Feedback means asking questions and learning from the answers.

The December 2018 edition of OSFY magazine has my article on using to build GNU Guile @OpenSourceForU

Communicating clearly about goals, status, and priorities allows you to succeed.

The feedback from frequent releases gives the customer confidence in the value of the project.

Simplicity means building only the system that really needs to be built.

Removing the communication barriers between customers and developers increases your flexibility.

Exposing the tradeoffs of changes leads to fewer surprises and smoother development

Good communication is essential to any project. Hiding or ignoring information can sink your project.

"Stretching out design makes the errors cost /more/, whether found inside design or in a later phase." ~ Ron Jeffries

makes a different claim: it's possible to keep the cost of changing software from rising dramatically with time.

Software projects can be managed in terms of four variables: time, scope, resources, and quality

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