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^X 3? WTF?
What was wrong with ^X 5?

Wake up, look at the numbers that matter today.
7.4 44, logging pulse oximeter.
36, outside temperature.
60, inside temperature.
279-290, US Politics

Putting up my solstice lights today, in celebration.

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By engineering a glowing Venus flytrap, researchers were able to visualize how the plant signals itself to close.

Heard a story this morning, while awake worrying about work predawn.

For a long time I heard short moos, spaced, from a cow walking slowly on the neighbor's hillsides and turning its head side to side (you can hear that). They contained a tenor of urgency in their modulation, amost literally: they were not low and contented.

Then a new moo, lower, not as loud, no modulation. Another urgent moo or too, another new moo, and then silence.

Happy ending.

Winter rain is coming. Have to start getting the accumulated summer detritus picked up.

Needs, needs: Firewood: tarping. Heating system: restart. Chimney: sweeping. Gutters: cleaning. Pastures: reseeding.

Planning for replacing the well pump and adding NSF-61 compliant instrumentation is underway. Need consensus from the shareholders in the system, but we replaced the pump ourselves last time, too.

Looking forward to the instrumentation: software, pneumatics, valves, battery, data.

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.. and now the President is excused, with a doctor's note, from the next two debates, leaving only the one for October 22, the last minute.

.. and now any advertisement that is mean to the president about the pandemic response that he is responsible for runs the risk of backfiring.

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I don't believe the President's statement that he has tested positive for COVID. Nor do I believe the statements of his close staff.

I suppose I'd believe him posthumously, if it came to that. Not before.

4.5 kilometers down, 6.5 kilometers over: it's a terrifyingly steep 70% grade road down to the epicenters from here.

That, and using black powder to gently, incrementally, electricly blow up that giant Monterey Pine stump that is over the 1 1/4 inch water line. Might been leaking for a decade.

That's what I'm thinking this morning. I've been spending time this last week digging down through the wet clay and tree roots to expose the pipe. The water comes from under the stump.

Wrong about magnitude, though. 3.3. This end of the house doesn't shake near as much, I think.

.. and another, deep double boom, quieter, almost no sound from the house.

Earthquake weather, as they say here.

A basso profundo boom, with a long decay, followed in about a second by a short shout of framing and floor and drywall protesting everywhere at once: it's a P wave and S wave from the earthquake, classically separated by the the diffeting speed of their propagation.

It was a small one, less than a 2, but we are very close to it: the fault under the new dam is reacting to 8 million new tons of earthfill and concrete. There were two attention-getting shocks this weekend, both 3.4 on the same day.

Just packed for evacuation: a warning has been issued because of the fires. Found all the the things on my list. It's mostly history: journals, letters, photos; family photos and recordings, and a box of childhood and otherwise precious relics: diplomas, old passports, pocket knife, fossils, garnets.
All the computers, of course, but they're all laptops now. Perhaps a film camera or two. For sure the M1911. Should I get the ammo out and away from the house? Will anyone be here to be endangered?

Awakened this morning by sudden wind noise through open windows, and then lightning so close I heard zizzing corona followed in under a second by houseshaking thunder.
Astonishing torrents of rain fell for the first time since March, and petrichor wafted in. My rain gauges were unprepared, and I enjoyed a rubber-booted nude dash in predawn rain to close some car windows.
Today the horizon is bluish with humidity and the smoke from inaccessible fires just outside of the urban interface.

Clear night, cool, and moon up after midnight for the summer meteor shower. Last few years I resolve to just stand outside and look up until I see "a bright one". Of course, when it comes, I want to see another.
My increasingly imperfect vision is no impediment: meteors are seldom about detail and inspection: it's more about slow and sudden, patience and surprise.

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The ACA didn't bring "death panels," Republican mismanagement of covid brought death panels.

Obama didn't bring "American carnage," Trump brought American carnage.

Every Republican accusation is a confession. reformaustin.org/coronavirus/o

Woke up this morning with this bass line in my head. Haven't listened to it for years. Might be the weather lately, no pun intended: feels like afternoon rain here, maybe like in the summer mountains when I first heard it.

Weather Report, Teen Town


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