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@akhilak, @busydot , Trishna Kriplani, @KartiPC & @MishiChoudhary present their views on "Creating Safe Spaces Online"

In , is the latest in a long list of companies trying to grab your information.

"While does need a law it does not address the problems being presented by this case where all citizens’ and is held to ransom by a few notoriously malicious players." @mishichoudhary comments @MoneylifeIndia


"We ought to decentralize the ...not store it in great big heaps where it is very easy for totalitarian and others to go after it." - Eben Moglen's 4/4 talk "@snowden & the Future"


"Anonymity of is the central, fundamental guarantor of of the mind. Without it ... there is no ... there is literally slavery." - Eben Moglen's 3/4 talk " & the Future"


READ @MishiChoudhary & @PrasanthTweets piece on how is exploited in 's Ministry of Electronics and Information recent report on 'Non-Personal Governance Framework'.


Social networks' status as intermediaries allows them to facilitate without being held liable for what is said - an issue in , the , & around the . @MishiChoudhary speaks to @Iyengarish @cnn @CNNBusiness

"While does need a law urgently, in no way can this address the problems being presented by this case where all citizens’ and is held ransom" @MishiChoudhary speaks to @MoneylifeIndia

The why of copyleft, then, is to protect all downstream users’ freedoms by prohibiting proprietary enhancement."

READ @MishiChoudhary & Eben Moglen's piece on @sflc's "Guide to GPL -2nd Edition"

The easiest way to understand terms is to begin with why, rather than what. The licenses have been written by and their lawyers for by without any aid or assistance from lawyers, for the purpose of assuring these to all their , and all of modified versions or new ... If a GPL’d can be enhanced with proprietary ...then intentions of developers to protect users’ rights will be frustrated.

1. The to run the for any purpose, without any additional permission;

2. The to read, study, understand and use any know-how or techniques taught or contained by the of the ;

3. The to modify, adapt, improve, or reuse any or all of the program ; and

4. The to share with anyone, or no one, both modified and unmodified versions of the .

"There are several major types of free or software licenses. Many of those licenses, which are known conventionally as “permissive,” or “weak copyleft” licenses are concerned with preserving the freedoms of programmers. The “copyleft” licenses of the @fsf ... are concerned with protecting the freedoms of programmers, but more importantly they protect the freedoms of all users. The goal of the licenses is to ensure that all users of a program ... have 4 fundamental freedoms:

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