Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021–05–14
No new updates this week. Nevertheless, MacAdmins seem to be taking the time to catch up and get some work done, as we got many interesting posts this week. We also got beta3 for 11.4.

MacDeployment is scheduled for June 1–2 and you can register to attend for free! I will be doing “An Online Presentation on Presenting Online.” I have also updated my conference

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-05-07
After the long awaited big updates last week, Apple followed up this week with another, albeit much smaller, update. macOS 11.3.1 et al are security updates for some pretty serious bugs, that may already be exploited.

Less than one month until WWDC!

MacDevOpsYVR has started releasing their speaker list and I am proud to say that I will be doing a 15 minute talk

MacAdmin Support Pages
For the editions of the newsletter that comes out right after a update for macOS or iOS, there are a set of links to Apple Support pages that I include regularly. Apple updates these support pages with new information after an update.

Some of these "What's New" pages are fairly well hidden in user guides or the developer documentation. The search on Apple's support page is often not very effective in find

MacAdmin Support Pages

What's new in the updates for macOS Big SurAbout iOS 14 UpdatesAbout iPadOS 14 UpdatesAbout watchOS 7 UpdatesApple security updatesApple Business Manager release notesApple School Manager release notesWhat's new in macOS ServerWhat's new in Apple Configurator


What's new for enterprise in macOS Big SurWhat’s new for enterprise in iOS 14What’s new for enterprise in iPadOS 14What’s new in mobile dev

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-04-30

After a beta phase that seemed longer than the initial macOS Big Sur beta (it wasn't) we finally got macOS 11.3 this week. And iOS 14.5 and siblings. I am sure you are all already unlocking your iPhone with a mask on and tracking the AirTags you ordered.

Lot's of information about macOS 11.3 for MacAdmins, which I have gathered here.

Oh yes, and App

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-04-23
The Spring Loaded Apple Event delivered: we got a new podcast app with subscriptions, a purple iPhone, AirTags (for when we all can go out and lose things again), new Apple silicon iMacs, and a new iPad Pro. And the M1 Mac mini silently got a new option for 10GigE.

The new iMac comes in seven colors, very reminiscent of the colored G3 iMacs. It's specs mostly matc

Installomator Updated: v0.5
It has been a while, mainly because I was busy with other things, but there finally is a new release version of Installomator!

The reason work has progressed—quite significantly—even though I was distracted is that Søren Theilgaard and Isaac Ordonez have joined the project as conributors. All of the work from 0.4 to 0.5 was from one of them. We ahve some great plans to move this tool forward, as

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-04-16
This week Apple finally sent out the invitations for an event next week. The "Spring Loaded" event will take place next week, April 20, at 10am PDT.

Release of iOS 14.5, macOS 11.3, and siblings are likely on or around that day then. We did get an eighth beta this week. Next week should be interesting.

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Scripting OS X — Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-04-09
Another week and no update from Apple. We did get another round of betas (beta7, 20E5229a) for macOS, iOS and siblings.

But we did get an announcement of Apple Tiles… no, wait… third party support for "Find My…" tracking. Apple's plan to keep releasing something every week continues.

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Get Password from Keychain in Shell Scripts
MacAdmin scripts often require passwords, mostly for interactions with APIs.

It is easiest to store the password in clear text, but that is obviously a terrible solution from a security perspective. You can pass the password as an argument to your script, but that is inconvenient and may still appear in clear text in the ps output or the shell history.

You can

Scripting OS X — Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-04-02
Anther week, another beta release. Apple has released the sixth beta for macOS 11.3 (20E5224a), iOS 14.5, and siblings.

Apple has also announced the dates for WWDC 2021. It will take place June 7–11 "to a screen near you." I have updated the conference overview on Scripting OS X. So, we have two months left before we enter the nex

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-03-26
No major Apple announcement either this week. We got the fifth beta for macOS 11.3, iOS 14.5 and siblings. Apple also released new versions for the apps formerly known as iWork. Is this the start of the spring release season?

Talking about spring releases, Mac OS X was released twenty years ago this week!

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Twenty Years of Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.0 was released March 24, 2001. Twenty years ago today.

The PowerBook, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are obviously big steps along the way from Apple as a 'beleagured,' minor computer maker with an uncertain future to the $2 trillion tera-corp they are today. It is easy to focus on the hardware. But Mac OS X was at least as important.

Back then, it was essential that Apple mo

Script Identity Crisis – get the Path to the Current Script
In shell scripting, there are many situations where you want to know the path to the script file itself.

I use this frequently in scripts that build pkgs, because I want the script to access or create files relative to the script or its enclosing folder. In other words: the script sits in some project folder, and you want to get the

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-03-19
Fairly quiet week. No major news from Apple, except for the fourth beta of macOS 11.3, iOS 14.5 and siblings.

Apple has admitted that the original 'large' HomePod is discontinued. You can still buy them while supplies last. This seems like release some bad news before the good news. Apple often releases new products or updates at this time of year.

To suppo

EraseInstall application retired
It makes me very sad that the EraseInstall application has been retired.

We built this tool three years ago, mostly because we wanted to learn how to build an app like this on macOS. We think it worked out well. We learned a lot, and are glad the application was useful to some.

Since then, all the people involved in the EraseInstall Project have moved on to other jobs or other respo

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-03-12
Lots of news this week as macOS 11.2.3 and a iOS 14.4.1 dropped. Adobe is starting to ship Apple silicon versions of their software, but they are not universal apps. Git has a security issue with git clone, but no updated installer for macOS.

And I was on the MacAdmins Podcast and MacAdmins Monthly!

PSU MacAdmins have announced their schedule for another series

MacAdmin Conference Overview
The list is for information only. I do not intend to shame or pressure any of the organziers of these conferences, no mattter what the status of their conference is. These are harrowing times for organizing anything, let alone a conference. My deepest thanks and respect to anyone who puts together any form of conference or meeting.


ACES 2021: May 2021 (Tuesdays), infoPSU MacAdmins Campfire Sessions: June

Scripting OS X on the MacAdmins Podcast
I had the pleasure of talking with the always amazing hosts of the MacAdmins Podcast and now you can listen to it!

MacAdmins Podcast: What are you doing with your COVID time? Writing books I see!

Many thanks for having me on! If this whets your appetite, you can get the book "macOS Terminal and Shell" here.

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-03-05
Jamf is opening the registration for the virtual JNUC 2021! They are also calling prospective speakers to submit their proposals.

Because I was curious what the status of the various Mac Admin conferences was this year, I put together a list.

The list is for information only. I do not intend to shame or pressure any of the organziers of these conferences, no ma

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