Mishi Choudhary says 's new rules may ensure only larger players are the only ones left to offer services, resulting in increasing the barrier for and raising costs for everyone.


“We don't know how the govt expects to comply with this requirement w/o breaking encryption ... have come to expect messaging as an essential part of communications.”-Mishi Choudhary on India's new rules.


Because watches everyone "they have destroyed the of reading, which is crucial to the fundamental of thought. If every book, newspaper & placard had been reporting every reader at HQ for the last 500 yrs, the basic foundations of & would never have come into existence."

READ Mishi Choudhary & Eben Moglen's paper on the crisis:

Who should decide how is moderated on - govts or ? Mishi Choudhary comments on the @nytimes @ShiraOvide as grapples with how much it should moderate on its .


Happy 🎉 Take a moment to re-examine how safe your is 🤔

A few ideas:
-Check app
-Control who sees your posts w/ settings
-Enable multi-factor authentication

What else do you recommend?

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