It's cool that Kotaku picked up the Sims design document thing, but I wish the author had at least credited my comments about it instead of pretending like it was original research

Kinda gross video 

Today is an important day because my big order of hot sauce is arriving. Gonna die tonight hell yeah 🌶️

Super good performance review at work. Feeling good 😊

It's time for a gorilla fight. It's time for a gorilla fight that's like programming a robot!

Presenting... Rhapsody! A King Kong Battle

gripe gripe gripe birdsite, sorta uspol 

gripe gripe gripe birdsite, sorta uspol 

Gorilla.bas Remake (Unreal Engine 4) - YouTube

Just played Sun Machine for the first time and feeling a lot of things ☀️

New post on The Obscuritory!

Secrets are the primary language of TaskMaker, a quirky role-playing game that leans into its eccentric towns and dungeons

A video essayist asked me for help finding sources about the educational value/intentions of The Sims... my reply was a little long

I've started writing a new post, and I'm already giggling about this

New post on The Obscuritory! In the third chapter of the dystopian sci-fi action game series Robomaze, you go into a mystical forest and get turned into a frog

...wait, what

I wrote a new post about showcasing at Playdate, the LA Zine Fest, weird games, and what it means for an event like "Playdate" to lose it's name...
This is a lot of cultural criticism, and what the Playdate (game toy) means to someone like me.

New post on The Obscuritory!

Imagination Express by Edmark is a storytelling program with believable, educational settings – which is also perfect for making creative chaos

Oh right I forgot to post the new article here!

I can't wait to share what this secret project I'm working on is. We've been asked to do a social media blackout for the time being, but hopefully I can at least talk about it soon, even without details


Anyway this is why I wrote 1800 words about SimIsle

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