Zip, Zilch, Nada.

Session collects less user data that practically any other private messenger.

We don't own Session — you do.

The servers that Session runs on aren't controlled by us.

They're owned and operated by our community, for our community.


If you haven't started using Google's Messages app, you will soon. Trust us, it's worth it.


- Phone numbers required 🔢
- Not e2ee-by-default 🔓
- Selling out to Amazon 🤑

Mainstream private messaging apps have issues. That's why we built a hardcore private messenger.

We topped this list of up-and-coming apps. Coincidence? You decide. 🤔

Session is growing rapidly, so we're looking for a new developer.

We want the best of the best — so if you help us find the right person, you can receive a referral bonus of $2000 AUD.


Attending a peaceful protest can contribute to positive changes for society, but it can also put you at risk of doxxing or other privacy violations. Read our tips for protecting your privacy at protests:


Government mass-surveillance is not an issue which is isolated to one place.

It's a global issue — and private messaging apps are the one thing which stand in the way of total, constant surveillance of every online conversation.

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Some responded that my last video about non-private msging apps was "unfair" to mention Chinese apps, because those people don't have a choice.

It is unfair that ANY govt mass surveils citizens, which is why I make videos teaching people how to reclaim some of their privacy 🛡️


Naomi looks at these messaging apps based on 4 criteria:

- E2EE
- Metadata protection
- Anonymity
- Open-source code

Session is E2EE.
Session protects virtually 100% of metadata.
Session is anonymous.
Session is open source.

Most people don't know that there is a messaging app which ticks all these boxes.

But there is.

And we are it.

There is more sensitive information on your phone than there is in your home.

Your mobile device can watch, listen, and keep track of every move you make.

It has a record of everyone you talk to online, and what you said.

This is why privacy is one of the defining issues of the digital era.

Session is a hardcore private messaging app — so here's a quick-start guide we made to help people who are at the beginning of their privacy journey.

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