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Dear people, how are you discovering accounts to follow on ? How would you like to?

I figured that MINT isn't a thing in the English language community. It's a German abbreviation for

Mathematik (mathematics)
Informatik (computer science) Naturwissenschaften (natural sciences)
Technik (technology)

So in short, I'm looking for a tech/science gift for a 5yo.

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My daughter is 5.5 years old. Do you have any recommendations for a MINTy christmas present?

Is it too early to start with robotics? Or. She likes my old Thinkpad T40, but the battery is long gone. Do you think there is a point in buying a new battery and wifi stick and then make it work for her? Any recommendations on a lightweight (Linux) setup for pre-school kids?

Thank you

Some call it . I call it yet another perfect day to think about what you really need, and if that is a thing, whether you have to buy it new, or can get it used.

More WTF. Today I learned that elasticsearch-py v7.14.x and higher check whether they talk to an "official" server and don't work with ODFE (Open Distribution for ) etc.

It requires a workaround like this to circumvent the check.

Stuff like that is really not worthy of the Apache License.

Good that OpenSearch bring their own clients. This madness must stop.

"Delete and re-draft" is one of the best Mastodon features I've seen as of late!

The WTF of the day:

Chrome on macOS Monterey couldn't connect to http://localhost:7000 (which was supposed to be a local development server). Error 403. But Firefox could.

It turned out that Chrome was using IPv6 [::1] (for whatever reason, as my /etc/hosts doesn't tell so), and with that it reached Airplay Receiver, which was listening on [::1]:7000.

Turning off System Preferences > Sharing > Airplay Receiver solved it.

Please shout if you have a solution for me. I'm on macOS. Thank you!

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Then computers didn't provide serial ports any more, and eventually drivers weren't available any more.

A couple of years ago I bought a Wacom Intuous tablet, hoping to get back that snappy feeeling I had missed for so long.

The intuous connects via bluetooth. No cable.

Heck, it's nowhere near the old experience. The pointer reaction is so sluggish that I feel using it slows me down, compared to using a trackpad or mouse.

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Back in 1997 I used a Wacom A5 tablet which I had bought for > 700 DM (basically my first monthly salary after school) and loved it. It felt really intuitive. It was way faster and more precise than any mouse.

Having each coordinate on the tablet translate to a pixel on the screen meant that muscle memory could build in a way that my arm would automatically find any position on the screen in fractions of a second.

EU Open Data Days are currently happening online. Today it's about data visualisation.


Funny how smooth a dev experience can be when most errors are found while writing the code, not while executing it.

(Says the person who has been using for most things in the past years and now picks more)

How many tons of carbon are emitted into the atmosphere each day, simply to power the computation needed for ads on the web?

I've just been called a boomer because I use bookmarks in the browser. 😾

A feature I would admire: Avoid shuffling of cameras.

Today's workout with - and with that, another training week in ✅

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