Oh wow, Xcode's refactor system just worked for the first time ever in a pure C++ project

Looking forward to this one - and yes I'll probably be bringing an oversized laser.
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THREE DAYS until our annual tech conference, ! ⏳ Where is it? Guildford’s iconic @ElectricTheatre. When? This Thursday 9am until 5pm. Is there food? Yes, we have three great food trucks arriving at lunch. Is there an After Party? Of course. 🎉 (1/5)

Epic Eurovision maker thread
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You know, if you watch from a maker's point of view, there's a hell of a lot of innovation in there. A thread.

Proud to have played a part in this tweet
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Does it make more sense for the physicist to go before or after the keytar that shoots lasers when there’s the song about Bjork that links Vonnegut to Feynman that we have to upload to YouTube that was mentioned on the podcast recorded at the art museum. twitter.com/AdamRutherford/sta

Hey , I'll be there tomorrow to help fix any electronics, especially if they're retro!
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Bring your broken things - let fix it!
Sunday 12th May 10.00-12.00 @exetersthall


This is just awful
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Over the Bank Holiday weekend, the ModMyPi offices were broken into by thieves who have stolen a large quantity of Raspberry Pi's, keyboards, mice, touchscreens, PiTop CEEDs and other Raspberry Pi related products.

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@seb_ly Here is my Sharp PC1246.
Still sitting in the back of my desk drawer.

Can you get this in the UK? I got shingles last year and it was very un-fun
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Reminder: If you’re 50+, get vaccinated against shingles! A new vax came out in 2017 that is 90% effective. Even if you had a vaccination prior to that, you still need the new one. Shingles is super painful. You don’t want it. (No, I don’t have shingles.) cdc.gov/shingles/vaccination.h

I feel seen
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Theory: the country has gone to shit because we stopped selling Viennetta.

Wait, what? Howwwwww???
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Just a reminder that this exists.

You’re welcome.

You should totally subscribe to her channel (especially if you’re a non-dude because the YouTube algo only seems to send her videos to bros)
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Really enjoying this latest video from @contourcorsets about how to screen print a t-shirt. youtu.be/yxg7nIzlAe8

Really enjoying this latest video from @contourcorsets@twitter.com about how to screen print a t-shirt. youtu.be/yxg7nIzlAe8

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