Option 7 is "JUST CANCEL BREXIT THE EU COURT SAID IT WAS FINE" but apparently no one is even considering that anymore.

The UK has six options, 5 of which it has tried already without success and the 6th of which is crashing out of the EU: bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46393

Meanwhile in the UK, Theresa May has survived the vote of no confidence so the Tories remain in power. Everything is fine except they have no Brexit deal and no chance of getting one and Brexit is in 72 days.

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PM wins confidence vote 325 votes to 306 votes. Four MPs who could have voted appear not to have voted.
Talks about saving Mrs May's deal start tonight. twitter.com/christopherhope/st

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Are Slack about to release a redesign?

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In 2019 there’s a lot to worry about in the world. It can be cathartic to release some of that bottled energy on matters of less heavy consequence and blow off some steam. Well, we’re here to help!

So crack your knuckles, furrow your brows, and prepare to have opinions! Soon.

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I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MANY OBVIOUS WEB JOKES I MISSED HERE. We apologize for the quality of this tweet, everyone responsible has been fired.

Now I need Spider-Man to refer to JavaScript in some way

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@rustlang@twitter.com getting mentioned in Batgirl that's pretty cool.

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To lose one CFO may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness cnn.com/2019/01/15/tech/snap-c

Why do all the headlines say "asks"? The house invites the president to speak and isn't obligated to do so. Trump doesn't have a choice here. The word is "tells".

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BREAKING: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asks President Trump to reschedule State of the Union address until after the government reopens. apne.ws/Y1PaANV

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WeWork's CEO owns buildings which he then leases to WeWork, and this conflict of interest is mitigated by board approval, but he also controls the board, so basically he's just ripping off his investors. wsj.com/articles/weworks-ceo-m

I'm honestly shocked such schools are still allowed to exist. There should be angry protests outside the gates every day.

Schools that refuse to teach gay kids should be illegal and Karen Pence should be shunned by all moral humans.

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Karen Pence started a teaching job this week at a school that bans gay employees and kids huffingtonpost.com/entry/karen via @rklein90@twitter.com

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🎶 take me down the paradox city

where the box contains both a live and dead kitty 🎶

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With this week's severe reprimand to Steve King, congress only has 251 more racist republican members of congress to go before they've got them all. Then they can start on the democrats.

The is really simple, and uncontroversial: don't be shitty. Anyone with a strong negative reaction to it is to be regarded with deep suspicion.

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An important new study shows that gender-nonconforming kids who go on to transition do so because they already have a strong sense of their true identity--something that transgender scholars have long noted.


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Far from being radical, 59% of US voters support @AOC@twitter.com's proposed raising of the tax rate on the very richest to 70%: thehill.com/hilltv/what-americ


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“Boys will be boys”? Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior? Re-think and take action by joining us at TheBestMenCanBe.org.

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