"People must demand from their that they receive benefits of transformation, with their power to govern themselves ... not traded away for ‘convenience’." @MishiChoudhary & Eben Moglen's piece on @TOIIndiaNews.


"No one should underestimate the seriousness of the threat to or what is at stake." @MishiChoudhary writes on the recent scandal. @BloombergQuint

Read the full piece here: bloombergquint.com/technology/

Our sister organization in SFLC.in is hosting an event entitled "Time to " on July 15-16, 2021. The event aims to take the battle forward to , a fight to stop Internet shutdowns globally.

Check out the details here:

Philippe Aigrain was a stalwart of the free software movement, and a director, guide and adviser to SFLC. Philippe began the process of making the European Commission aware of the possibilities of FOSS at the end of the 20th century.
His efforts on the technology of public deliberation will influence how 21st century self-governance works. He was a statesman, a public intellectual, and a friend. We will miss him always.

A 2019 report by Amnesty Intl. found that and particularly women of are targeted for abuse on . Find some tips on how to protect yourself in this piece by @MishiChoudhary.


India saw 115 shutdowns last year, the highest in the world. With a total of 230 shutdowns over the years, in Jammu and Kashmir is much worse than in other parts of India.


“Some are still playing the game of ‘we are a office’ or ‘our servers are in California,’ frustrating anyone who comes to their legitimate as well.” @MishiChoudhary comments on companies needing to do their part.


"Companies and the should participate in the process sans public theatrics and work out a new version of rules that can address the issues of .” @MishiChoudhary on addressing with companies and govt.


"As the large messengers gets strangled, the compliant subservient smaller companies-a la the Chinese model-will be celebrated while true innovation and freedom will suffer."
Check out @Mishichoudhary & @prasanth's piece:

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