlich

There were early glimmers of this with OmniGraffle but this takes it to a whole new level. Bravo Figma for finding UX power in the 'sweating the little things'!
Power up your productivity with our new Smart Selection feature! It lets you adjust the spacing and arrangement of a selection of objects on the canvas much faster āš”ļø. Read more:

Honestly, I'm checking Twitter just to get the next installment of this story
"Wind's bad tonight" said the driver. He nodded at the mountains.

At what should have been mountains, but were now a yellow haze.

"How long do we have?" Casey asked.

"It's just the drift." A screen near his elbow flashed and his eyes shifted. "We have an hour. Maybe two."

Recent flight in the exit row.
Less is more folks, less... is... more...

Actually, someone pointed out that the painting is backlit in the frame, meaning it is plugged into main power. Problem solved. This would help it pass any x-ray scans as they would expect to see wires in there

Nerdy IoT question: If this painting was constructed by Banksy *years* ago, then how was he able to trigger the self destruct remotely? Batteries world be dead...

I'm finally writing again. How a shower door unlocked a key insight into improving how design teams work

In fact, I'd suggest we break it up into a text AND image ratio (to to total page size) I expect for most news pages the text ratio will struggle to reach 1%

Dear is there a utility that calculates a page's "content ratio"? There will never be a perfect version of this but something like:
sizeof(text + images)/total size of page
While imperfect, it would give us a simple metric to compare different sites & their abuse

Is it weird that if I want to make a quick diagram or simple layout, my first instinct is to open Keynote? It's not a drawing program but how it handle's 'the little stuff' makes me want to chose it every time.

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