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We all deserve private communication.

But for journalists and whistleblowers, secure and anonymous comms are vital to safely exposing corruption and lies.

Enter: CoverDrop — a new way to protect the identity of whistleblowers.

Learn more 👇

Of course, there are much more advanced explanations, and if you want to learn more you can start here 👇

Stay safe. Stay secure. .

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Enter: end-to-end-encryption 🔒

The most secure and private way to communicate online, offered by private messaging apps like Session.

E2EE means that nobody can decrypt your messages except the person that you're talking to — if it's not E2EE, it's not secure.


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Ciphers and encryption have existed since ancient times.

Back then — your message wasn't private if the person delivering it could decrypt it.

This is the problem with transport-layer encryption. Whoever is delivering it (FB, google, etc) holds the decryption keys 🔑👀


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Without encryption, anything that happens in the digital world can be spied on 🕵️

Nobody wants to be spied on, but for activists, journalists, human rights defenders and anyone else who challenges the status quo — encryption an essential tool and security measure.


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Encryption doesn't mean encryption.

It is a code word for freedom of speech, a free press, and the preservation of human rights ✊

Encryption can be complicated — so here's a quick run-down of how it works, and which type is the best for staying safe and secure online.



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If the wrong people might always be listening, would it affect what you say?

Escape the panopticon.

Couldn't make it to this year?

No problem — we are bringing it to you with the latest in a series of videos that showcases the minds at the forefront of privacy and security.

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Tim Hortons, in response to lawsuits filed after spying on people using their app for over a year, is offering a coffee and pastry as settlement.


We weren't the only ones at who were working at the forefront of secure and anonymous communication 😎

Here's an interview we recorded with the creator of a new blackout-resistant anonymity network called Moby.

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