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Folx, we've gone from 18 names to JUST TWO! That's right, the Seagull Naming Contest Finals are here, and it's a match-up between C'gul and Patch. Vote now!

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Have you ever wondered what the SeaGL seagull is named? Plot twist: it's nameless! We're hosting a bracket-style contest to name the seagull, but first we need (gender-neutral) ideas. Propose a name in the replies - we can't wait to read your ideas!

CfP closes: September 27th

One day left to get in proposals for the Linux Application Summit

Are you innovating in the Linux app ecosystem or platform diversity?

Are you building a business using or around Free Software?

Do you have experience or insight to share about Free Software licensing or open source business models?

#cfp #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #FLOX #LAS2020

Happy Friday! Just a few more days to vote in our Seagull Naming Contest final!

We're down to TWO yes TWO names for our beloved Seagull! Will the winner be Patch (suggested by AndrewKvalheim ) and C'gul (suggested by ashinclouds )

ActivityPub conf starts next Friday and runs through Monday

talks are up, but not yet scheduled

#APconf registration is open

#federation #Fediverse #ActivityPub #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #FLOX

Folx, we've gone from 18 names to JUST TWO! That's right, the Seagull Naming Contest Finals are here, and it's a match-up between C'gul and Patch. Vote now!

Linux App Summit call for papers ends in 3 days (September 15). Make sure to submit your interesting talks! #linuxappsummit #LAS2020

#OpenWrt joined Conservancy today! We'll help OpenWrt with fiscal sponsorship and all other issues so that users can regain control over their own routers. We're announcing more next week about recent work toward software freedom on wireless devices!

Exclusive: join us for our weekly community chat on #conservancy @ 1800 UTC today. We'll discuss important action Conservancy took to fight for software freedom. Only those who show up on IRC will hear about it today; the rest have to wait until next week!

Final @SeaGL #cfp office hour today at noon Seattle time (UTC-7)

The cfp closes tonight

Join #SeaGL on Freenode if you want to ask questions for a proposal

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #OfficeHours

Come and learn about our awesome keynoter, @vmbrasseur

Also, if you want to present your own talk, be sure to get your proposal in before our closes tomorrow night!

penultimate @SeaGL office hour today at noon (UTC-7)

The #cfp closes next Wednesday, so that will be our last office hour to help with proposals

The SeaGL office hours is a fantastic community resource, the feedback I have re
ceived has really improved the quality of my proposals

The office hours are in the #SeaGL IRC channel on Freenode or via email for help outside office hours

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #OfficeHours #FLOX #Seattle #PacificNorthwest

@SeaGL This was extended, you have nine more days!!

Hey #Fediverse

Want to give a presentation on a fediverse service, client or plugin for @SeaGL ? Our cfp closes a week from Wednesday

We do offer office hours Wednesday at noon (UTC-7) if you'd like to discuss a proposal with someone

I'm not on the programming committee, just finally advertising for talks I'd like to see :).

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #SeaGL #FLOX

We did it, Reddit! The new Pleroma release 2.1 is out, containing the first ever ActivityPub chat application!

Check out the release blog post at

Lots of changes in this one, I'm sure you'll like it!

Today at 2pm ET/6pm UTC, we chat! All are welcome to join us for free software chat and flossip in #conservancy on freenode. See you in ~3.5 hours!

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