Good use of a raspberry pi, I may have to get one just so I can see who comes to the door.

I started working on session verification for Fractal-next. Still a long way to go, but it's a start.

is worth the $299? I like some of the music on there, but is the library of artists and songs growing anymore?

why is such a bad UI, buttons just stop working. combo box dropdowns refuse to collapse and go away, and the UI becomes non-responsive... why 😥️

re: fundraiser 

I do want a moment to talk about this design... We are not trying to steal anyone else's logo, but comes from many who went before, and we wanted to incorporate those "philosophical origins" into the design.

The Cracked Bell logo is one of many great logos from 2600. It is quickly synonymous with their part of the subculture.

The Cow Skull represents the cDc and their many legendary exploits and efforts over the years.

The Telecomix logo on the top right is there because... well some members found their way here, and they shape our community too.

Lastly, the Hacker Slider Logo... for those that came here unaffiliated and unburdened by history... ready to learn and become a part of the future so often talk about restoring.

Each of these groups had an outsized influence on the community we would become. We use these images to pay respect to each of them.

In the center of course, the Void Mantis logo.

We wanted to honor those who made us be, and tie it all together in a "From Many, one" sort of fashion.

I have to give a huge shoutout once again to @_cr0_tab for the design work, as always tying our aesthetic to a solid shield, and a mess of sacred geometry. His designs really bring out the technical and arcane for some reason... and I am here for it.

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FB lost! It's almost as though people who are good at fighting policy battles don't want to work for Facebook, and the only talent they can attract are the kinds of opportunistic blunderers that no one takes seriously and everyone hates.

Weird, that.


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@EncryptedHodler Thank you for reaching out! The Launch uses Kailh MX switches and XDA profile caps in 1u, 1.5u, and 2u sizes. It is compatible with many third party keycaps.


Wheelchair protest in Portugal - each one has a note on the back saying "Be right back" or "Just getting something"

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PSA: if anyone emails you from, or with this "proposal", DO NOT FALL FOR IT, it's a scam. We don't own those domains and we will never spam you. Please spread the word!

If I were a well funded video game studio, and I wanted to bring to the next level, I would do it via cloud gaming - ie

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