"Our is in our hands and if attempts by the state to take away this right are not resisted, no other right can be exercised." @MishiChoudhary writes in the @IBLJ_insights.

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“What has done is courageous but users can’t rely on the benevolence of companies. The should do what the requires: protect & civil .” @MishiChoudhary @qzindia


In testimony for the House Financial Services Comm., @MishiChoudhary says the U.S. needs an "electronic token ... equivalent to , offers all of its benefits including , , autonomy, no transaction fee and addresses all of its flaws.”


"Everyone thinks they know how to do moderation until it becomes their job. I am not sure how plans to address censorship by proxy that countries like demand," -@MishiChoudhary


have become an extension of our brains ... resulting in phones containing vast troves of our information, making the requirement of strict limits on invasive evidence gathering necessary to preserve .” @MishiChoudhary


"A model Code of Conduct is only worth anything if it’s enforced irrespective of the ruling party in power." @MishiChoudhary on charging BJP, 's current ruling party, less for ads than others. @aljazeera


In addition to @MishiChoudhary, check out @SheThePeople's list of female lawyers from across India who have massively contributed to improving the judicial system there.

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Safe is essential for all, but with growing abuse & harassment, has been compromised, especially for women.
Check out @MishiChoudhary @SFLCin in "Building a Safety Net":

"People the world over have learned in the first two decades of the 21st century that if they lose their they lose their ."

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How did the v. Oracle case contribute to the movement?

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"Unless there are stringent protecting from digital surveillance, localisation could lead to large scale by ." @PrasanthTweets @SFLCin


"People expect to use without their legitimate activities being spied on or their stolen." @Mishichoudhary writes on 's Data Protection Bill.

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Eben Moglen & @MishiChoudhary write: " from and predatory practices is a citizen’s right, and Indians must demand a that shields them from both state and ". @IndianExpress

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"They’re designed, built & managed to provide leverage & control to people other than their owners. And around the world, they result in our arrest, beating, torture." -Eben Moglen on needing the 1st law of .

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