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The Screenless Office

this article on teaching programming to non-native English speakers is super helpful I definitely struggle with this in my own teaching, and it's doubly difficult because so much of what I teach is specifically *about* English. nevertheless I've been trying lately to engineer more opportunities for my students to make work in and about other languages

I think all my friends need to see this, please if you have a second have a look at how cool this looks

Je recherche des projets open source cool pour réaliser des logo et graphismes, pour me faire la main et contribuer en même temps 😀 !

Vous connaissez des projets qui ont des besoin ?

Retootez s'il vous plait <3 !

I really like this description of the @screenless office: "an artistic operating system". Exactly. Why could we not have that? This is such a good proposition.
This is fascinating! Found them on twitter, but was delighted to see "Follow us on [...*] mastodon." at their index page!

Which makes this a shoutout to @screenless - may you go far and create weird and wondrous interfaces!

(* "facebook, twitter and" )