oh boy the joys of setting up a ham shack again

Lovely piece from Rebecca Solnit: "Chrome-Plated Pistols and Pink Polos: The Face of Elite Panic in the USA" lithub.com/chrome-plated-pisto

Plus with regulated sales there will be fewer underage users, and they are the ones to worry about.

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Just a reminder that if you vote YES to Cannabis legalisation in the upcoming election, people like me, living with daily pain, get to try a safe effective treatment for my condition, while also creating a new sector for jobs, training & business opportunities. Please vote YES.

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Hey Toronto people! Throughout the summer, local progressive politics org Progress Toronto is offering free/PWYC online workshops on:

- digital campaigning
- City Hall 101
- how to meet with politicians
- how to speak at a committee
- crafting your narrative

Deets & registration here: progresstoronto.ca/summer-trai

#events #toronto #TOpoli #FreeStuff #DiversityOfTactics 🐘

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Capharnaum County Magicians Society has just released a new track, an #1865 #funeral #march for #banjo, #drum and #mellotron. Have a free listen and please consider following if you enjoy this sort of weirdness! #magicianssociety #bandcampfriday #mastomusic #musiciansofmastodon magicians.bandcamp.com/track/f

found yet another homage to a type-in game I wrote when I was 16

Oh wow! I just got an e-mail with a "ASCII Ribbon Campaign" signature. I haven't seen one of those in 15 years, maybe?

Toronto, where people are visibly fucking up this whole masks and distancing thing all the time everywhere you look, is moving to open back up, and I'm feeling awful about it. We could be saying, "Universal basic income for all and rent is not a permitted transaction until we've got a vaccine", but instead our government policy amounts to "look, there's an economy that needs to run here and some of you are just going to have to die."

Trying to find an alternative to Lush that actually makes shower gel that I like and

uspol, police fragility 

the new Libby Watson article on the cop persecution complex is pretty good, check it out folks newrepublic.com/article/158212

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