Session now has over 500,000 downloads on Android.

We don't know who you are.

We don't know who you're talking to.

We don't know what you're saying, or when you're saying it.

But we know you're fighting surveillance with us.

Thank you.

Implementing voice calls is easy.

Creating the worlds first onion-routed voice call implementation? Less easy.

Voice calls are coming. And when they get here, Session will be the only messaging app that can onion-route your calls. 🔒

We asked. You answered.

For, privacy isn't:

RT For sale



15 Mei 2021, aplikasi pesan singkat mulai menerapkan kebijakan privasi yang baru. Kali ini mengatakan tidak akan memaksa pengguna dan tidak akan menghapus akun pengguna yang tidak menyetujui pembaruan kebijakan privasi. Apakah benar?



This doesn't care who you are, who you’re talking to, or the contents of your messages. No user metadata collected at all. This is the in a nutshell. 😎


this what you end up with when hundreds of thousands of people publicly call you out for handing over their personal data to Facebook but your boss tells you to keep tweeting about privacy lol 🤦


*checks calendar. pours coffee*. OK. Let’s do this. No, we can’t see your personal messages. No, we won’t delete your account. Yes, you can accept at any time.


We asked, you answered.

For, privacy is not:

RT A privilege; it's a right.


Now that we have been audited by, nothing can hold us back from bringing private, anonymous communication to those who need it most.

Now that we have been audited by, nothing can hold us back hold us back from bringing private, anonymous communication to those who need it most.

The only private messenger you can truly trust, doesn’t rely on trust.

Session’s messages are routed through a decentralised, community-run network of nearly 1800 nodes — so it’s impossible for anyone to intercept your data.

Even us.

The Session team has been full steam ahead, with some big changes released over the last few weeks and massive changes upcoming.

- Open groups v2 💪
- Closed group upgrades 💅
- Performance improvements 🕺
- Much more!

Check it out 👇

We asked. You answered.

For, privacy isn't:

RT Up for negotiation.


With less than 24 hours remaining before WhatsApp downgrades its privacy policy, many governments have refused to allow this invasion of privacy.

Privacy advocates are now looking to India for a similar response.

It's not too late.

Session onion-routes your messages.

Other apps don't.

Send messages, not metadata.

We are living through the beginning of an entirely new chapter in human society, a chapter defined and driven by data.

We fight to give you control over your personal data today, so that our children don't need to fight for control over theirs tomorrow.

When Facebook purchased WhatsApp in 2014, Zuckerberg promised WhatsApp’s privacy standards would be upheld. He said WhatsApp would “operate completely autonomously.”

Watch Mark break this promise on May 15.


Many iPhone apps that track your behavior must now get permission to do so on Apple’s new operating system. outlines the privacy concerns for 250 of the most common apps.


The internet was created as a tool for justice, connection and social well-being — and then 'Big Tech' happened.

But they haven't won yet.

Builders and users of public interest tech like Session and are still fighting. And we will win.

We love community-made videos about Session!

Melissa points out that since Session doesn't require a phone number to sign up, it's perfect for travelling.

Once you , you can easily communicate in total privacy both at home and overseas.


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