0.11.0 is out!
You can find it on the project page: nicolasconstant.github.io/seng

It has a lot of minor enhancements and a lot less bugs. I wanted to clean up the pile a bit. :)

You can see the release note here:

0.11.0 will let you filter boosts, replies and bots from timelines!

If you're using a mastodon fork that doesn't broadcast a custom status' char limit, will let you set it manually!

(planned for 0.11.0)

I'm migrating from Medium to @write_as : you can find it here!

You can also follow it directly via it's ActivityPub profile: @nicolas-constant

I will blog about on it, but also write down other thoughts and ideas I might put some efforts on. :)

A new minor version is out!
0.10.1 fix a login bug when using multiple accounts from the same instance.

Thx @tom79 for pointing that out.

0.10.0 is out! It brings polls compatibility! (only to interact with, not posting them yet)

Find it on or from the project's page:

is now supporting multi-accounts aspects in polls!

(release planned in 0.10.0)

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While the state of mobile apps for Mastodon has been good for quite some time now I’m happy to see some new desktop (web) apps.

So far I’ve tried Sengi and Mastonaut. @sengi_app is a web or Electron app (for all platforms) which reminds me a lot of Tweetdeck. @mastonaut is a native, „Mac-like“ and elegant Mac app.

Both support multiple accounts, both can be used with one or multiple columns and both are surprisingly mature and stable for being relatively new.

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A couple of new free open Mastodon desktop apps (for Win/Mac/Linux) are in development.

You can follow them here:

Sengi - @sengi_app

Telephant - @telephant

#Mastodon #MastodonApps #Fediverse

I released a little patch (0.9.1) to fix emojis, icons and other minor bugs.


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Here is what will happen if someone tries to log-in with a account in 😏

List edition is now done (0.9)!
If you're using:

- : you don't need to follow people before anymore: will auto-follow the found user and add it to the list.
- : sengi will detect you're on pleroma and will just add the account in the list. :)

Of course, since Pleroma's list handling might interest you as a Mastodon user, you might want to add a Pleroma's list and interact with it with your Mastodon account?

Guess what? That's exactly what Sengi is all about. ;)

I'm now working on the list support! It's quite a milestone since there is a lot of UI to do, but here is a little taste of what is already done.

(feat. my personal list haha)

is now supporting navigation between images!

(Planned for 0.8.0 Release)

Media previews can now be opened in the media lightbox!
It will be released in 0.8.0

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