TITLE: "Automotive Software Governance and Copyleft"

AUTHORS: Mark Shuttleworth (CEO of Canonical) & Eben Moglen (President of SFLC, Professor at Columbia Law School)

TOPIC: How “snap” technology can achieve the goals of software governance in

LINK: softwarefreedom.org/news/2018/

📍October 10, 2018: history was made.

joined the Open Invention Network. This means it released its 60,000 patents to the world.

Is this the end of the ?

discusses in this article:

Eben Moglen: "By coming to the table at , has acknowledged that the royalties it can acquire by squeezing Android manufacturers are no longer worth the maintenance of patent tension which interferes with the growth of the services business."


Part 2 of Columbia Law Professor Eben Moglen's statement on joining the :

Today, announced that it joined , an alliance of companies that share patent portfolios.

This means Microsoft may be forgoing billions in patent royalties.

But it also might mean an end to the patent war.

Part 1 of Columbia Law Professor Eben Moglen's statement:

Thread: & 9/9

Credit: All of these quotes come directly from this article:

"Why Microsoft may be relinquishing billions in Android patent royalties"

Thread: & 8/9

"[Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub is] a contemporary fulfillment of Bill Gates’s doctrine that ‘software is an IQ business.’ It’s a way of owning the brains in the head,” says Eben Moglen.

Thread: & 7/9

“GitHub is a place where cool FOSS programmers hang out and put all their stuff. It’s the great meeting place of the technorati who make software in the world," says Eben Moglen.

Thread: & 6/9

“When you’re Microsoft as a service company, what you want is all the best software in the world to be available to you,” says Moglen, of the Software Freedom Law Center.

Thread: & 5/9

"Since those customers wanted to continue running Linux—so they could integrate all their data, on-premises and off—Microsoft accommodated them. As a result, “about half” of all Azure workloads today are running on "

Thread: & 4/9

"...But to keep growing that business, [Microsoft] also had to lure customers who were using Linux on-premises into transferring their workloads to Azure, too."

Thread: & 3/9

"To build its Azure business, Moglen explains, Microsoft first enticed existing customers to transfer work from their on-premises Windows servers to Microsoft’s cloud services..."

Thread: Microsoft & OIN 2/9

Moglen: "By coming to the table at OIN...Microsoft has acknowledged that the royalties it can acquire by squeezing Android manufacturers are no longer worth the maintenance of patent tension which interferes with the growth of the services business."

Thread: & 1/9

In this thread, we will be posting selected excerpts from the previously cited Yahoo article to highlight Eben Moglen's analysis on joining . Follow along to learn why Microsoft has made this enormous step!

By joining , may be relinquishing billions in patent royalties.

So why join?

Eben Moglen explains that this is about building it services business: "[Patent tension] interferes with the growth of the services business.”

He is quoted extensively in this article. Read his analysis:

👀Here's a teaser of our conference program👀

🔹09:15-10:40: Keynotes
🔹10:45-11:45 Community talks
🔹11:45-12:30 License Restrictions &
🔹14:00-15:30 Software in Cars
🔹15:45-17:00 & Development
🔹17:00-18:00 Is Outgrowing ?

Full Program (more updates coming): softwarefreedom.org/events/201


SFLC is joining forces with Columbia Law to put on our annual tech conference!

Once you see our program, you'll see why we're excited. You won't want to miss this!

Join us in NYC on Friday, November 2nd!

Program (more updates coming): softwarefreedom.org/events/201

Watch this interview with our Legal Director Mishi Choudhary!

She discusses India's policy at 5:25-8:40 & 16:55-21:30.


5:25: On the confusion between "digital sovereignty" &
16:55: On regulatory "silos"
19:00: On Sir Tim Berners-Lee's web


With reports on 's latest breach, we're re-reading our recent piece.

According to Mishi Choudhary and Eben Moglen, policy should replace the concept of "consent" with general standards of care and consumer control.

Learn why:

Is the ID scheme mandatory or voluntary? The Supreme Court of India was supposed to settle this issue in the .

But the 1,448-page opinion appears to generate more contradictions than answers.

Learn how in Mishi Choudhary's latest:

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