cc @geofftech (although knowing your audience you've probably already been sent it multiple times 😊 )
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Live Map of London Tube Created In PCB and Lights

If you’re a frequent traveler on a public transit system, it can be helpful to know when the trains or buses are arriving and if there are any delays. We might reach for a tablet to mount on the wall, bu…

This is a fun effect! 😍
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Guide: - get shiny Iridescent effects on 3D printed parts! The texture of the diffraction grating is captured in the first layer. In direct light, reflections look iridescent with rainbow-like patterns!

These are great tutorials, if you want a fun way to learn web coding, check out Ania’s channel
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Hey Everyone! My Latest Video is NOW OUT 🦖🦕! Code along with me as me learn about .firstChild .lastChild .removeChild() and many more javaScript methods - no canvas required! Have a peek how here> 👀

Thanks everyone for your advice - I went with DigiKey in the end, and already have a shipping estimate for tomorrow so all good so far 😊

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UK makers - DigiKey or Mouser? They both have stock of a small item I want.

Thanks for having me @BBCClick - now on YouTube for my international friends 😊

Prototyping a Raspberry Pi plus laser controller combo - using a laser cutter to test out PCB footprints is great

One year after @FOTSN suggested I do something train and lasery with @geofftech we release our YouTube collaboration - my video here :
And Geoff's :
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@geofftech @FOTSN @helenarney oh wowwww! YES :D email address is also at (at the bottom)

Quick favour! I’m desperately trying to get my watched hours up on YouTube to meet some arbitrary threshold (don’t ask) Can you leave this playlist of long videos running all night? Thanks!

Our laser trains videos have caught the attention of the Southern Rail MD 😂
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You have set the bar high Geoff. We may need to upgrade the recently upgraded CIS 😉

And my counterpart video with extra laser nerdy detail including why it looks like comic sans (it’s not) 😊
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VIDEO : A railway departure board … created by lasers!

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Back to work on my dress! Must! Finish! @Fillamentum Wizard’s Voodoo PLA printed on nylon tulle fabric.

Both videos going live at 6pm UK time... watch this space for links!

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Fun collaboration with @geofftech from @allthestations coming to my YouTube channel later today - subscribe here :

But they clapped though
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Brave student nurses who joined the NHS early to fight Coronavirus will suffer financial hardship because the deal they had in place has now been reneged on

Please RT and sign the petition to encourage @MattHancock to reconsider

Amazing, but to be fair, doesn't make much more sense now it's converted to BBC Basic! 😅
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@seb_ly Is compressed, using base2048 from node... (prod prod beep) uncompressed here.... then it's over to cryptic BBC Basic :)

To be clear, I mean how did that random collection of characters cause a BBC micro to make the BLM symbol?

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