I've been trying not to buy things from Amazon for the last couple years but OH my GOD does literally no one else know how online shopping works?

Ace Hardware placed 3 holds on my credit card... and insisted the transaction failed every time.

Sears (or someone committing identity fraud, who knows!) just CALLED me a day after an online order and insisted that I recite every detail of the order, billing, shipping, etc to them, ma'am it's a belt sander, not a diamond

ugh, trying to order from BetterWorldBooks, and their checkout has, uh, checked out

plotter.vision converts 3D STL files to 2D SVG suitable for #plottertoots with interactive camera positioning, back-face culling, hidden-line removal, and coplanar-triangle merging.

"And if thou gaze long into thy navel, thy navel will gaze also into thee."

The #Pinecil RISC-V
soldering iron is now available for purchase for $24.99. With this first batch we also decided to include the break-out board free of charge.
You're welcome.


I was yesterday years old when I found out about `(( <|=|>|<=|>= ))` comparison operators in bash, and I'm against them.

At least `[ -ge ]` won't accidentally create an empty file called = if you mess up the quoting …

Random Symmetrical Unicode Triangle Character Truchet Tiling :


I just heard that Chris Browne passed away last Monday. If you were involved with Linux through @gtalug or worked with , you'd likely have experienced Chris's humour, enthusiasm and wisdom.

Condolences to his family

My mom was talking about an old Sierra adventure game she played when she was a kid, called King's Quest (the ancestor to all the point & clicks they ended up making). I quickly took her over to a computer, fired up archive.org, and now she's beaming at the computer screen and yelling "EVERYONE GET OVER HERE IT'S KING'S QUEST IT'S KING'S QUEST" :D

I’ve tweeted about this before, but I really encourage you to read the entire fever dream that is this chronicle of Toronto’s GarfieldEats. foodandwine.com/travel/garfiel

I feel like "shit you cook when you're im your early 20s" cuisine should have its own Wikipedia entry. Using too much cumin. Putting sweet corn in everything. Plain white rice with tofu and soy sauce. Pasta drowned in olive oil so that it doesn't even begin to absorb the frivolous quantities of bland tomato sauce.

I want to take on a new creative outlet, but I also wanna skip the part where I'm bad at it in the beginning.

I'm thankful for Bruce Boxleitner, who made all of our cartons less burdensome.

Arse! A supplier shipped me 8 mm smooth rods instead of the 6 mm I ordered. You'd have thought that the 4x LM6LUU 6 mm linear bearings I ordered might've been a clue I wanted 6 mm instead of 8.

I don't believe that M3x50 machine screws exist in Canada

It's kind of funny in retrospect that the programming language whose mantra was "There Should Be Only One Way To Do It" featured two separately maintained, incompatible, versions of itself for 11 years.

spider, large, poss. misidentified 

@nev a correspondent says this is a Hololena curta, but it looks way too leggy. Can you help please?


(location: upstate NY

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