Ohhhh the @tweetbot@twitter.com redesign is incredible and beautifully executed! Just makes me all the more frustrated that @twitter has really limited the functionality. Argh!

This is so fun... and it doesn't get stuck half way like the original! :)
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- one version is working!!!

It’s still there. And it’s rude af.
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hoooooooly shit this is astoundingly poorly thought out. if this is still online by close of play today I'll eat a hat of your choosing twitter.com/gbkburgers/status/

I can never seem to be consistent in camel case with the term 'ID' getIDForObject or getIdForObject ?

Me too! Anyone know where you can get thin laser cuttable black MDF?
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Lazy web - I am looking to source some black MDF (and hopefully other colours) for laser cutting

The thinner the better - something like this snijlab.nl/nl/m/448/mdf-zwart-

Anyone come across it? Or know where I can find it 🙏🏻Obvs pref UK

I’m into it
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has turned into

Next, I'm excited to shared with you:

Yoncé, a Bey-inspired theme for Bash-it, VS Code, Slack, iTerm and Alfred.

Put Yoncé all on your screen like liquor*


*Yeah, I don’t know what it means either.

An incredible achievement from an amazing and inspiring independent artist. Congratulations! (And go buy her album 😊)

Official Charts news! "Brace For Impact" debuted at:

📢 #3 in the Independent Album Breakers Chart
📢 #15 in the Official Independent Albums Chart
📢 #23 in the Official Vinyl Albums Chart
📢 #38 in the Official Record Store Chart

WOW! Thank you! xxx


You can’t polish a turd but you can maybe bedazzle it?
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.@stuartsemple, I note with interest that your new plant-based, "eco-glitter" is biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic. I'd like to know, does it remain glittery after digestion? culturehustleusa.com/products/

I’m doing the 19th December with some of my favourite people like @standupmaths@twitter.com @helenarney@twitter.com @bechillcomedian@twitter.com and @spenley@twitter.com !

The gigs are fast approaching. Excited that so many of our new bloggers will be joining us across the four nights! @jonmbutterworth, @helenczerski, @garwboy, @brennawalks, @GinnyFBSmith, @michaellegge, @soozaphone, …

Vector fans! Pretty reasonable deal on a Vectrex + 6 games on eBay for a "buy it now" of £285. ebay.co.uk/itm/263980019925

Sounds like Leonard Nimoy, and that music!
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Amazing find from the Getty Images archives: high resolution footage of someone playing a computer game in *1968*

This is happening NOW youtube.com/watch?v=spNg8LhxJz
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in a bit under an hour(ish), I'm going to live-stream construction of a cyborg ring. mostly aimed at the kind folks in the UK led by @seb_ly that are building their own, but anyone is free to join! will also record it for future reference. sorry it's early cali.

I did it before it was cool
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Following @jamesbridle, I've created an account on Mastodon which will be a mirror of my twitter account: bit.ly/2CudG2T

Let's abandon the infrastructures that are unaccountable and don't support us.

Good job, @twitter 😡
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More than 80 percent of the Twitter accounts that spread disinformation during the 2016 presidential election remain active now, despite Twitter's pledge to purge fake accounts, according to a new study. n.pr/2O1z8BD

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