0.18.1 is out!
It's a patch to support bidirectional text (huge thanks to @ahangarha for this one!), fix auto-suggest when emoji are present, and fix the GoToTop functionality on that was still broken in some cases...

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It's the release you've been waiting for! We're pleased to release the stable version of 1.0.0 today! Complete with themes, multi account support, search, and more!

You can try Hyperspace online here: hyperspaceapp.herokuapp.com or download the apps here: github.com/hyperspacedev/hyper

This release is also available in the Snap Store! (Mac App Store pending)

0.18.0 is out! 馃帀

It's a minor version to fix things! Firefox users should now have a nice experience, auto-completion should behave more resiliently, etc.

Also, there is some work done to support properly accounts. There is still some APIs missing so it wont be fully functional, but feel free to test it if you're a bit adventurous!

SECURITY! and are doing things the right way, and is now renewing access_tokens for those providers.

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Hello World, we have moved from pleroma.site/pixeldev.

We will continue to post Pixelfed engineering updates from this account.

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friends! has now a newsletter to get updates about breaking changes and so on: tinyletter.com/mastodev

Will definitely helps to keep up on those aspects. 馃檪

cc @fedilab @Tusky

And... 0.17.0 is out! 馃帀

It fixes some accessibility issues and brings some cools Hotkeys to play with!

I also started the Wiki, and you can already find Hotkeys and Labels listing: github.com/NicolasConstant/sen

( (soon))

I forgot to tell you: current icon is a placeholder. 馃檪

I will soon post some informations in order to find a new and permanent icon!
I wanted to secure some money first (yes, it will be a paid job), and now that the projet is quite mature, it's time to think about those aspects.

Keep a eye on future publications if you're interested, and share the info to your artists friends!

I had some accessibility requests recently, so I thought instead of releasing the notification revamp, I should fix those issues first.

Here is a little insight of column switching and browsing only made with the keyboard. 馃檪

The shortcuts will be Ctrl+Left/Crtl+Right for the column switching.

I'm testing a @pixelfed account in !

Looks good so far and I'm very excited by this new API compatibility provided by @dansup. 馃檪

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Pixelfed v0.10.6 Update:

37 out of 45 endpoints have been implemented, the rest will be finished tonight!

We'd like to thank @fedilab, @Tusky and @sengi_app for helping us test mobile/desktop app support in Pixelfed. 馃帀

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And... 0.16.2 is out! 馃樁

Sorry for the double-patch in less than 48h, but I've discovered a bug in the hashtag handling in Mastodon 3.0.0rc1 just after fixing the search issue.

Of there is some issues with hashtags with my last release (when used on Mastodon 3.0.0rc1), I'll try to fix that shortly.

0.16.1 is OUT! 馃帀

It fixes the 3.0.0rc1 compatibility issues, if your instance is running it (like mastodon.social) you should update quickly.

I've fixed the search issue in Mastodon3.0.0rc1 (currently running on mastodon.social). 馃檪

Since I rely a LOT on it to provide the multi-accounts functionalities, currently the app is totally broken on this instance. 馃槕

The fix will be released very soon in 0.16.1! Stay tuned!

Remember friends! Rickrolling users isn't a bug nor a malware: it's a FUNWARE feature! 馃槒


seems to have issues with Mastodon's API v2 (i.e. mastodon.social for now), I'll have a look to it very quickly. 馃檪

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Just discovered a new Mastodon web client: #Sengi nicolasconstant.github.io/seng @sengi_app

I like that it seems to be optimized for fast instance switching, and that it can show different timelines from more than one instance simultaneously. Really neat!

Well my proof of concept is working. 馃榾

The tech (Service Workers) was completely new for me, the workflow is complex, and the Mastodon part isn't documented (like, getting the VapidKey is a total guess and I had to manually try endpoints to find it (the solution: /api/v1/apps/verify_credentials )).

But, I have mastodon push notification working now. It will be a bit of work to integrate it properly to Sengi, but the hard part is done.

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