Welp, I tried but Mastodon is just not working out for me. I don't really use it and per their email today, they don't really appreciate me spamming my tweets over without engaging on here. I've disabled my cross-poster. If you want me, I remain @seldo on Twitter, and I wish you all well.

Semi-related: Ravelry gets nearly 900k MAUs! TIL knitting is mad popular.

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TFW your dads are sitting on the couch eating dinner and you are neither.

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Let me clarify: can somebody hook me up with whoever it is I have to talk to to match in the parade for a non-terrible primary candidate? I marched for Obama in 2008 pride and it was super fun.

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Do any of the Democratic primary candidates have a float in the SF pride parade this year?

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A social network for knitting just made every other website look like goddamn cowards twitter.com/ravelry/status/114

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A noodle shop named Tasteful Noods

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"You do not have a right to free speech on somebody else's website" is one of those facts that will never be fully communicated & accepted no matter how long the web exists.

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Today a site for people who knit banned Trump supporters and the tweets are amazing, who knew there were MAGA knitters whose first amendment rights to make swastika sweaters are now being violated.

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Itโ€™s only Data Science if itโ€™s from the Data region of France. Otherwise itโ€™s just sparkling statistics.

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Trans America shares with the Golden Gate Bridge the quality of looking like a special effect even when you see the real thing in person.

Getting a lot of replies saying it's only the free version of Slack that's banned, but really that's just saying that Slack's business model is its competitive advantage, and people will use it even if it's less safe.

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As a former Yahoo, I will say that if you cannot persuade your employees to use your products instead of their competitors on the merits, forcing them to do so is solving the wrong problem.

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I understand being afraid of saying the wrong thing and offending people. But when you

1) educate yourself on how words can harm marginalized people and
2) take your ego out of it and use call outs as a learning experience

you don't really have to be afraid of tweeting anymore

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Just so we're keeping score:
1. Theoretical future children: protect at all costs
2. Actual existing children: fuck it, keep 'em in cages.

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I wonder what position the "stop trying to make us feel teary eyed about the children" guy takes on abortion?

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"Quit trying to make us feel teary-eyed for the children. Yes, I love children a great deal, but to me, it's up to the parents to do things rightfully and legally"

What some Trump supporters think of family separations at the border: cnn.it/2tbn3xp

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Honestly, given the radical change in time zone I'm amazed I'm only awake at 5am.

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