PSA: Together, CH751 and C415A keys open half the indoor locks in America. Buy one of each, put em on your keyring. Definitely do not use them to break into bathrooms in places that require you to buy something. That would be illegal 😊

FYI for the new folks: hovering over an image you're about to upload gives you the option to do two really cool things:

◽ Crop - lets you choose where the center of the image thumbnail is (no more unintentional crotch shots on full-body pics!)
◽ Describe for the visually impaired - several mastodon users use screenreaders and describing your images really helps them out! @PleaseCaption is your friend 👍

writing mentors wanted 

hey #writers!

hyphen magazine, an excellent magazine centering asian american/pacific islander voices in writing, put out a call for volunteers to mentor work from incarcerated aa/pi folks to put together the second volume of their anthology to amplify those voices!

check it out:

#prisonabolition #justice #activism

oh it wanted me to scroll down. lmao. 1 thing at a time please mastodon

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ok but now the notifications column has a weird blue glow which makes me feel like i need to click on it. but nothing happens. hm.

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oo. every time i get back on mastodon its a lil better. now you can pin columns on desktop. which is one thing that was annoying the hell of me b4

An unnamed dragon who replaced their head with a portal to the Outer realms. Basically an eldritch garden hose. #art #mastoart #mastodonart #creativetoots #dragon #monster #Smaugust

The Mastodon bridge tool has got a facelift!

You can sign in with Twitter and Mastodon to find Twitter friends in the fediverse. You can also send it to your Twitter friends, as it will show them their friends on Mastodon and point them to where they could make an account!

I doodled up a cute fishman for a friend since it's her birthday today. Also I guess counts for too.

turns out the 1 thing that can motivate me to do phone calls is the thought of deleting accounts

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i am hold and listening to really strange music in order to delete this id

"There was a great war, the gods died, and the world ended."
"So what's this, a dream?"
"Of course not. It's the world. It's ended lots of times. And then it continues, with fewer gods, and more stories."
"That's not an end."
"It is to the gods."

hey... just here to remind everyone that sometimes two things are tru at the same time

in terms of social media, im trying to just use tweetdeck (prevents me from obsessive reloading) and cut down on tumblr rp and pinterest.

social media can be really fun but it also causes me some issues, makes me feel checked out from the physical world. which is not something i need in any respect

i made a new mastodon account bc on the others i was posting mainly about things i no long care so much about as the march of time has altered my interests and concerns


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