Hey friends, anyone know a UK (or EU?) seller for these watch strap clips? My 80s digital watch is broke. esslinger.com/watch-band-clasp

I’m not sure if I’m proud or ashamed to say that I’m the specific type of nerd that would get this obscure joke
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You know, the thing that's like, just so brilliant about this is that while the background is staying still at 24 frames per second, the lizard is actually staying still at 12 frames per second! GENIUS. twitter.com/41Strange/status/1

Um. I might have just won this epic collection of broken retro gear on eBay.

This is great. Not just because there’s a lunar lander cab in the background. youtu.be/KqC0BsY7IYE an interview with one of the developers of Defender from @arcadeclubuk@twitter.com

This is great, thank you!
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@seb_ly @eleven_ty @Netlify CSS Grid is now very widely used. Here's a look:


Soooo update... I'm looking at @eleven_ty@twitter.com and I quite like the simple connection between content and layout. Got a @Netlify@twitter.com setup but that seems a bit overkill for my needs, will probably just work locally.

OK webby friends, how the hell do I make a website these days? A brochureware site for my laser things. Ideally some kind of CMS, obviously I'm technical and know HTML/JS etc, but not used react or anything much. Pls advise :)

Fun morning where I realise the deadline for a huge proposal I’ve been working on was 9am rather than at the end of the day. PANIC!!!!

No doubt about it, this girl is and will always be a fucking legend
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It’s just the best to see this brave teenager take on the entire world with zero fucks to give about anything other than truth, science and justice. @GretaThunberg I salute you.

Guess who’s doing the lasers!!! 🤩🤩🤩
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You, a person on Twitter: The show is called . It’s about the ocean. How are you going to incorporate lasers?

Us, a bunch of maniacs: Oh just you wait. Just you wait...

Tickets on sale now. May 17th 2020 at @RoyalAlbertHall cosmicshambles.com/seashambles

Good morning! In case no one has told you today, you are beautiful!

Fun time lapse! Aligning the lasers for Lightning Strikes at Enchanted Parks 2017, winner of the International Laser Display Association award last year.

If it's not fake, it's unforgivably bad engineering.
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@seb_ly I too have assumed that the wait is fake.

Wow, opting out of @Forbes@twitter.com marketing cookies brings up a "processing" wait animation that takes a minute or so before you can continue. I strongly suspect this delay is contrived. How many people just hit cancel? The worst type of dark pattern.
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"An Irish teenager @Forbes@twitter.comn $50,000 for his [Science Fair] project focusing on extracting micro-plastics from water." (Too bad these Scie…

The lasers even get a mention! 🤩
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Look, I didn’t come all the way to the to not tweet nice reviews.

“one of the most original pieces of stand up I’ve ever has the pleasure of witnessing” synergynews.co.uk/?p=450

Book tickets to @HumblePi_0x03c0 the show, now! pleasance.co.uk/event/matt-par

I hope you find someone that loves you as much as this man loves his flying camera
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When your drone runs out of battery over a lake, timing is everything...


I’m into it
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Honestly, this YouTube channel might be the most wholesome thing on the entire platform. This vet makes tips for cat owners and is the Mr. Rodger's of vets. If you just can't stomach anymore bad news, I highly recommend the video about Lancelot.


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