I’ve ported my (WIP) Fedi client to GTK4!

If you want another look at the porting process, see here: https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Social/-/merge_requests/32

Thanks again to @bilelmoussaoui for his quick work on libhandy bindings, and @exalm for the libhandy GTK4 port!

making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

We have submitted the official Pixelfed app to the app stores! 🎉

I wish iOS had a long-press option to clear badge notifications without having to open the app.

I just burped so loud, the people on the balcony next door stopped talking for a brief moment.

I'm torn halfway between not wanting a curfew and wondering why the fuck we don't have a curfew already 😐

My cat just sneezed like 5 times in a row, and I was like, 'dude, cover your face, there's a plague going on rn'.


Look, here’s the important thing. If we get a dem back in the White House, there can be no gracious forgiveness for Trump. You can’t telegraph that this shit is ok, because it’ll be high-gummed Eric, or some other amoral, vindictive, smooth-brained puppet, all over again.

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