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This usually means some part of the image looks like it lags when scrolling or animating. This GIF will show the effect if viewed on an OLED display. It’s reasonably subtle, but easy to spot once you know what it looks like.

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oh great, Facebook somehow revived our long-dormant campaign and charged us for an ad that had been disabled for years. There was a reason we disabled it, and more reasons have piled up since then.

anyone know a windows developer familiar with windows store/appx deployment who's available for a bit of (paid) consultation?

Echo Spot review: nice, but Spotify player is buggy, which turns out to be my primary use for it. The new Google Home Hub seems to have just the right price, design, and features. Very tempted to try it.

Pingdom: don't worry, we're not phishing you. Honest! We just changed our URL to something completely different because we're "switching things up for the new season". FFS.

TIL: a painstakingly optimised core graphics-based rendering engine that blits the resulting buffer in drawRect is 100 times slower* than stuffing the same buffer as a UIImage into an UIImageView.

*only in iOS 12.

@seanreilly a default reader mode would also go a long way towards making dark mode usable.

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Of course, Mail.app removed the ability to show plain text versions of messages years ago, so I'm not holding my breath. Of course, @KevinHoctor may always surprise us :)

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Updated to Mojave last night. Dark Mode lasted all of about 20 minutes. I'll try again once all html emails and web pages have dark modes (in year 2045 or so). Oh, and when they've figured out a way to have visible window shadows (halos?) and tab-switcher selection highlighting so that everything doesn't all blend together.

Mail.app request number 297: a reader mode, similar to Safari's. There are so many horribly formatted emails with important content. How many email clients still send plain text alternatives? Seems like it might be easier than with Safari.

Apple, whatever you iPads you announce next, please for the love of monkeys include built-in storage and charging for the pencil. Even if it just sticks magnetically to the smart connector, it's better than the current design.

Spent the last few years thinking I had a 1st gen apple watch. Turns out Apple replaced it (for free, when the haptic thing went bad) with a series 1. Just installed the watchOS 5 update, and no longer thinking about upgrading to the latest gen. Thanks Apple! Sorry for the lost revenue... at least until next year.

What I *really* want is for iOS and macOS Mail to be exposed as an API for third party apps, similar to how calendars work in iOS. Third party apps are so much nicer, but using them usually means you give your email password to some company to store on their servers - that's a horrifying practice.

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Nothing in iOS 12 or Mojave blows me away, although I haven't played with Siri shortcuts yet, so there's potential.

involuntary browser tab bankruptcy. Thanks Safari, it's probably for the best.

Only just noticed that Xcode is over 11GB according to the Finder. DaisyDisk counts only 6.1GB (mostly simulator images). I suppose that's the Finder not taking APFS magic into account?

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