New article for Halloween: you are invited to Ghosts and Weird, two spooky virtual museum CD-ROMs about the paranormal. Featuring ghost stories told by Sir Christopher Lee! 👻💀👽

There was a follow-up memo titled "This afternoon's meeting"

Do you ever go to a meeting so uncomfortable that your entire body turns inside-out

Every time I listen to a YouTube video, I feel like they're trying to pull some weird PUA mind trick on me with their weird Youtuber vocal cadence

Yay! Mastodon 3.0 lets you move accounts! That was a big nitpick for me, so I'm happy to see it in case I want to move!

I keep thinking about whether or how the Obscuritory could also be a zine or a leaflet or something. I love the idea of this weird stuff manifesting in physical form

Bleh mood + self-doubt 

It's pretty discouraging to publish an article I'm proud of, and then almost 100% of the feedback is people reciting a Youtube meme at me, or they're asking me why I didn't do the meme

Mastodon won't let me post images for some reason :psyduck:

Stay tuned for the charity stream next month in which I attempt to unpack Treasure Quest, an unplayably difficult adventure/puzzle game that promised a prize of $1 million to the winner

My favorite genre to research is "Why has nobody talked about this? Was this legal?"


On 11/9, join The Obscuritory Charity Tea Party Marathon 2019 to raise money for Trans Lifeline! Featuring weird old CD-ROM games and lots of tea!



Oh my god, the UI for this game is amazing. I'll play anything that looks like it was made with some sort of default Windows form application development kit. Like Progress Quest but for real.

Gonna have to use the XP laptop though, this one won't run on 64-bit machines. I expect I'll run into that problem a lot

Charity stream work in progress. Making a stream layout is fun! Like all other parts of streaming culture aside, it's fun to put graphics together and make things animate

I went to a party last night full of LARPers, and let me tell you, LARPers are the most intense people on this earth

This was supposed to be about a marble game, but it's mostly about a canceled Diablo clone and bad ideas from growth capitalism

New post on The Obscuritory:

Untangling the contraptions in Maxis's Marble Drop is like solving a maze in a picture book

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