The latest article from Mishi Choudhary discusses , , and bias:

"The algorithm isn't what really matters....What we all should be demanding is, 'Show us the data and then we will know what is really going on.'"

Read her article here:

Ahead of India's 2019 election, Facebook has problems.

“The contrast between Facebook’s public statements and private strategies to monetise user data reveals the truth of surveillance capitalism carried out stealthily and steadily,” says Mishi Choudhary.

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Sean O'Brien (@diggity) and Laurin Weissinger of @privacylab were interviewed by @eff.

They use, inspect, and hack on and software in the classroom at Yale Law School.

Read this article to learn more about their work and how we have been involved:

"Securing The Institutions We Rely On: A Grassroots Case Study"

@sflc Conference Videos are online. Eben (Session V) is inspiring as always.

"2018 has already been the worst year for open internet in [India]. While India had shut down the internet 31 times in 2016, it did so 79 times in 2017, according to a tracker maintained by"

The number of in India in 2018? 128.

Check out the full story here:

According to Eben Moglen and Mishi Choudhary, "another very important test of democracy’s power to resist the bad effects of misinformation" is happening in India.

Political propaganda on is out of control.

What should Facebook do about it?

Find out:

At conference, Eben Moglen argued there is a about developing software.

What is this new consensus? What does it mean for ? Professor Moglen explains.

📺Eben Moglen: “The New Consensus and Its Aftermath” (SFLC Fall 2018)

📺Panel Discussion at : FOSS, Blockchain, and AI

Moderated by and Mishi Choudhary with:

-James Waugh on Hyperledger
-Scott Nicholas of the Linux Foundation on “Why FOSS is Essential to AI”
-Susan Malaika of IBM

Everyone’s doing it. In this session, we discuss the centrality of to and and the legal issues that will arise as we go on.

📺Panel Discussion: “Where Are We Going With Cars?” (SFLC Fall 2018)

Moderated by Eben Moglen, featuring:
-Andrew Sinclair of Canonical
-Jeremiah Foster of GENIVI
-Leilani H. Gilpin of MIT
-Daniel Patnaik of Audi

A lot has happened between corporations and the world recently. What does it all mean?

Find out in this video from our conference:

📺"Peace and Its Dividends: Current Legal Issues in FOSS”

Moderated by Eben Moglen with:
-David Levine of Red Hat
-Dave Marr of Qualcomm
-Mike Dolan of the Linux Foundation
-Keith Bergelt of Open Invention Network and Nicolas Schifano of Microsoft

Check out this video of Julia Angwin's keynote address at our conference!

She talks about her trailblazing work to reinvent journalism with the Markup.

📺Julia Angwin of The Markup: “Journalism for an Open Source World” (SFLC Fall 2018)

Check out this video of Max Sills' scintillating presentation at our conference! He talked about Google’s open source compliance philosophy.

Max Sills of Google: “Google’s Philosophy of FOSS” (SFLC Fall 2018)

Media for SFLC’s 2018 Fall Conference is now available! We posted the media files on our website and YouTube.

📺Video and audio on our website:

📺YouTube Playlist:

In an exclusive interview with David Branigan of IP-Watch at our conference, Eben Moglen explains how won peace with :

"You really can’t have patent war between yourself and those customers...[And] you can’t have patent war with [the people who make the commercial distributions of Linux server software] either."

Article: "'Peace Has Broken Out' In Software Development, Heralding Open Source As The Future"

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SESSION IV: FOSS, Blockchain, and AI
James Waugh:
Scott Nicholas and Susan Malaika:

SESSION V: The End of One Era, the Start of Another
Eben Moglen:


SESSION II: Peace and Its Dividends (cont.)
Keith Bergelt of OIN and Nicolas Schifano of Microsoft:
Panel on License Restrictions:



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