Wonderful class today, Part IV of my in-depth investigation of the Vietnam War. Very successful session, great questions and commentary, everybody was very happy with the result. This is why I do these classes. So much fun.

Okay, baking yeast shortage is now a crisis. And don't talk to me about sourdough starter. I made it last week but my second attempt to bake bread with it failed as miserably as the first.

I made a daily schedule for myself and posted it both in the bedroom and my office. Hoping to bring some order to the chaos of my days. I'm busier during the lockdown than I ever was when I had a day job!

I got paid today by my most important client. In advance. For the best work I like to do and know how to do. In many ways this is a "you have arrived" moment, but it's scary, and hard to fight back impostor syndrome. But it's well needed. Lost my day job 5 weeks ago. Glad to be doing what I'm doing.

sharks are great, fucking dinosaur fish. some sea folk were all like 'let's get on that land, evolve some feet and get credit cards', but the sharks didn't buy into that hipster terra firma shit, they stayed true to the sea and became legends. epic.

I have not been behaving well in the last two days. The quarantine has been messing with my mind, and several people I care deeply about have been on the receiving end of my bullshit. I'm going to try to do better tomorrow.

I feel like I've taken on too much. I'm mentally exhausted. I worked like a dog this week. Client work, climate change, volunteering on COVID projects, podcast, classes. I work at home but I'm totally exhausted. I've never worked this hard in my life.

You have no idea how tired I am right now. After a day like today, I want to sleep for a thousand years.

Been going Mach 2 with my hair on fire all day. Taught class, then long conference call on climate change, another call on the epidemic.

Feeling good about my Vietnam War class that I'm teaching on Saturday. Notes are mostly drafted, and I got another full tuition sign-up today.

Does anyone know of a good copyright-free bit of music that's a sound-alike for the Star Wars theme and can be used in a podcast?

I don't want to brag but I may have just used my history knowledge to potentially save some lives in this epidemic!

My class for tomorrow (6th grade US history) is ready to go; my class for Saturday (Vietnam War course for paid clients) is ready to go. Feeling pretty good right now, as good as can be expected given the circumstances we're all in.

Wow. Middle schoolers are so much easier to manage when they're on Zoom. You just hit the "mute" button!

My last toot: I do not mean in the slightest to minimize the hardship that so many people are going through now. The COVID crisis lays bare the terrible structural inequalities in our economy that we must address to make a better world for all of us.

I lost my day job on March 26. Since then I have been working with a small group of hand-picked clients, one on one, and it is more fulfilling than anything I ever did before. And financially it's a lifeline--my intimate clients are paying. I am grateful to have the wisdom and experience to be useful in this crisis.

I've been super busy. Happy clients with my consulting work though. It feels good to be making a difference.

Someone else just contacted me with something that needs to be done, another desperately compelling task that can't wait amidst this terrible crisis. And of course I said yes, I'll help. It is kind of astonishing how much I am in demand. A month ago I was fired from my day job because they "couldn't find enough work" for me. The irony is that since that happened I've never been busier. Tomorrow will be a jam-packed whirlwind, as every day in the last 2 weeks has been.

Just got hired for a 6 month engagement by a paying client...in exactly the field I want to work in. Not a bad day, all things considered.

Q: "So, what did you do on Sunday to relax?"
Me: "Oh, I looked up the geocoordinates of medieval plague pits in London."

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