What's so sad is that I'm willing to spend much more than the ad revenue these monetization hacks are likely to make (but I expect I'm in the minority on this)

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I'm fighting @twitter so hard to get a proper, calm feed:
* Use the PWA to avoid silly stories
* Use a bookmarked custom search to avoid retweets

I'd prefer Twitter to be more like a simple feed of JUST peoples direct content and not the echo chamber that comes from retweets

Hmmm, after reflection, maybe it should be:
Present Certain vs
Future Uncertain

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Completely agree! But the lure of "present clear" decisions (save money) are so much easier to defend than "future uncertain" (bad ux impact) It's human nature to take the short term win
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If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.


While interviewing at Amazon's secret @AmazonLab126 one of my interviewers asked if my existing company was hiring🤯🤯
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What was the most memorable experience you had while interviewing for a job?

After being turned down by @Airbnb (most likely because I was "too old") they sent me a $100 gift certificate for REI as a consolation prize ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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What was the most memorable experience you had while interviewing for a job?

OK, admit it. When in a VC meeting, have you muted your camera and mic to go make a cup of tea?

I'm thinking of it as 'extending the tether' so I can still be actively involved in the meeting, but I can do small things while I'm listening. I see this as a positive thing

Adventures with take two:

If I close my MacBook with my BT headphones active, when I next wake the machine, the laptop's speakers are now completely unavailable. The only way to use the speakers again is to reboot.

So I'm using my wired headphones for now....

One of my Twitter goals this new year was to calm my feed down, make it more helpful and inspiring. I've already tweeted about resetting who I follow.

Step 2: turn off retweets for some accounts. I value their personal content, not their amplification

<time passes>
Thanks for the replies! I'm liking comments/documentation/tests as they usually occur later in the coding process (although I'm sure there are some who do it first)

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What is an important programming task that is usually far down the list for most programmers?

Following formatting standards for their code?
Naming global variables appropriately?

Not trivial tasks, but certainly not the first thing they'd worry about.

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I'm working on a talk about UX and FOSS. One point is that the FIRST thing teams ask for is help with their icons. (sigh) It's important of course, but far down the list. I'm looking for an equivalent request to programmers that that would make them more empathetic

Down deep, all I'm really saying is not all mac users want a naively slapped together iOS/Mac UX merge.

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I'm not saying this will be practical or viable. Just saying that Apple can't see the world so simply, we're not all iPad users all the time (nb: I use an iPad)

I'm not articulating this well, but it's sort of a "right to repair" issue but for UX

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These new Mac OS releases are clearly trying to shoehorn MacOS and iOS together, and not in a way that's productive or helpful. It's business driven, not UX

Prediction: an underground movement will coalesce around Mac OS Mojave. Not just the OS but cached apps as well

With help from @aeoye turns out BigSur now turns "Force Click" on be default which, as far as I can tell, completely kills dragging files on a trackpad. Seems like a dubious decision to me....

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Anyone else seeing this? Since upgrading to , I can no longer drag files in the Finder. Every time I drag, I get a 'deep click' that opens up a preview! Is there any way to turn this off, it's making my Mac impossible to use...

It's a positive signal if a CEO tweets about UX design. If you're considering a company who's top brass don't talk about UX in a detailed way, be careful

When this is a company's desktop website, it's clear mobile is the dominant platform.

But, but, it would be so EASY to make this work on desktop (and tablets!) as well. Why can't we have both?

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