Every slide of this presentation I'm doing on Saturday looks like a shitpost

Internet content 

I don't watch a lot of Youtube content, but I really don't get the appeal of documentary-length Youtube videos! I feel like that almost guarantees it's gonna be rambling and needs an editor. That works for like a 10-minute video, but if it's gonna be as long as a documentary, there's so much else you can do with that time

I sent my mom a song by Black Dresses, and she replied "They remind me of The Waitresses." I have been trying to process this for a full 24 hours

Preview for upcoming article 

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This is progressing at about 1000 words a day, so if everything goes smoothly, I could have it done by the weekend!

Is there any more foreboding camera shot in Star Trek than someone walking up to the closed doors of the Holodeck

I really wish I could share more about my current research project, but there's still too many moving pieces... but OH MAN I haven't been this fired up about research in a long time

👨🏿‍🔧 Data, what are you doing jumping around all over the place collecting bananas?
👨🏻‍⚕️ Sorry to startle you, Geordi. I'm trying out a new "Donkey Kong 64" module.

Finding happiness this week in this bizarre short musical film starring Brent Spiner as himself dealing with life after fame youtube.com/watch?v=QmVwCcUQRj

Voice acting + Doom modding 

I have provided the voice of the Devour weapon in this Doom mod.

When the player's attack speed doubles, the eating becomes more frantic.

the enemies are sock puppets)

Doom modding trevails 

Taking a break from my usual activity for Thanksgiving to mess around with Doom mapping again! I'm making a little Pilotwings-style seaside down. Doom is great for rapidly prototyping stuff so I can mess around creatively for a few days and have a cool-looking map at the end of it

I'm looking through the listings from a domain parking company, and I am excited to share that VIDEOCRIME.COM is on sale for a measly $2000

Please don't do the Paqui One Chip Challenge. I'm feeling better now, but that was a terrible 2-3 hours

Weird amazing things from eBay 

Next to an Xbox controller for comparison. This thing is HUGE and completely ridiculous. It rotates!! Why?!

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Weird amazing things from eBay 

Okay I have been waiting for this to show up on eBay for AGES

It's a game called Ultrabots, and it came in a box that looks like this...

Happy Listening to Sledgehammer on Loop October

They also had a short-lived web magazine with these absolute galaxy brain ideas about game design. They disavowed the word "game" and wanted to replace it with a new objective term they had come up with: "ludcept"

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