Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-07-01
Today is the first day of July which means that 2022 is half done. For me, this always comes as a bit of a surprise. Every day and week seem to be crammed with more and more news, events, and things to do and often seem interminable. But, days and weeks as a plural seem to be just flitting by.

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Use of Obfuscated Beacons in ‘pymafka

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-06-24
Things are calming down with the upcoming summer. We did get a series of new betas for macOS Ventura and iOS 16 this week.

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CrateDepression: Rust Supply-Chain Attack Infects Cloud CI Pipelines with Go Malware

Mac and Linux users were targeted with Mythic payload as attackers sought to infect entire user populations at once throug

MDOYVR 22 Talk: The Encyclopedia of macOS Automation
Last week I had the pleasure and honor of participating and presenting at MacDevOps YVR. The videos for the sessions are now appearing on YouTube.

There is a page for my talk "The Encyclopedia of macOS Automation," in which I discuss the options for scripting and automation on macOS, with extra links and notes. You can go directly to the video her

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-06-17
First week post WWDC and there are many more reactions and even some nice features, or rather dogcows discovered in the beta releases. (Moof!)

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7 New Security Changes macOS Admins Should Be Aware Of

As WWDC 2022 closes out, here are some interesting – and potentially disruptive – changes with macOS Ventura that have received less

MacDevOps VYR 2022 – The Encyclopedia of macOS Automation
SlidesVideo (will be linked when the session is on YouTube)


macOS Monterey 12.3 removes Python 2 – Link collection


The unexpected return of JavaScript for Automation – Scripting OS X

Shell Scripting

Moving to zsh – MacSysAdmin 2019Scripting Jamf: Best Practices – Virtual JNUC 2020Practical Scripting – MacSysAdmin Online 2020Some CLI updates in macOS Montereym

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-06-10
WWDC! As usual, we get the previews and betas for the upcoming systems from Apple. Monterey seemed to be a some what quieter "tok", to Big Sur's "tik" release, mostly focusing on consolidation and stability. macOS Ventura, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 look like substantive "tik" releases, full of new features and behaviors.

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The only Apple Unif

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-06-03
Scheduling my vacation right before WWDC resulted in a big summary. Lots of interesting links that should keep you distracted until the keynote on Monday.

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The only Apple Unified Platform for Business

Mosyle is the only solution that fully integrates Enhanced MDM, Endpoint Security, Internet Privacy & Security, Single Sign-On, and Ap

2022 Conference Season Speaking Schedule
With WWDC starting very soon, the MacAdmin conference season ramping up. I keep track of all the major MacAdmin conferences on my conferences page but I thought a summary of where I am going to present might be interesting:

MacDevOps YVR, June 9–11, Online

Yes, it is very disappointing that the uncertainties of the pandemic still make in-person conferences impractica

macOS 12.4 and iOS 15.5
The updates for macOS 12.4, iOS 15.5 and all the siblings dropped yesterday. Usually I would gather a list of links for these updates in the news summary on Friday, but since I will be on a vacation break and they will seem stale in two weeks, you will get them now. Enjoy!

macOS Monterey 12.4

What's new in the updates for macOS MontereyWhat's new for enterprise in macOS MontereyApple previews innovat

Update Installomator: v9.2
We have updated Installomator. This brings Installomator to 465(!) applications! Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

Note: Both Google and Mozilla recommend using the pkg installers instead of the dmg downloads for managed deployments. So far, Installomator has provided labels for both. (googlechrome and googlechromepkgor firefox and firefoxpkg, respectively) Since there are problems with the

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-05-13
Last week I mentioned that Apple often releases a few things before WWDC, because they don't fit in the keynote. I should have been careful what I wished for: the iPod touch — the last remnant of the iPod line — is being discontinued.

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The only Apple Unified Platform for Business

Mosyle is the only solution that fully integrates Enha

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-05-06
The month of May is like "advent for Apple fans." WWDC is looming in a few weeks. Most of the dust from previous system releases has settled. Things have been fixed, or we have gotten used to the workarounds. Anticipation and dread for the next round of releases is rising. Sometimes, Apple even opens a door or two and releases something which didn't fit in the keynot

Launching Scripts #4: AppleScript from Shell Script
In the last post, we discussed how to run shell commands and scripts from an Apple Script environment. In this post, we will look at how we can run AppleScript commands and scripts from the shell environment.

Open Scripting Architecture

The key to running AppleScript from the shell is the osascript command. OSA is short for 'Open Scripting Archite

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-04-29
It was a comparatively quiet week regarding Apple and macOS news. Aside from Apple making the first self repair options available, and reporting another blowout quarter.

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uberAgent: per-application network monitoring

uberAgent is an innovative user experience monitoring product for macOS and Windows. uberAgent's highlights inclu

Launching Scripts #3: from AppleScripts
In this series of posts, I am exploring the various different ways of launching scripts on macOS. In the first two posts, we explored what happens when you launch scripts from Terminal. We already explored some concepts such as the shell environment and how that affects scripts. In this post we are going to explore a different, but very common way to launch shell commands and

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-04-22
Yesterday, Apple updated the support article on macOS Server stating the app has been discontinued. They also announced that the Fleetsmith service, which they have maintained since the acquisition in 2020 will be discontinued in October.

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uberAgent: web app monitoring

uberAgent is an innovative user experience monitoring produc

Launching Scripts #2: Launching Scripts from Finder
In this series of posts, I will explore the many ways that you can launch a script on macOS. In the previous, inaugural post, I described what happens when you launch a script from an interactive terminal shell.

There are several virtual terminal applications available for macOS. iTerm is very popular. Some text editors like Visual Studio Code and No

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-04-15
Even though it is a long week-end here this news summary still delivers!

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates and I hope you get a bit of a reprieve this week-end either way.

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uberAgent: application usage monitoring

uberAgent is an innovative user experience monitoring product for macOS and Windows. uberAgent's highlights

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