My teammate came back from Black Hat 2022 and got sick Monday. He's worse today, and reported himself to be "in denial", and hasn't tested himself yet.

Black Hat did not require masks, and most did not wear them.

Another teammate came back from an airshow last month, and immediately became sick of covid.

I caught a virus at an unmasked party of vaxed and boosted people last month. Hadn't gotten a cold in years, so I noticed it. Tested negative for covid.

It's going to be a long, long time.

T----- had an old computer that needed to have a console attached to it, so I gave him my old terminals (two aaa-60). Close to 20 years ago, on the other coast. They're gone.

I've recently gotten an inexpensive NDIR CO2 sensor directly from China, that talks 9600 baud TTL for its detailed configuration and status. HooWee.

So I was missing having a terminal, not that it would work anyway: wrong voltage levels. Found the Legacy Pixels VT100 emulator, needing PS2 kbd and VGA.

Well, okay then.

The best things in my mind are like fish in deep water (and to me that means a big hole in a big clear river, high in the watershed where the bed is boulders and cobbles). You can see them when they move, but they are elusive.

I don't have long to catch the best ones. They're slippery. I might see them three times, and if I haven't recorded them somehow, they're gone for good.

True to the metaphor, I frequently see them in the morning, before animals stir up the silt and cloud the water.

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A no-electricity weekend, thanks to a driver on a curvy road in the hills on a Friday night. He missed the turn and sheared off the pole at the base. The pole was/is still standing, being supported by the three sets of wires that it used to supported. Power was shut off about 20 minutes after the accident, for safety. 151 households are without power.

We are very electrical people. We don't think it'll be fixed today: it needs a new base. We have generators and fuel, but we miss our mains.

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I was outside yesterday afternoon. It was windy, salty, loud, and I found access routes that were not prohibited that allowed access to places that were signed as no public access. That's one of my talents.

Enjoyed Charlotte Greenwood and Buster Keaton together in this scene from Parlor, Bedroom and Bath. Her athletic prowess was apparent, and it seemed clear that she had an extensive background in physical comedy.

I can't recall Keaton ever interacting with a woman like this before, on such an equal footing both in strength and coordination. She was extraordinary.

There's another scene that I suspect is pure vaudeville, carefully staged:

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Which of these things would likely CREPITATE?

If you don’t know take your best guess. No Googling the correct answer.

Please boost to get more responses.

Check back tomorrow for the correct answer.

I just encountered the Lansink's Ladder by name, for the first time, while searching for a way to inactivate and dispose of urethane paint activator.

Never heard the term before, although I have seen a few rungs of the ladder lying around here and there, always in parts, usually "reduce, reuse, recycle".

It was invented or discovered or codified by Gerhardus Wilhelmus Adrianus Josephus (‘Ad’) Lansink in 1979.

The image is public domain, from

I found a typo in "learn more" for an offered Windows 11 upgrade.

"Multi-App Kiosk Mode is not available. Windows 11 only supports the use of a single app in Kisok Mode."

Really, it'll never be mature enough.
I ride Windows installations until the last day of their security updates, and I never upgrade Windows operating systems past what was on the hardware when I bought it. For Windows 10, that's October 14 2025.

It's not as long as I kept Windows 7 on a gen 1 I7, but that was pathological.

salty about chemistry 

.. dimethyl methane, so that's .. a methane with two methyl groups replacing two hydrogen atoms. Methyl, methyl .. that's a carbon and three hydrogens (this is my brain on chemistry talking), so that's .. three carbons and .. 8 hydrogens .. wait a second...

Those bastards! They're obfuscating propane. And the CAS number in the MSDS, 74-98-6, confirms the ploy.

I wonder if a dimethyl methane refrigerant sells better than one made of propane...

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Last night we found another boat in distress. Alerted by @alarm_phone we searched with #OceanViking for most of the night. 66 people had already been at sea for over 2 days. Everyone is now on board the Ocean Viking. #LouiseMichel stayed on standby ready to assist. @SOSMedIntlSOS MEDITERRANEE: This morning after a long search, @SOSMedIntl rescued 66 people from a rubber boat in distress in Maltese SRR. Survivors show signs of exhaustion after 48h spent at sea.156 survivors, incl 45 women, 68 unaccompanied minors, 6 children & a 9-month-old baby are now on #OceanViking

pregnancy mortality, Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization 

"The pregnancy-associated mortality rate among women who delivered live neonates was 8.8 deaths per 100,000 live births. The mortality rate related to induced abortion was 0.6 deaths per 100,000 abortions."

"Similarly, the overall morbidity associated with childbirth exceeds that with abortion. "

I cannot say anthing around "for the health of the mother" that are bitter enough to match my feelings on it.

House got down to 75 last night, and it's ten degrees (F) cooler this morning. The hazardous weather advisory has expired.

The warm room is up to 77 already, which is about when I turn on a ceiling fan. Perfectly all right for sitting quietly and typing.

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Midnight, and the house is down to 80. The crickets are frantic, and the air is still.

Bought new 27 1/4 inch tires with Schrader valve tubes for my old bike, and a new helmet: I doubt the old Bell Tourlite is up its original spec anymore. A friend wants to bike into work a couple of days a week, to combat senesence and fat.

He's going to be horrified at my equipment: Non-hydraulic brakes, analog shifters with 12 speeds, pedal clips for street shoes, incandescent headlight with a bottom bracket generator.

It's my 1980's commuter road bike from when I peaked at 3000 miles a year.

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