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Seb Lee-Delisle

I thought this was just going to be funny, but it's actually really informative

This is gonna be epic and I may or may not have something to do with it :)
Book your tickets NOW because seating is REALLY limited!
@sohotheatre , London, 14-18 Aug, 8:45pm

If anyone will miss my new show because they're not in London between 14-18 August, you can catch me doing the opening 20-25mins TONIGHT at @objectivlyfunny at The Albany near Great Portland Street

Tiny bit of news. I'm doing my first ever live comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe in August. And I'm doing a one-off preview of it this Sunday afternoon (details below). If you fancy seeing me talk about silly films, TV and stuff like that, for FREE, come along! I'm on at 2pm.

Heading to that London to meet that

A few of us ( are gonna have a go at making this excellent LED ring by - come join us at if you wanna have a go!

Well this wasn’t quite what I was hoping for when I searched thingiverse for a “keytar”

Amount owe me for a faulty item refund : £466.82

Time since they contacted me : 20 days

We just finished a tool for exploring the Facebook ads purchased by Russia to influence the 2016 election.

It shows how they effectively played multiple sides of inflammatory issues, using identical terms in opposite ways to stoke anger and mistrust:

This cowardly harrassment of a Muslim woman bus driver took place in Trafalgar square at yesterday's far-right "Free Tommy Robinson" demo.

Muslim women have a right to do their jobs free of harrassment. This should not be something we have to fight for, but it is.

humans it is shark awarenesses day. here are some things I am aware of:

A rock

The fish over there

Pawning off the responsibility of reducing plastic pollution onto individual consumers instead of addressing the larger industrial issues is some grade a classism

Lots of sand

There's a thread going around of people having no fucking clue who the fuck they're talking to so I'm gonna share some of my faves.