I feel weird about this. Sure it’s a fun idea but I’m not comfortable with changing our infrastructure (and maybe diminishing its accessibility) in the name of selling stuff
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UK Launch. Taking over @TfL @PlayStationUK

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“Whole pandemic's coronavirus would 'almost fit on a teaspoon', statistician claims”

On @AProblemSquared I calculated there is only about 8mL of coronavirus particles in the world (across all infected humans). Seems someone at @DailyMirror is a listener:

Blue passports though
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Dear fellow musicians, performers, technicians etc. Here’s a thread about how our lives are going to change re touring/working in the EU in 50 days time. Think of it as a kind of Bad News Advent calendar. Here goes 1/

I had to look up what this is about... the statue is so weird! Just seems so wrong
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seeing her statue for the first time

Just caught up on all the heavy handed DCMA stuff being thrown at Twitch right now. Surely we have ML solutions now that can just remove music in the background? Is it too processor intensive to run on an entire back catalogue?

woah I can actually confirm this. So confused as to how this happened in any modern software... I couldn't get the T so clearly but I got the "rump"
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This is completely mind-blowing. I don't even know how you'd do this except on purpose?! Was it not a vector document with editable text? Why is the background text smaller?

FAO @standupmaths (in the naive and vain hope that one of your eagle eyed nerd followers hasn’t already shared it)
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Fail of the Week: Roboracer Meets Wall

There comes a moment when our project sees the light of day, publicly presented to people who are curious to see the results of all our hard work, only for it to fail in a spectacularly embarrassing way. This is th… hackaday.com/2020/11/08/fail-o

Incredible line up! (Did they mention lasers?)
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We revealed ten new guests for the 24 hour today including @AstroSamantha, @thenitinsawhney, @helenarney, @SellaTheChemist, @MouldS and @firefoxx66. All 60 announced guests so far are here - cosmicshambles.com/ninelessons and donate here crowdfunder.co.uk/ninelessons

Just one of the many reasons why I want to continue making my laser fireworks project seblee.co/projects/electric-la
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The crud thrown into the air by fireworks really hangs around too. The 1st graph shows levels still high this morning. The blue and red lines are WHO PM2.5 and PM10 levels respectively. The 2nd graph shows context of the last 7 days. Data from my @pimoroni Enviro+.

(yes yes strictly speaking it's not my living room but I'm not gonna let that get in the way of a nice alliteration)

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I set up for @WestVisions in my home! I call it Laser Light Living Room 😊

oh hey have you ever used one of these point to point wifi transmitters by @ubnt ? I'd love to hear what you think about it! ui.com/airmax/nanobeamm/

It can do almost anything you could ever need but good luck figuring it out

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AWS is a service built by engineers throwing more complexity at a system without a thought for any kind of elegant design. Just awful. haha!

Important thread for 2020
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🐷 I went for a walk today and stumbled upon A FIELD OF PIGLETS

Thanks so much for having us!
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That’s a wrap folks! A big thanks to the estimated 30k people who took control of the skyline for ! Thanks also to @seb_ly & to all our sponsors for making possible and providing with some much needed !💜✨

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