This derailment of vinyl acetate tank cars happened about 100m from my house last night. Apart from idling diesel engine annoying, I heard nothing:

Bought and assembled a Creality Ender 3 3D printer today to temporarily replace my ailing home-built one. The Ender 3 is pretty great for under $300 🇨🇦

Centre construction, Palace of Westminster tower clock

So I (reluctantly) got Amazon Prime to get components for work in a hurry, but it seems that many same-day delivery items magically become 2-3 day delivery items once you get to the order page. Hmm

Meeting today -- Special Event!

Seatbelts and Airbags for Bash with Michael Potter
Wednesday, October 17th at 18:45., 1266 Queen St W. Suite #6

The opening paragraph of Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities", run through the unicorn name filter (`s/[aeiouy]/inkle/ig;`) and read by flite -

btw, has these little ESP8266 boards for very cheap. I got 6 fro $30 shipped. Note that they're 32Mbit flash, though ...

“Bitcoin is a very effective way of turning crypto libertarian daydreams directly into climate change” -

more plotter art: this for my dad's 80th birthday

Shit; Canada just gave away its Life+50 copyright term. That's one of my favourite children's authors out of print for another 20 years ...

Oh no! I can't make it to so that means you have to! With inspirational categories including ONE OF PAUL GRAHAM'S BURPS THAT I TRAPPED IN A JAR and A SMALL SACHET OF DUST THAT ARRIVES BUT ONCE A FORTNIGHT you can't go wrong!

Our monthly Saturday Open House is this Saturday from around 3pm to whenever people leave, it's just like every Tuesday's Open House but this one is on a Saturday.

We are at 1266 Queen St. West in Toronto, buzz Unit #6.

Bedtime reading: “A rhetorical analysis of wind concerns Ontario's use of melodrama to promote online opposition to industrial wind turbine developments”

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