"Despite Govt of ’s petulant attempts at by forcing platforms, is finally walking the walk. Hate speech has no place on such ." Mishi Choudhary on in , but more can still be done.


Mishi Choudhary speaks to @ShiraOvide @nytimes on to control the by leaders & powerful companies that promise to give everyone a voice as the stops from speaking up.


At a time when is grappling with high -19 infections, mandatory registration by the Natl Health Authority to get vaccinated will lead to the exclusion of who do not use or do not have an connection.

Our sister org. in @SFLCin has assisted in the filing of a writ challenging the Liberalised Pricing and Accelerated National Vaccination Strategy before the Kerala High Court.

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New regulations in meant to target could adversely affect & projects instead as many projects don't have resources to comply with these . Mishi Choudhary comments @BusinessInsider.


"No can deprive the majority of the people of their right to private w/o altogether discarding principles."

READ Eben Moglen & Mishi Choudhary's piece in the @htTweets:

Why 's rules are problematic:
-The will oversee , empowered to news.
-Messaging services may have to compromise to comply.

📰READ @CPJAsia's breakdown here:

"The ruling puts the 's interpretation of on the side of the movement's position that ... definitions should not be restricted by licenses." -Mishi Choudhary


We are deeply saddened by the passing of dear friend, Terry Ilardi, who specialized in open source & copyright matters for IBM - a true giant of law.

A throwback tribute to him after his retirement in 2019:

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