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Are you interested in seeing an early "Privacy Basics" guide and willing to share feedback directly?

Send us an email with the subject: Preview.

Next week, we will reply to the first 25 people that are interested.

Please be able to print them out in color or black & white to get the full experience.

If you send us your Public Key, we will respond via PGP or if you use ProtonMail the email will be encrypted by default. Details on emailing us in an encrypted way are in our profile.

Thank you!

Why is it that in japanese looks so much cooler than in english?

If i could find a few minutes, I would create a little “sunrise/sunset” chart creator for each month in to paste into my

I think have been treating all of my note taking sessions (many daily) using syntax. This has totally helped in processing my notes into real actions quickly. Sort of like a paper version of

Looking for some courses for guys with decades of programming experience in at least a dozen languages. I looked at the @udemy courses, but a lot of them seem to dwell on “installing stuff” and “intro to python” stuff. Any suggestions?

The has an awesome tool that allows you to create playlists for people with . You can zero in on musical styles, TV themes, musical eras, etc. There is a ton of research on how beneficial this is to people suffering, but don't trust the research. Try playing music they identify with for someone in need.

Is there a language/ecosystem that is the equivalent to 's place for OOP?

As always, we are looking for submissions for air play on the radio show. If you are a musician with ties to Ohio, please follow this link for submission guidelines:

This is still one of my all time favorite video games, just because the music is so awesome:

"<username> is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported." - where exactly is this reported? i don't think i have ever seen anything about this .. and i've been doing linux since you installed it with 14 floppies.

Just in case there are any listeners of Bagel Radio out there, I have created a concert finder. It tracks the bands tha Bagel Radio plays, then allows you to search upcoming concert listings for your area:

For those of you who were fans of the HP 48 Series calculators, all of the goodies disks are available online! i need to go find a workable cable!

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