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unusual discussion 

I read the forecast discussions at, written by professional meteorologists employed by the federal government. It's an important service that provides consistent, high-quality forecasting and hazard alerts that the private sector repackages and monetizes.

It's always a wealth of information, with a hyperlinked glossary providing explanations that cannot help but educate.

Anyway, it's unseasonably cold here today, and has been for a week. The forecasters call it "June Gloom" as if we were in San Diego, but I don't recall it as being that common here.

There's an unusual, non-weather paragraph in today's version, from this url:

"And finally on a personal note, it`s a passing of the guard here at
the office as longtime lead forecaster Duane Dykema worked his last
operational shift. He is the last connection to when the office
moved from Redwood City to Monterey in August of 1994. Many of you
have enjoyed his discussions for nearly 30 years, often written at
three in the morning on weekends and holidays. He worked the
torrential El Nino winter of 97-98, Wine Country Fires of 2017 and
everything in-between. Timely warnings were issued from Russian
River floods to historic heat waves. Always done with
professionalism and a written word that even an English teacher
would approve. All of us in the office wish him the best."

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90th anniversary of the local young farmers association this year, so we gained a display at the entrance to the village 😀

I visited a big and old sycamore I know, and it's doing better than ever. It has even gained city recognition and been granted a number.

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“The full history reveals the risk of too easily, and with too little skepticism, telling a story from the vantage point of those with power or prestige: one can easily end up quite literally erasing from history the people who had neither.”

Do you follow any 'bots?

So much colonoscopy swag available here today: orange jello, little cans of 7-Up, soothing homemade clear broth, lemon sorbet ice cream, and the green, champagne, yellow and orange gummi bears (the red ones were forbidden, and I ate them already).

Unsurprisingly, the original beneficiary wants nothing more to do with any of it.

I know two people whose lives have been lengthened by colonoscopy. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) classified it as a preventative treatment, and it's more available now.

The first Bong Joon Ho movie I saw was Parasite, in a theater, just before it was forced out by a Star Wars premier. I suspect it colored my first viewing of Snowpiercer this week. I've been looking forward to watching Okja since seeing Parasite, but now I want to see it even more.

First Red Flag warning of the fire season here, so I can clean the fireplace and clear away the wood mess on the back porch.

The wood mess is a wheelbarrow for logs, pitch pine fragments culled from the firewood that allow fire starting without kindling, propane torch, rubber boots to wear while loading the wheelbarrow from the woodpile, an axe, a hatchet, a 6 lb maul (just right), 2 steel wedges, 10 lb sledge hammer (too heavy), hearing protection, chainsaw.

The mess will be back this fall.

human trauma 

No civilian has any legitimate reason owning a weapon that chambers a cartridge as powerful as that of a 50 caliber Browning machine gun.

No civilian has any legitimate purpose to own or use armor piercing rounds.

Damage done to the owners and operators is *the very least* of my concerns about these weapons.

It's horrifying to see this kind of weaponry as available as the video depicts it.

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human trauma 

While talking about this video that is *literally* blowing up ..

.. I found this lode of rich ore ..

.. regarding the muzzle blast of 50 caliber weapons experienced *by the shooters*, which led me to ..

"This pilot study evaluated the amplitude of traumatic brain injury (TBI)-associated biomarkers in serum as a consequence of repeated OP exposure from .50-caliber rifle use over training multiple days."

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"At this point I left programming entirely, and began searching for other meaningful work to do; but the problem had followed me! No matter what skill I intended to learn, I found that its permanence had been eroded by the chaos of technology. Materials were replaced by brands, techniques replaced by accessories, and craftsmanship replaced by consumerism. Clearly, this was something that needed to be fixed. Clearly, this is what I had to do."

Ashamed of lying sick all day, I got out last evening to fill a hundred gallon green bin with 70 gallons of shortly-lopped mulberry branch. I had to keep deciding to keep working, and downgraded the task toward the end: it was harder than usual to work.

It hurt to shower afterwards with my ouchy scalp and skin.

Much better today. I have a headache, but not near as bad. Flulike symptoms are gone, although my back is sore, maybe from lying in bed ALL DAY. The injection site is less sore, too.

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Second vaccination yesterday, Moderna.
Hurts much more: muscular aches and headache, like when I get the flu. My scalp hurts when I touch it.

Coincidentally, I got the same injectionist as a month ago at the same massvac site, and she recognized her handwriting on my card. I told her my vaccine microchip joke (she said it was the first time for it that day).

She then related an encounter with a guy who said he would hunt her down if he became a monster, while squinting/peering at her badge.

Looking for abstract models of hopper flow for materials with particular characteristics, I encountered the intriguing term "Very Special Old Programs".

They are very special indeed.

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RT @The_Lunar_Tick
@kairyssdal His famous picture of everyone else in the universe.

The USGS stopped doing Open Houses every three years in Menlo Park around 2008. I used to save up my new rocks, make my best guess, and haul them in front of the career mineralologists there to get an authoritative id.

It was a wonderful event, where the bureaucracy really went all out on public outreach. I am sure a lot of children have fond memories of panning for real gold, or dressing like a scientist.

An adult could talk to scientists and get charitable answers to their stupid questions.

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