Watching YouTubers soldering a circuit without holding it down properly makes me feel super uncomfortable 😅😬

Register with the TPS to stop nuisance phone calls by texting TPS and your email address to 85095 via @CitizensAdvice

I love this idea. I might try something similar for ofxLaser although I realise it’s way more niche!
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Open source projects should run office hours

See also : Instagram
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As a...
– Twitter user
I want to...
– have the timeline refresh a couple of seconds after opening the app
So that...
– the tweet I am half-way through reading is replaced with a more relevant, promoted tweet.

your periodic reminder to continually withdraw surplus funds from PayPal
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Since I can't access my account due to an outdated mobile number and since customer service line says no one will take my call, @PayPalUK I guess you have now stolen my money? What a horrific shambolic service.

I knew @bechillcomedian before she was famous - haha honestly it's about time the rest of the world caught up 😀
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Here I am in Dictionary Corner having the time of my life with my little mug and crayons. No idea what happened on the show. Spent the whole time doodling. Loved every minute.

hell yeah
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Thank you @davidahmad77 for capturing this for me!
And yes! I can confirm I will be on @8Outof10Cats Does Countdown THIS THURSDAY Feb 11, 9pm, @Channel4!

I'm giving away my (virtually unused) Lilygo programmable smart watch! DM me if you're interested (I'll prioritise education / good causes)

cool origin story :
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It’s thirty years since The KLF’s 3am Eternal hit Number One so I suppose it must also be about thirty years since 13-year-old me met The KLF at Top Of The Pops.

I'm also selling an HTC VIVE, I can bundle them together for £1200

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Perfect lasering weather! Of course it’s never like this when I have all the lasers set up... 😅 @ British Airways i360

“We did everything we could” Boris Johnson, UK prime minister.
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just your periodic reminder that this is New Zealand right now and it was totally an option for the UK if not for the shambolic leadership

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