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For days now, I have been steadfast in my avoidance of the Indian boy, seven, with his 526 teeth in his mouth.

I wonder how his story made its way to the Guardian. How did the editors decide this was a story worth reading?

I wonder if the story mentions his name. I wonder about what they're doing about those teeth. Do they are pull them as they become troublesome? Is he famous among the local dentists? Does he get a volume discount?

I wonder, but I don't want to see the pictures. Ever.

The previous owner of this book, Stephenson's seveNeves, folded the rear flap of the dust cover into page 776 and closed the book. The edges of pages 777 to 861 were thus sheltered from what appears to be years of sunlight that yellowed all the other pages. I wonder if they ever finished it.

100 pages shy of that mark, I'm starting to think the previous reader abandoned the effort, and I think I can imagine some of the reasons why...

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The firebreaks are in place, just in time: neighbor cut the east fenceline on his side with his tractor, partner cut the south perimeter with a forty year old tractor, I cut the north perimeter and the steeps with a string cutter and scythe.

West neighbor has herbicided her entire property, before the grass set seed, like her father does, so it's safe from fire, I suppose. It will be ugly when the lack of grass allows severe forb/weed starts in this oak savannah, this fall.

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You hang the personal fan around your neck. Weirdly enough, there's a little screen and camera in the thing. Looks like a hole for a microphone too. Just as you're making a mental note to cover the lens and fill the hole with superglue, the screen lights up.

Over at the Moon Mart, they have what you want, and what you need.

Huh. The superold-school Firefox permissions.default.image=2 hack doesn't work with modern html, specifically the srcset field of the img tag, in some instances, here on Mastodon.

I read through the bug report/implementation log at It's from about 5 years ago, covering about a 2 year period.

Someone else noticed this problem, and it has been allegedly fixed, recorded here:

Video tags also load, but that's a cockpit error on my part, I think.

US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, war 

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“There will be ways to protect against being ‘faked’ by doing things like wearing a live cellular automaton tie.”

Stephen Wolfram

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one of the absolute worst things in web design, and masto also has this problem extremely often, is when "progress bars" are just showing an easing curve that stops at 95% any time something takes more than two seconds to happen

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DSS 55 receiving data from Voyager 1 at 160b/s.

Ebb Cade

I was reading about someone else (a bad doctor with a lot of strange coincidences in his career regarding facility with radioisotopes acquired before they finished medical school, injections of radioisotopes into patients, and World War II), and came across this name.

I wondered if he was a black man. I was unsurprised at the answer.

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Walking into work today I heard a wind tunnel from 1956 spin up, from a mile away. It has a thousand tons of motor and compressor rated for 180,000 horsepower, to simulate flight up to mach 3.5. The noise gets louder and its spectrum shifts upward, for ten minutes.

It has its own substation for a hundred megawatts of power, eighty of which can be purchased from WAPA, with the balance coming from PG&E.

It's a space-age cold-war relic in its seventh decade that still goes to work every day.

Today it's all shouted Spanish, chainsaws, and visceral infrasonic thumps as hundredweight chunks of wood fall tens of feet to the ground.

Javier and his crew are removing two big Monterey pines that have finally died. I saved them 5 years ago, when the drought started to take them, but this fall they were completely overcome by something.

After two hours they've started the chipper. The trees are gone from the skyline. The volunteer valley oak hybrids have a chance now.

Very disquieting.

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i made a post with my thoughts about the whole archival thing here:

"Just because something’s publicly available doesn’t mean people want it harvested and stored forever by a dedicated group of data archivists. Posting your phone number on a billboard isn’t consenting to having your phone number posted online by an archival team. Neither is protesting in public, or having a conversation in public, or going skinny-dipping in public, or walking past a CCTV camera in public. Being in public does not mean you automatically consent to having your activities archived."

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masto meta, archiving social media, my take (take it or leave it) 

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So apparently there is a Gay Rodeo And one of the events at the Gay Rodeo is Goat Pantsing.

Here are the 2016 finals.

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