Watched Fellini's 8 1/2 last night, with my partner. My fitbit told me that I fell asleep right at the start of the movie, which is certainly incorrect.

It also indicated that I entered REM state sleep about 2/3 of the way into the movie, which is certainly true. It wasn't *MY* REM state sleep, though; it was Federico Fellini's.

tuh tuh Tuh tuh tuh-tuh-tuuuh, ...

I was in the library, checking out those books when he walked by and asked if I knew where the best western was.

I got out my phone and mapped it, and walked him outside to show him how to get to the road and where to turn. He had a cane, and I would have just driven him, but he wasn't asking for anything but directions.

I thought about it all week. I wondered if veteran homelessness has anything at all to do with having no real home while in the service. I wondered about him and the VA.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
All the Pretty Horses

CCF is a frictionless, fast read from Roald Dahl, picked up because of "violet better than charlie", from

ATPH is not fast, being Cormac McCarthy. Many conversations are in Spanish, mitigated a little by knowing what one of the characters is *thinking*.

Met a veteran just off of the bus fom the VA hospital in Menlo Park. Once a month he gets a prepaid credit card, which goes further in Milpitas. He had a homeless tan.

This online, interactive penrose tiler makes me the most happy.

I've posted this link before, but it was from a now-dead instance, and the content was lost (to me, anyway).

I had to find it again, covering no new ground. There are a lot of tilers out, but I didn't find any that were as advanced as this one in terms of interactivity and usability.

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(here's a "Before" pic where you can see the gungy old lube and dull contacts - I took it to remind me which way up the spider was mounted (it's possible to put the spider back on upside down) but figured I'd share it here so you can see what these can get to look like over time)

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The boy has a new phone. You all are not prepared for how many photos of Guff he's going to take.
RT Serving you portrait mode glamour!


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"Sleep that knits up the ravell’d sleave of care,
The death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath,
Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course,
Chief nourisher in life’s feast. "

Shakespeare, from Macbeth

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Found this fine old thing out on the sidewalk. NASA 714, which housed the Kuiper Infrared Observatory, is nearby on the airstrip. I think they're related.

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Are you like me and find it rather difficult to work in stark silence but also find good music equally distracting because you start to vibe?

Would you like am ambient audio resource that's completely randomly generated and doesn't have an obvious loop window?

Try Hatnote!

With Hatnote, you can listen to every edit and revision on Wikipedia, the magnitude of the edit determining the note's pitch.

Try it out! It's about the only way I can code nowadays.

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As much as I like my new TV, it appears it's designed to connect to Google a LOT when it's in sleep mode.

Just added a firewall rule to my router and manually cleaned out the connection table. Went from ~1100 connections to 40. TV has been off for about ten seconds and the firewall rule has already been matched about 100 times. Geez.

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the thirty theophrastan character types; one would imagine that readers of this c. 319 BCE work were invited to tag themselves (from

What a moon!
Last night as I was driving home it was a glorious luminous anomaly in the shadow of the terminator.
This morning it was a strange distraction in a window facing the wrong way. It slid toward the horizon with the alpenglow as I was driving away.

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Working on one of our two Ringers today. This is our only non-pinball electromechanical game, and although the gameplay is very rudimentary, it's one of our most popular games. It's intended as a pub game, and works well in that context - the drunker you are, the more fun this game is.

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