finally, a good thing on the bird site: this bot takes tweets written in BBC BASIC and renders them as they'd run on the Acorn original:

So the Liberal Party of Canada has started to spam me (and under Canadian law, there's nothing I can do to stop them) so as a tiny piece of rebellion they now know me as “GoAway'); DROP TABLE users; -- GetLost'); DROP TABLE wp_gf_form; --”

aaagh, bloody Urbane Cyclist need to take another **two weeks** on my bike cos they don't have the right Shimano shifter cable in stock. This is on top of the two weeks that they didn't contact me because my email address was getting caught in their spam filters.

When I get my bike back I'm gonna hafta count the wheels, that's how much I trust UC now

I just found myself writing the phrase “community of fart diarists” in a serious context

Yay! My ancient laptop supports CUDA - maybe even enough to run Meshroom ...


Two people break in, steal stuff, watch social media pictures of them go viral, decide to return to crime scene after forensics team have been to return stuff wrapping it neatly so it doesn't get rained on! Some days are more bizarre than others!


From our August 2019 Lightning talks,.

Recent Developments in Open-Source Assistive Technology with Stewart Russell.

I'm at the ATSC - science centre association - exhibition, and a nearby musical Tesla coil is making sweet dot-matrix printer soundz ...

The realization: the perfect audience for any advertising company is a person who’s impulsive, angry, frightened and tired. The cyclic relationships between what you see and how you feel and react means that any machine learning effort aimed at improving business outcomes for an advertising company will unavoidably optimize itself towards creating an audience that’s impulsive, angry, frightened and tired. The incentives don’t permit any other outcome, whatever the people working there say.

I'm at an outlet mall. I don't even need an outlet though

So there is M-x nyan-mode instead of scroll-bar-mode in #Emacs and it is fantastic.

I wrote and delivered a LibreOffice presentation entirely on a 4 GB Raspberry Pi 4B last night. it's a pleasantly snappy machine. At no time did it feel like a tiny little hobby computer: it's a real desktop machine

Man, I don't know why I keep using the for x in cat construction in the shell. I have so much computer here, why not use it all? xargs -P 128 and parallellize all the things!


Years ago, I used to use an IBM USB Scrollpoint mouse. Rather than having a middle scroll wheel, it had an IBM-style Scrollpoint nubbin that allowed scrolling in both X and Y directions.A few years ago driver support was withdrawn.

I was in Forest City Surplus today, and in the USB bin was a Scrollpoint mouse … but from Lenovo! Seems they remade them in 2013, and this works perfectly without drivers!

you don't fool me, little ant mimic.

you might have the tappity-tap of your front legs pretending to be antennae, but - pro tip - real ants don't turn to look at you when you get near

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