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We've curated several quotes from his speech.

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📺VIDEO: "Eben Moglen: Why Freedom of Thought Requires Attention"

At re:publica 2019, the theme was tl;dr. In his keynote, Eben Moglen illuminated freedom of thought.

His conclusion: “tl;dr is the crisis of the human mind in five characters.”


ICYMI: On May 7, Eben Moglen delivered a keynote re:publica titled, "Why Freedom of Thought Requires Attention"

His thesis: “tl;dr is the crisis of the human mind in five characters”


READ: We curated quotes from the speech:

NEWS: We have curated quotes from Eben Moglen's keynote address at the re:publica conference.

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Today, Eben Moglen delivered a keynote about freedom of thought at the Re:publica conference.

Technology has harmed the ability to think. These harms hide in the dark. In his keynote, Professor Moglen illuminates them for us.

WATCH: "Why Freedom of Thought Requires Attention"

Eben Moglen was interviewed about his vision for a better internet:

"[Eben Moglen] saw the mess we were heading toward almost 10 years ago...With FreedomBox, 'We can undo this.'"

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Our sister in India SFLCin does unmatched work on . Their work was cited in this article on the subject:

"According to a Software Freedom Law Center tracker, there have been more than 300 reported shutdowns in India over the past six years."

Eben Moglen argues that the Boeing crash should teach the world an important lesson about transparency in software:

"Moglen says authoritarian autonomous software is becoming a hallmark of authoritarian societies, such as China, and it's up to democratic societies 'to build these technologies to support, rather than threaten, human freedom.'"

READ: After Boeing Crashes, New Attention On The Potential Flaws Of Software

Eben Moglen was interview for an NPR segment about the
Boeing 737 Max crashes.

Here's a preview: "If we in the 21st century still believe in human autonomy, then we need to put that value into the software that runs our world.”


SFLC President Eben Moglen was interviewed by NPR for a segment on the affair:

"it is still true that systems that don't explain themselves to human beings [are] dangerous."

Listen to the segment here:

Should technology companies be held responsible for the content on their platforms?

The topic of intermediary liability was discussed in a lively panel at an event hosted by our sister SFLCin.

SFLCin also launched its report on the issue.

Learn more:


SFLC President Eben Moglen will be delivering a keynote address at re:publica 2019 in Berlin!

Professor Moglen's keynote will be titled, "Why Freedom of Thought Requires Attention, and Why The Net is Destroying It"

Learn more:

Eben Moglen & Mishi Choudhary:

"India should become the anti-China of the so-called fourth industrial revolution, committed to using the technology of machine learning to enhance democracy and civil liberty, not – as in Beijing’s vision – to destroy it."

Eben Moglen & Mishi Choudhary:

"Services are created and delivered not where the hardware is, but where the smart, creative and communicative people are. India’s tech policy should be based around exporting services, not around localising data..."


"This is [India's] business opportunity: to provide privacy not only to [its] citizens, but as a commercial services bundle to people everywhere, including in wealthy European societies, which are alive to the threat to privacy."


"European societies are not configured to provide inexpensive cloud-based, privacy respecting services...But the Indian labour market has the skills, the scale, and the educational capacity to build its own 'non-platforms'..."


Eben Moglen & Mishi Choudhary on India's potential:

"By setting a 'best in world' standard of privacy protection in new legislation, India can produce and export privacy to the world by competing on a pro-privacy basis with the platform companies"


Eben Moglen & Mishi Choudhary make a bold claim:

"But even the large fines beginning to be levied by European countries against Google and Facebook under GDPR cannot fundamentally change the nature of the industry or the threats it poses.

India can."

"But the effect of current policy [in India] is to use protectionism to build an alternative local ecosystem that will gather and commercially exploit fully comprehensive data about Indians’ market activity and personal behaviour..."


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