Wordle 254 spoilers 

I have a friend who uses CHODE as his starter word, and I'm very excited for him today

Here's my submission for the Undo Jam!

What games would Nintendo have made for the Super NES CD-ROM?


My Undo Jam entry keeps getting longer and longer. It's already at 2000 words and it's probably gonna be more like 4000. This was a mistake

Multidimensional Personality Evaluation (1983, Psychological Psoftware)

I am overjoyed to announce that I'm joining the Video Game History Foundation as their new library director! gamehistory.org/library-direct

Wordle 213 

I tried the non-word PROVY before I even thought of PROXY

Matrix Resurrections 

Matrix Resurrections is a 2½-hour critique of Mass Effect

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Matrix Resurrections 

I can't even summarize the movie without sounding completely unhinged. At one point in my screening, a guy in the back of the theater quietly shouted "What??"

It's a miracle that this movie was made. It's such a weird feeling to watch a hundred-million-dollar movie in theaters on opening day and realize it's going to be a cult classic

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Matrix Resurrections 

I want to talk with people about this movie so badly. Can't get it unstuck from my head

Matrix Resurrections is a movie about the worst ever recorded case of AAA game industry burnout

Just learned about Dark Hour, a bizarre, blocky commercial Quake add-on from the creators of SoulTrap

Fascinated by the Popeye game for Switch. It's a pod person video game, like Bubsy Goes to the James Turrell Retrospective with no punchline. Like a Popeye-themed version of Flat Man youtube.com/watch?v=x7iY0KlWZH

Obscene text 

The funniest thing I have ever seen in my life was when my roommates and I were watching the 1am State of the Union re-run on C-SPAN back in 2013, but they left the Twitter livefeed on overnight, unmoderated

Trying to describe my former friends from the Midwest to somebody, and I described one guy as "the one who ate that magazine and pulled a gun on me"

Growing up in the Midwest is WILD

Today's accomplishment: submitting a ticket to add official support for Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog to ScummVM

Is Adventure by Momoko Kikuchi a perfect album? Yes

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